18 July 2019: Shamli, JNN. Sakshi Gopaldas Maharaj, the narrator and president of the ISKCON Promotions Committee, said that God can be achieved by the knowledge of the elements of God.The narrations of Srimad Bhagavatam are words from which devotees get liberated. He said that the poor should be served, from which God is always pleased (उन्होंने कहा कि गरीबों की सेवा करनी चाहिए, इससे ईश्वर सदैव खुश रहते है।).

Thursday, at a Majra Road area banquet hall, under the auspices of the ISKCON preaching association, many numbers of faithful people came to hear the ongoing Srimad-Bhagavatam discourses. On the third day of the rain of nectar of the Bhagavat-saptaha, a harinama sankirtana was conducted by ISKCON devotees. Coming from Kurukshetra, ISKCON preaching association leader Sakshi Gopal Das said that discussion of God is such a nectar, in which devotees have been liberated, which gives us all the message of love, and which is heard. In life there is no necessity of any other pleasure than this nectar, by which one becomes immortal. It is said that one who is doing any other work goes to Hell. In peoples lives there is a lack of peacefulness. By sacrifice one can please God, whenever the truth about God is not properly understood, then reaching God is not possible. After the lecture a maha-arati was held and a great feast was organized. On this occasion Rishi Agraval, Pradip Sighal, Vijendra Gupta, Vipin Goyal, Manu Bharat, Sangal Girishanchad, Anshul Namdev and others were present.

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