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The poison conspiracy has meandered through the ISKCON rumor channels for about 20 years without adequately having been disposed of. On March 9th 2020 Gaur Purnima all of that changed with the release of the book DECEPTION and a movie of the same name. This new research fully exposes the poison conspiracy to be an intentional fraud with absolutely no real substance to support it.

Here at Akincana Gocara, we have opened this forum for those who may still not be clear about this massive con. Our intent is to give those who got caught up in this ruse a chance to voice their concerns coherently. Mayesvara prabhu has provided the initial post and challenges those who believe otherwise to make their case.


Registration is optional. Please open new threads on this forum, either to ask a question or to provide your point of view on the subject.


If you are still unfamiliar with the subject or if you want to know more about it, please read our articles on the poison conspiracy theory. 


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