Now the latest topic of the SABHA [Spiritual Advisors Bhagavata Assembly] is integrating LGBT.  Lesbians homosexuals bisexuals and transgender people into ISKCON.  The SABHA are discussing and will work on a proposal to the GBC at a later stage.

Of course not many will maintain celibacy and will need to get married,  so same sex marriage proposal will soon follow.

So far men,  women,  gurus and Sannyasa have written,  all approving the idea and encouraging.  Only I have written in the negative.

Seems there are some that are intent on splitting ISKCON into further denominations.  Maybe ISKCON West and ISKCON East.  It’s going that way.  How can you get a win win without compromising everything.  I feel we need to make a strong stand here with one voice.

Your servant,
Pancaratna Dasa
President, ISKCON Jaipur
ISKCON India representative on SABHA

Response from the Chairman of SABHA to this article: SABHA is not working on a proposal to endorse gay marriage, says the Chairman

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