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Where is Poison? (Part-1)

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Where is Poison? (Part-3)

Highlights of Mayesvara Prabhu response to Dhira Govind Prabhu(Part-4):

Your response suggests that you may have perceived the facts presented in DECEPTION to be an unfair attack of others with-out due reasoning. It appears that you either misunderstood many of the points made in the book, you are unable to see them due to blind spots, or you have intentionally avoided them because they are reasonably supported. I know you are quite aware that our human nature is to resist acknowledging something when we come up . . . .

  • Some points I do agree with such as the mistake the GBC made about rashly stating there is NO evi-dence to the P-Con and I specifically addressed that point in the opening chapters of DECEPTION.
  • It was inaccurate for the GBC to say there was No Evidence behind the P-Con. There is a lot of things one can point to and call it evi-dence, but when children play in a fantasy world, attentive parents will sometime play along and call their sons cardboard box a cas-tle as evidence of their aristocracy.
  • Tom Owen from Owl Investigations is one of the more credible people the PCON-Team chose to work with and they dedicated a whole chapter to announce his findings.
  • What is most interesting about the work done by Owl Investigations is what he reports about each of the alleged whispers. Mr. Owens reports that what he heard when studying the first whisper was: “I swear all of it’s going down” Harmonically, that is very similar to the phrase “The Swelling is going down” which is what TKG claims to have said. The Owl report dismisses the second whisper as unintelligible and the third one as: “It’s NOT poisoning”
  • DECEPTION clearly shows how a very large portion of the KGBG is about reckless character assassi-nation based on hearsay, rumors, and conjecture. As an alternative to the KGBG propaganda, I provided clear reasons that reveal how the P-Con’s hired expert witness, Jack Mitchel was not a credible forensic engineer and evidence that he disappearance after Nico paid him. Does that sound like a reliable special-ist in his field to you? Why did Nico say he was a certified forensic audiologist when we showed how his credentials were fraudulent? Nico also stated that he had $250,000 of audio equipment, when Mr. Mitchel stated it was barely worth $50k and that his primary source of income was in recording orchestral compositions!
  • I chose to respond to that request. I have positioned myself in a place where I can speak freely like every brahmin is obliged to do. I have not been paid by anyone to do the exhaustive research found in my book, and I have not been offered any perks, gifts, promises or bribes of any kind for this effort.
  • The first large entry in the Appendix of DECEPTION is from a book by John Harris Trestrail, a doctor who made a career as an expert witness for criminal poison trials. He provides an overview of the mini-mal things that must be proven for a poison case to prevail. So far, nobody propping up the P-Con has come close to presenting that type of evidence. That has all been dismissed, just like you have done based on nothing more that “your view.”

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DGWhere Is Poison Pt4

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