Akincana Staff has received the latest update from H.H. Bhakti Raghav Maharaj Health team on 17th April at 10 PM as per the latest health update


The Maharaja’s clinical status rapidly improving post-treatment along with other essential care. Today Maharaja’s temperature is normal, as is the blood pressure, pulse rate, and Oxygen Saturation is at 95%, with no headache, good appetite (soup chapati rice dhal 3 subjis) & resting well. Repeated labs showed decreasing CRP/ESR levels. Platelets count has picked up as well. This is very encouraging. However, we need to continue to closely track Maharaja’s clinical condition. Little improvement in cough as it’s going to take some time.

We thank all devotees for their prayers, support, and love. We humbly request devotees keep chanting more rounds and pray to Lord Narasingha dev for the Maharaja’s complete recovery. We will keep updating you as and when there are some significant developments.

As received by the
HHBRS Health team

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