The first video of this series gives a first-hand account of some of the reasons for the decline of preaching in North America.

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  1. A neophyte devotee does not preach. So still new people come to our temples and they might see women on one side and men on another.

    Whereas in the past we knew that visiting people were troubled by this
    ( yes, even in the ” old days ” we knew )
    separation of sexes and we preached to them why this was a good system…now we are seeing there is a campaign being waged to encourage devotees to disregard sexual differences.

    This is being done ostensibly to encourage the brain dead masses to join us. LOL. That is the sign of Kali–the higher intelligent forced to bow to the lower intelligent.

    His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta said to a politician in Australia on a recorded video ” If you leave them [ citizens ] as they are what is the question of helping them ? ”

    The answer has been the same–preach. Don’t give up preaching and let the dog be dog. Then where will the dog go to become man ? There will be no place.

    Already the Rtvik breakaway faction have to explain away every reference to guru in sastra. And now we shall have explain away every reference to gender differences?

    This is simply an indication that purity is not taking place. The impure soul, neophyte
    ( even being a devotee 50 years it is possible for a devotee to remain a neophyte yet imagining he or she is in the advanced prema stage ) wants to bring into ISKCON his or her impurity.

    We see this everyday.

    Neophytes in the guise of advanced should not be called upon to make important decisions because the intelligence is impure
    –they will want to appeal to the impure.

    We have the example of HG Sadaputa dasa trying to prove that Vedic cosmology matches modern cosmology.

    We can see as an example that woman wants to be attractive to man.

    In politics we see how the foolish politician thinks he can pander to and flatter the enemy that is happy to take advantage of weakness.

    There is no utopian vision where by chanting Hare Krsna automatically no rules apply.

    Krsna Himself says in Bhagavad Gita about varnasrama ” I created this system therefore I am not under it, yet I follow it so as not to put the worlds into ruination. ”

    The neophyte thinks by chanting Hare Krsna he or she has been transported beyond varnasrama.

    Just consider how the neophyte cannot see this would put him or her above Krsna.

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