Japanese woman sexually assaulted in military.

Except in limited roles like that of nursing, intelligence, or some role in the military police, generally women should not be admitted in most military roles. The latest of an endless series of proofs comes from a woman who joined the Japanese military and was sexually assaulted by her male colleagues. (To see the article and video, click here.)

The Vedic proof that women generally should not mix with men is self-evident (SB 9.19.17):

mātrā svasrā duhitrā vā
nāviviktāsano bhavet
balavān indriya-grāmo
vidvāṁsam api karṣati

“One should not allow oneself to sit on the same seat even with one’s own mother, sister or daughter, for the senses are so strong that even though one is very advanced in knowledge, he may be attracted by sex.”

Purport [by Srila Prabhupada]

“Learning the etiquette of how to deal with women does not free one from sexual attraction. As specifically mentioned herewith, such attraction is possible even with one’s mother, sister or daughter. Generally, of course, one is not sexually attracted to his mother, sister or daughter, but if one allows himself to sit very close to such a woman, one may be attracted. This is a psychological fact. It may be said that one is liable to be attracted if he is not very advanced in civilized life; however, as specifically mentioned here, vidvāṁsam api karṣati: even if one is highly advanced, materially or spiritually, he may be attracted by lusty desires. The object of attraction may even be one’s mother, sister or daughter. Therefore, one should be extremely careful in dealings with women.”

When women and men mix so freely, sexual assault, rape, etc., are bound to happen. The remedial measures of the demons such as sex education or therapy do nothing to curb that trend. The best way is to restructure your society, including personal customs, to minimize the possibility of contact between men and women.

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