All glories to Syamananda, the life of Vallabha! Please favor me so that I may sing your glories.

With many great devotees in his company, Rasika would travel from place to place chanting the name of Hari. Some persons played musical instruments to add to the sweetness of the kirtana. Crowds of people came running just to observe the beauty of Rasika and to allow his sweet words to soothe their ears. They would surround him and become hypnotized by his merciful looks. Then they had no desire to leave his association. Everyone who met Rasika became a devotee of Krsna, and many became his disciples.

In this way, Rasika entered Dhamanagara and then went on to Sukapala. Afterward, he went to Jajapura, where he took bath at the Aśvamedha-ghata on the banks of the Vaitaranī River and had darsana of Varahanatha. The day was spent absorbed in kirtana. As Prabhu chanted and danced, streams of tears rolled down from his eyes. Before leaving Jajapura, Rasika offered many gifts to the brahmanas.

The party then arrived at the banks of the Jajapura River, which was flooded and in full spate. A boat was secured to take them to the other side. Seeing the large waves, however, the people trembled in fear. Rasika and his followers began chanting the holy name of Krsna as they boarded the boat. When the boat began moving, the fierce wind caused it to rock from side to side. As they reached the middle of the river, the waves became furious and the boat went out of control. The boatman prayed to Rasika to save them. Prabhu advised everyone not to be afraid and to think only of Krsna. As soon as Rasika said this, the boat toppled over and they all fell into the bottomless depths of water.

However, the river was miraculously only knee-deep, so everyone was able to stand up in it. Rasika went and held the boat so that the passengers could all get back on board. Singing the glories of Rasika they said, “Prabhu is an ocean of mercy. We fell into the bottomless depth of the river and he saved us from drowning. Rasika has appeared in this world just to save us from the clutches of Kali. O Prabhu, you are the friend of the helpless and an ocean of mercy.” The people standing on the banks of the river began to cry when they saw the hoar capsize, for they thought that not a single person would survive. They all prayed to Narayana to save them.

One person said, “Rasika is with them. By his grace, no one will die. All kinds of misfortune can be overcome simply by remembering his name. Even if a person is threatened by tigers, bears, elephants, or lions, simply by remembering Rasika all danger will be averted. Since he is with them, there is no need for fear. Rasika’s power is such that he can destroy the sinners and deliver the fallen.”

As sage-like persons eulogized Rasika, a few boats were sent to rescue the people. Although the boat had capsized in the middle of the river, it was found that everyone was saved. Rasika was standing in the river at a place where even a twenty-foot bamboo pole could not reach the river bed. The passengers who had fallen into the river, however, were standing there in knee-deep water. Seeing this, the boatmen were astonished. They helped all the people onto the boats and rescued all their luggage.

However, the manuscript of the Srimad-Bhagavatam was still missing. Rasika was surprised by this and requested everyone to look for it. Then Dvija Radha-madana dove into the water and swam distance against the tremendous current until an iron casket some touched his hands. While not a single book contained therein had been damaged by the water, the manuscript of the Srimad Bhagavatam remained missing. In his anxiety, Prabhu wanted to jump into the river himself. Sensing this, some of his companions leapt into the river to join the search. Rasika instructed Radha madana, “You should bring a boat because although I can find the manuscript, I am unable to swim.”

A boat was brought and the manuscript located, but even ten to twenty of Rasika’s companions were unable to lift it from the water. Then all the people who had been seated in the boat tried to lift it using all their might. Regardless, they could not succeed. The manuscript simply floated away. In amazement, the people told Rasika, “Although we are so many in number, we were unable to retrieve it from the water. Now, because of the tremendous current, we still cannot move it.” Rasika then had the boatman take him as near as possible to the manuscript. He reached out and caught hold of the manuscript, quickly lifting it from the water as though it was a flower.

Thus, by the grace of Sri Krsna the crisis was overcome. Who can describe the endless pastimes of Prabhu? It is only by his grace that I have tried to write something.

Making the lotus feet of Syamananda my ornament, this son of Rasamaya happily narrates Rasika-mangala.

(Source: Book – The Story of Rasika, Chapter – Depending on Krsna in the Midst of Danger)

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