Plates or Balls? Mayesvara dasa, ACBSP

Over the last few years, some devotees have mistakenly thought that I am the one who has written elaborate articles attempting to show how the Vedas support a flat earth universe. The mistake is understandable considering the many years I have written articles about the Vedic “Science of the Soul” etc, which have been published and distributed around the internet on a variety of websites. (Google returns over 3500 hits on my Sanskrit name “mayesvara” ).  This confusion is further exacerbated by the fact that I AM the artist/author of the Universal Map of Vedic Time available here. (̮Printed̮VSml.png)

This coincidental confusion has drawn me into numerous unanticipated conversations about what my particular understanding is in regards to the shape of the universe. I considered this a minor dilemma that I had no burning passion to resolve although I have been quite concerned regarding what the devotees will present to the world about our understanding of the universe when the doors open to the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in 2020. (

I have been a firm believer in the absolute authority of the Srimad Bhagavat Purana from so many years ago when we would wait anxiously for the next volume to be printed. Shortly after the publication of the 5th Canto, my curiosity drove me to study it intensely and draw up my own crude mapping of the way it described the shape of our universe. The results of that effort left me very confused and uncomfortable. What I drew was not at all as reflective as the many other extraordinary things we learn in the Bhagavatam which are easily confirmed by our own investigation once it is pointed out to us. I simply could not understand the strange map that I had drawn based on the various regions described by Vedavyasa. My illustration was not at all compatible with the generally accepted understanding of a global earth which held it’s own place in a multi-planetary system that revolved around the sun. read more

On moving Vedic science forward Sitalatma Das

In the context of preaching Krishna bhakti to the scientific community of the world, I would argue, that a change of direction is direly needed. There could also be a strong argument to stick with the formula endorsed by Srila Prabhupada, too, so my arguments are presented simply for consideration, and they might be based on a wrong understanding of devotees or Prabhupada’s vision, too.

The basic premise of Bhaktivedanta Institute in the 70s was that devotee scientists can win over atheistic scientists by producing top-notch research, publishing books and articles accepted by peer review journals, and by holding conferences. In a way it was a science version of converting westerners by learning to eat with knife and fork – beating them on their own turf and on their own terms. It didn’t work for spreading Krishna consciousness and, after forty years of trying, it clearly doesn’t work with science, too. There could always be another book, another article, another conference so devotees can always find some source for hope but, realistically speaking – it doesn’t work. read more