Over at Lexology is a summary case study of a recent India high court trademark decision in favor of ISKCON in protecting the use of its name from unauthorized use. From an article posted by Sakshar Law Associates:

On 28th June 2020, a judgement was passed by Bombay High Court declaring the renowned organisation ISKON (International society for Krishna consciousness) as a “well known trademark”. Before digging further we shall inspect the facts of the case at hand. The infraction first came into the notice in February 2020 when an online clothing platform started running their business under the name of ISKON Apparels Pvt ltd.

The case is used to compare and contrast the terms “general trademark” and “well-known trademark” and the special legal protections that come with this designation. The article also provides a brief and useful discussion about the necessity of trademark protection. Click here to read more.

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