An article “SABHA to recommend Gay Culture be integrated into ISKCON” is FAKE NEWS. So is the idea that “The “Sabha” – a group formed by the GBC to rubber stamp liberal ideas and introduce them into ISKCON, against what Prabhupada taught was the ideal.” Shoot me if I’m a rubber stamp. I was elected as the chairman of the SABHA one and a half years ago.

The SABHA has tackled some contentious issues such as the book changes with great vigor and debate. I can attest from personal experience that the SABHA is full of “independently thoughtful” devotees NOT picked by the GBC. They are selected from various constituencies who appoint/elect their own representatives. As the chairman, I have no power to “hire or fire.” Seldom have I experienced a more congenial yet disparate group whose expressed purpose given by its GBC approved charter is to be a “check and balance” on the GBC.

The SABHA has the right to suspend resolutions. It can introduce proposals. It can submit position papers. It can raise issues. It can do all these things without requiring any GBC sponsors, and three rotating members attend all the GBC and the GBC-Orgdev meetings. Does that sound like a rubber stamp? Soon the SABHA will have its OWN webpage. The function of the SABHA is to reflect the concerns of the ISKCON diaspora worldwide directly to the GBC body.

Not everyone agrees within the SABHA on certain matters just as happens in the GBC. However, we try to reach consensus by doing mounds of research and discussion all year long. Then we meet in person after the GBC meetings are concluded.

We will announce on Akincana Gocara when our website is operational. Remember: check, double-check, and triple-check. Most “news” doesn’t get it right. Wars are fought due to fake news and people suffer. The article printed on this site is full of fiction, and the SABHA is not “bought” by any liberal or conservative agenda.

YS, Nrsimhananda das
Chairman, SABHA

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