[The ICC – “Indian Continental Committee”, is the body of ISKCON India temple presidents, and managers of preaching centers and extension centers].
Whereas, the ICC has taken cognizance of the recent GBC action against Lokanath Swami,
Whereas, the ICC feels that the decision taken by the GBC, suspending Lokanath Maharaj from initiating, etc., was taken in extreme haste without due consideration causing extreme mental anguish to Lokanath Maharaj and his many disciples and amongst ISKCON’s vast congregation around the world,
Whereas, the decision of the GBC regarding Lokanath Swami will have far-reaching effects both in ISKCON India, and amongst ISKCON devotees worldwide, and is liable to have disastrously adverse effects on the image of ISKCON worldwide,
Therefore it is resolved that the ICC (ISKCON India leadership) hereby expresses their full support to Lokanath Swami and demands that the GBC reverse their unfair decisions.
Also, the ICC calls on the Bureau to take up the case with the GBC, with a view to reverse this injustice and tender an apology to Lokanath Swami.

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