21 July: 2019: Shamli, JNN: In the Bhagavat-saptaha knowledge sacrifice, head of ISKCON Kurukshetra Sakshi Gopal Das enraptures the faithul with many topics. He said that God-realization depends on our mood. By performing austerity, performing arati at the temple, etc., one cannot attain God. If our mood is pure and without self-interest, then our union with God cannot be stopped.

At a Tanki (Water Tank) Road area marriage venue, in the ISKCON-organized katha, Sakshi Gopal Das said that by worldly wealth mankind can purchase anything, but bhakti is unpurchasable. Becoming a devotee of God is not easy. This is possible only if you join with the Lord. During this presentation, BJP Women’s Front Minu Sangal, Radhasharan Das, Bijendra Gupta, Radha Gopal Das, Vipin Mittal, Bharat Sangal, Pankaj Gupta, Salek Chand, Rajnish Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Pushpa Devi, Pavitra Devi, Pramod Airan, and others were present.

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