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✅ Sri Visnu Sahasranama, most delicious, focused, exclusive description of Lord’s qualities in one scripture. No tinge of Karma, jnana, yoga in this, it speaks about Lord’s mahatmya and yadatmya only. Complete nectar from the beginning till end. At least once in this lifetime we should hear this sastra to relish Lord completely.

We will learn Sri Visnu Sahasranama (1000 names of Lord), with the help of three acaryas, namely Sri Parasara Bhattar’s bhasyam called “Bhagavat Guna Dharpanam”, Srila Visvanatha Chakravathy Thakura commentary, Adi Sankaracarya and few other Srivaisnava & Madhva commentaries. Each name describes Lord’s qualities, pastimes, form, glories and lessons for us to learn.

We can relish Lord in 1000 different ways to immerse our mind in His thoughts. It’s very helpful for us to meditate on Lord’s quality, to preach and discuss His qualities with others. It is very much relevant to our Nama sankirtana movement.

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