We have received the following health update about H.H. Bhakti Raghava Maharaj. This update was received on 16th April 2021 at 10 PM.

The good news is Maharaj’s temperature came down, from 102 degrees to 98 degrees after medication Maharaj feeling little relief after 15 days. The RTPCR result came negative. But as per HR CT Scan and blood tests, Maharaj has mild covid. Doctors are suspecting that Maharaj had mild covid which is in the recovery phase. Some after-effects are left in the lungs which was seen on CT Scan and which most likely the cause of high CRP.

Picture showing today’s Darshan of Maharaj

Maharaj is continuing medication today and took light Prasadam in the afternoon. Maharaj served liquids and he is preferring fruits grown locally only. Maharaj vitals are normal and with the current treatment of steroids and immunity boosters, hopefully COVID will completely go and lung infection should subside. We need to wait for 48-72 hrs to see the proper effect of the medicine. Tests will be repeated tomorrow to look for the effect of treatment.

We thank all devotees for their prayers. The next 48-72 Hrs is crucial for recovery ? We humbly request you all keep chanting more rounds and pray to Lord Narasingha dev??



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