ISKCON Ahmedabad organized an UMANG Youth festival, on Sunday, 10th January 2021. The festival was inaugurated with melodious Kirtan, followed by debate on the topic, “Vedic civilization v/s Modern civilization” , performed by IYF devotees. It was followed by a lecture on the topic “Mera Bharat Kaha?”. It was delivered by HG Sundar Gopal Das (M.Tech, IIT Delhi, IYF Director, Delhi). A total of 80 youths and 50 congregation and visitors participated

Prabhuji mentioned how India was the leader in Vedic times and how it was contributing to the world. Currently, modern civilization is ignoring the culture and values of India and thereby degrading themselves. Modern youths are influenced by western civilization and ruining their lifestyle. When they understand the values of India and its Vedic wisdom, they can uplift themselves and thereby contribute to the whole world.

The event was followed by Kirtan by IYF devotees. All the participants were overjoyed in tumultuous kirtan, dancing and singing.

Delicious dinner Prasadam served at the end, to all the participants. The participants of the event will be followed up for their future Personality Development courses, in the temple.

Thank you.

Your servant,
Madana-mohana Krsna Das
Secretary, ISKCON Ahmedabad




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