[Translation from Hindi] Saharanpur, JNN: ISKCON Kurukshetra President and Katha-vyasa Sakshi-Gopal Das said a sinful man has no taste for hearing Krishna-katha. All the time he persists in scheming, and because of this he never achieves success.

On Sunday, at a Janakpuri Road hall arranged by the ISKCON Preaching Committee, Katha-Vyasa Sakshi Gopal Das, showering a nectar of Srimad-Bhagavat katha, said that a sinful man has no interest in Krishna-katha, just as sweet things taste bitter to a jaundiced man. Maharaja Parikshit also said that only by sitting in the boat of Sri Krishna’s lotus feet could his grandfather (Arjuna) in the Battle of Kurukshetra cross over the vast ocean of the army of the Kauravas. His own life itself was protected by Lord Krishna in the womb of Mother Uttara. Bhagavat-katha had been going on for four days continuously, but Maharaja Parikshit did not experience any hunger. On this occasion of Krishna’s birth, the faithul devotees (at the hall) showered flowers and observed the occasion with dancing and singing of sweet bhajanas. With exclamations of Jaya Kanhaiya Lal Ki, the whole atmosphere was devotional. During this, Vijayakant Chauhan, Anul Sighal, Ravi Kumar, Mukesh Varma, Rajesh Kumar, Raman Das, Nimish Kathpal, E.S. Pundir, Raj Kumar, Ankit Kumar, Pramila Banga, Asha Chauhan, Krishna Devi, Mohit Sharma, Surendra Kumar and many other devoted persons were present.

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