Raw Hubris

Regardless of how much the Truth Team squawks about wanting everyone to “…honestly present all the evidence and facts in one place,”   they have made a colossal farce of that intention by grossly failing to do that very thing themselves. This paper will show how the ones making all these horrendous allegations haven’t even attempted to be honest, accurate, or forthright about anything. Yes, there are pages and pages of material bound into one collection, but it is a travesty to refer to it as anything more than the documentation of an unchecked mind gone troppo.  The more befitting and colorful terms that fit are purple prose and yellow journalism.  Their concept of revisionism is of no generous nature regarding the annals of time, but it is consistent with the Neo-Nazi campaign to eradicate the Holocaust from the history books.   The Neo-Nazis also share the same embarrassing self-righteous hubris as this so-called Truth Team.  Members from both groups have too much invested in their delusion to abandon it.  This is astonishing to educated people who marvel at their gross ignorance of history and repugnant hypocritical behavior.

These vigilante prosecutors are expert at appealing to the pride of the reader by suggesting that only honest and intelligent individuals will be able to appreciate the methods, evidence and, most importantly, the conclusions that the Truth Seekers have uncovered.   In doing so, they indirectly imply that those who do not are: 1) either too stupid to follow their reasoning or 2) have some dastardly personal incentive compelling them to disagree.  (e.g.:  ISKCON leaders wishing to preserve their image, income, or some other form of selfish interest.)   Well, let’s turn the burden of honesty around on this squeaky clean group of valiant devotees, just to see how honest they really are.

We have already noted how those who support the poison allegations are showered with all sorts of acknowledgments and appreciation by their fellow comrades, creating a mood in which we are expected to accept whatever the Truth Keepers say as absolute truth, simply because they have served so nicely for many years.  Even the two 13-year-old Mexican Gurukula children who left Lord Caitanya’s service are raised to a pedestal because they provided the rumors that allowed this run-away train to get started.  If a child is reporting some child abuse going on in the gurukula we ought to take that seriously. However, children also have good imaginations and we need to be careful not to take everything they say as gospel truth. Adult discretion is always required.  In this case, the Truth Team demonstrates how desperate they are to include whatever suspicions peripheral hearsay they can into something so significant, that they use it to catapult this assault on everyone’s common sense.  They even sent out a posse in the form of a private detective to find their star witnesses to confirm that they: “..overheard a hushed discussion on the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada by eight senior devotees.” But oops… it turns out that these sweet little cherubs completely disappeared and apparently decided to live incognito in some unknown remote Mexican village!

It is evident by this example that the Truth Seekers would be willing to trust the testimony of someone as basic as a 13-year-old boy, who simply cleaned Srila Prabhupada’s room.   Why then are such so-called fair and objective investigators unable to give at least equal weight to the testimony of the even more extraordinary, impressive and continuously dedicated senior men have to say on this subject?  I am sure we all can agree that, on a transcendental level, Krishna accepts all services equally, provided the services are performed sincerely.   But here we are being asked to place the testimony of individuals like temple commanders, book distributors, local presidents or even a 13-year-old boy as more credible than those of anyone who finds the poison allegations to be very dubious and unsubstantiated regardless of what their service record has been!

On one side, we find a 13-year-old boy doing simple janitor work; on the other side, there is an entire institution of individuals who have organized huge preaching projects, overseen massive book publications, and commanded Akshauhini’s of sankirtan forces.  Isn’t it ludicrous to put all our faith in a couple of young boys and dismiss all the other devotees who have done so much, tireless, dedicated, extraordinary service? Aren’t all these devotees also worthy of our equal respect, based on their extraordinary devotional careers?  Not only have those who have been directly accused offered their commentary on this subject, but others who were actually there in the room and on the film during Srila Prabhupada’s last days have spoken out strongly in opposition to the rumors heard by a young boy.  One such individual is Jayadwaita Swami and his testimony can be found here: LINK:  Srila Prabhupada’s Last Days  An even most egregious examples of just how prejudicially lopsided the so-called Truth Team has been is summed up quite succinctly by Abhirama Prabhu another personal attendant who nursed Srila Prabhupada:

“If they ever were actually serious to investigate, why did they not contact me, ever?…There is so much in my memory and diary that I probably could write another hundred points refuting this poison theory, but I never felt motivated to do so, since it is obvious to me that none of the proponents of this theory could be even half sincere, since they never even asked me to explain my observations and experiences, before publishing their mad theories and I am one person that should be considered an important and credible witness.”  – Abhiram Prabhu, September 31, 2017

Even more to the point is his personal testimony that confirms he often ate Srila Prabhupada’s remnants and never suffered from any ill effects.

Nearly everything that went into His mouth was prepared by my wife or me (in the case of all supplements, medicines, etc.) and if not, it was usually eaten by me as mahaprasadum (and often her) as remnants, as he hardly took much of what was prepared. I was then extremely healthy and remain as healthy as anyone I know. – Abhiram Prabhu, September 31, 2017

Abhiram Prabhu has continued to serve faithfully, even to this day.   He was there and knows, as do many other senior people, that this whole conspiracy charade is a bunch of nonsense use as an excuse to deride the service of sincere devotees by attention-seeking conspirators, who most certainly have their own very stinky decomposing bodies stashed in their own closet.

At this point, many will feel there is no need to keep reading because the case is now closed.  However, there will be those who remain suspicious of personal testimonies and are incapable of trusting the words of even a neutral witness like Abhiram Prabhu.  It is for those people I wrote this paper.  The Truth Team has requested that their evidence be objectively considered and so now that is exactly what we shall do.

Selfish Narcissism = Ruthless Agenda

It has already been admitted that the catalyst for that conspiracy was the Chicken-Little “acorn” of a rumored conversation allegedly overheard by a 13-year-old boy, who later just evaporated into thin air.  On one side of the equation, we have a contrived controversy born out of revenge for the hurt caused by bad managerial decisions.

On the other side of the equation is a fabulous allegation that a few very envious disciples carefully planned out an impeccable plot to poison Srila Prabhupada!  How?  By obtaining a rare heavy metal that few people would even know how to acquire or use without getting caught.  We are asked to trust those who allege the validity of this Agatha Christi crime, but despite how much they attempt to convince us of how logical, honest, dispassionate and fair they are, what we find is they had a brutal “Whatever-It-Takes” agenda to get this poison conspiracy off the ground and flying.

Listed here is the proof of how callously indifferent the truth detectives can be regarding the good counsel of other more prudent and mature devotees.  What becomes obvious is an agenda that is so obsessed with the desire to make history, that all caution, consideration, or prudent decision making is superseded by an obstinately selfish motive that it has absolutely no concern for the requests, advice, wishes or cautions of good advisers.

Ruthless Agenda Example 1: Here we find that the truth team openly acknowledges how publishing a book about a poisoning conspiracy will be “…extremely controversial,… loathed… and condemned” so much that the authors “..physical life may be jeopardized…” and he is “… not altogether positive (publishing this book) is good for my spiritual life or consciousness either…”  he then dismisses all these messages from Paramatma and justifies going ahead with publishing the book anyway by citing a very dubious, out of context comment that Srila Prabhupada allegedly said to Harikesa.  “Damn your consciousness.” -SHPM p.3

Ruthless Agenda Example 2: “We did not want to be so bold as to accuse anyone, so we thought that having heard these strange whispers we had better continue the investigation.”  Yet shortly after that was expressed, Tamal Krishna Goswami, Jayapataka Swami, Bhakti Charu Swami and anyone else in the room during the time the poison was allegedly being given, were all accused of being prime suspects for murdering their spiritual master. -SHPM p.15

Ruthless Agenda Example 3: “…the California attorney… wanted that the names and locations be changed so that, in his opinion, a possible future criminal indictment would not be jeopardized by early disclosure of information. Here the author apologizes… that his (the attorney’s) desire is not being accommodated herein.”  Too bad Mr. Attorney, the truth team has their own twisted agenda to achieve and they aren’t going to let your reasonable concerns get in the way of what they are determined to do! -SHPM p.28

Ruthless Agenda Example 4: “This author…was strongly advised.. that to publish this book would be a defamation of Srila Prabhupada and constitute a horrible offense against him personally”  The individual who gave this prudent advice was a personal assistant to Srila Prabhupada at the highest level but once again it was completely disregarded.  The person requesting the book not be published was not implicated in this scandal but he personally knew the character of all those who were being accused.  He seemed to be hinting that it would be impossible for anyone to execute such a fantastic poison conspiracy as alleged by the “Truth Keepers”.  -SHPM p.241

Ruthless Agenda Example 5: In Appendix 9 we find the comment: “Any information in this report which has not already been made public should not be made public until we can satisfy the above concerns.”    None of the Truth boys cared if they were publishing unconfirmed, informal, random notes.   It all contributed to the wall of propaganda strategy so anything that would disturb the minds of the devotees got scooped up and published. -SHPM p.355

Ruthless Agenda Example 6:   Another highly respected devotee clearly advised against doing anything that might detract from Srila Prabhupada’s reputation but this sanguine advice was also completely ignored.  “I remind you what my position has been on this endeavor since you raised the issue with me several years ago. Prabhupada’s reputation should remain glorious, and nothing should detract from this reputation. I feel that this type of project could easily detract from Prabhupada’s reputation… And the last thing that Prabhupada would want is for this issue to disrupt preaching or preaching movement or image of the preaching movement that he worked so hard to establish.” What is particularly revealing in regards to this particular exchange is how callously it is dismissed and replaced evasive rationalizing that is so extreme it proves we are dealing with an individual who will take advice from no one.  NO REASONING can penetrate through all the layers of muck that cover someone who would write:   Rather than being a negative, Srila Prabhupada’s homicidal poisoning will much more likely result in a long-term boost to Srila Prabhupada’s fame and glories and an increased interest in the Hare Krishna Movement.) – KGBG p. 739

Ruthless Agenda Example 7: The most damning evidence to expose how committed the conspiracy people are to thrust their agenda forward regardless of what others may council is presented by the Reverse Speech Analysis pioneer Mr. David Oates.   In his attempt to distance himself from the twisted agenda that the “Truth Team” was whipping up he provided a scathing disclosure of how recklessly indifferent they were too professional courtesies. He specifically pointed out that he did not want his trademark name to be associated with any books related to this odious poison scandal.  The evidence is crystal clear and evident for all to see accuracy in reporting, honesty or even the need to produce meaningful evidence was completely irrelevant.  The Truth Team wants us to believe they are sincere, honest devotees who got stuck with the thankless task of telling the rest of us what the truth is concerning this horrible crime.   But in fact they have absolutely no maturity or integrity.  It is clear they will do Whatever-It-Takes to propel the poison conspiracy forward at all costs.   Damn the truth… We have our own selfish agenda to pursue!

“The next thing we heard was that he had actually written a book, based on his so-called “reversal analysis”, that made these wild and irrational claims of murder. We told him in no uncertain terms that there is no way we can endorse this book. We reminded him that he had no legal right to use the trademarked name “Reverse Speech”, and forbade him from making any reference to Reverse Speech.”  David John Oates  Feb 10, 2000, Chakra  Link:http://oldchakra.com/articles/2000/02/10/Report.on.Don.Rouse/

Ruthless Agenda Example 8: Here we have a clear example of how cold, indifferent and haunted the Truth Team has become with their intent to prove something that never happened.

“My old college associate … called me on March 16, and lamented how Tamal had perished. (March 15, 2002). I was also dismayed, exclaiming, “Oh, that’s very bad… now we’ll never be able to interview him for the poison investigation!” He replied, “Is that all you can say!!?” – KGBG p.202

Ruthless Agenda Example 9: In Aug of 2017, I had the opportunity to casually talk with an old friend whose name was included in the SHPM book as a willing member of the truth team investigators – all without his permission!   He told me he only had a cautiously reserved curiosity in regards to all the poison accusations and rumors that began flying around in 1997.    He was very upset that his name got dragged into the SHPM book without his permission, and he said there were many others who were equally upset having been implicated in the same way.   IN fact, he was quite adamant about sharing with me that many of the devotees whose names also show up in this book were very upset, not only because their names were revealed, but that their private communications were published without their permission! 

He concluded that most of these people were made to appear as being in 100% concurrence with the conclusions arrived at in the SHPM book.  All were very upset that it was ever published for two reasons:  1) It was done so without their knowledge, forcing them immediately into the middle of this huge controversy.  2) It has clarified nothing but did succeed in doing what the truth team set out to do, i.e.: disturb as many devotees as possible and disrupt as many working relationships as they could.

What I have listed here was easily researched, but is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  One need only go to the following website to read numerous testimonials of those who are sober enough to not be affected by all the buck-shot blasted malicious propaganda regarding the poison conspiracy, which has been fired off everywhere with the hope to hit as many innocent individuals as possible.

LINK: The Poison Issue Page

How Stupid Is That?

The catalyst for initiating the poison allegation rests almost entirely on the hearsay of individuals who were under little or NO public scrutiny.  Perhaps they were all stellar examples of the ideal Vaishnava, but if that were so, why would such exalted individuals be so anxious to cast very serious allegations of murder on the same disciples that Srila Prabhupada himself obviously had tremendous respect for?

Such a duplicitous stance opens the door for their own behavior to be more closely scrutinized.   To completely disregard the testimony of these senior men, who have been on the world stage for nearly their entire devotional career, is extremely poor logic, especially when they are publicly accused of a heinous crime backed by such frivolous so-called evidence!  Of course, they were forced to speak out to defend themselves, just like anyone who is falsely accused would naturally do in a situation like this for higher purposes!

The only motive we hear as an explanation for why such dedicated senior devotees would do something so dreadful is that these top men literally went mad.   We are asked to believe their lust for immediate power was so strong that they plotted to murder His Divine Grace by poisoning him with cadmium.  Even those who whipped up this ugly conspiracy admit that cadmium is very rarely used for the purpose of poisoning someone.  How stupid is this going to get?

Srila Prabhupada Compliance

Srila Prabhupada had already experienced several heart attacks, and after flying around the world 13 times, the impact on his health was obvious. He clearly had medical problems that were slowing him down and even occasionally impeding his work.  Our reckless “truth-dogs” expect us to believe that these otherwise extraordinarily accomplished intimate associates of His Divine Grace were so impatiently lusty, they chose to Kill Guru so they could Become Guru.  To accomplish that they embarked on a very convoluted poison plot far more technically complicated and treacherous than anything even Agatha Christie could dream up!

To suggest that Srila Prabhupada felt like he was being poisoned by his most trusted men implies that he didn’t even have enough common sense to immediately send anyone he did not trust away.  Some might even say that Srila Prabhupada could summon mystic powers and know without a doubt who was betraying him, just like Jesus knew it was Judas who turned him into the Romans.   Yet, we see that he did not do any of this!  Instead, according to the theory that he was intentionally being poisoned by his immediate caretakers, we would then have to assume Srila Prabhupada just went along with it?  Why would he do that?

Well, the Truth Team seems to have an answer for everything. They dedicate an entire chapter to answering this question: “He Tolerated Being Poisoned” -KGBG p.748   This chapter really reveals to what extent the poison conspiracy people are willing to go to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit their fabricated crime.  It’s remarkably similar to the extremes those suffering from Munchhausen syndrome (Factitious Disorder) will endure in order to get the attention they need to survive.  They are so starved for attention; they quickly discover that the best way to get it was medically.  It is not uncommon for these people to do things that will intentionally spoil the tests doctors administer so they will appear sick.  Some are so deranged they will feign illness, overdose on medications, fall down in crowded public venues, stick needles in their arms, impinge their breathing and inflict themselves with serious wounds, just to keep the ruse up that their body isn’t functioning properly – so they can get attention.

When we scan over the type of ridiculous things that are suggested to answer this pivotal question, we get this sort of distorted logic:

“extremely tolerant,.. great devotees don’t feel it when they are tortured,.. he didn’t want to disturb the preaching momentum,.. kind and gentle to all Brahmins,.. acting on such a high paramahansa level none of us meleccha disciple could ever fully grasp it,.. tolerated his poisoners because of his great compassion,.. welcomed the opportunity to be in danger which gave him greater impetus to remember Krishna...” -KGBG p.748-751

Queen Kunti prayed for calamities to come because when they did, Krishna was there to personally protect her, and remembering Him at those times actually became the perfection of her life. Suggesting that Srila Prabhupada shared this type of sentiment is offensive, stupid, not observant and obviously contrived.   Srila Prabhupada’s Western disciples provided him with plenty of calamities; therefore, he didn’t need to be poisoned to help him remember Krishna.

There are a whole lot of problems with all this desperate grasping at straws.  Those who accept this reasoning apparently believe that Srila Prabhupada was not diplomatically intelligent enough to tactfully make a different arrangement when he knew his life was in jeopardy.  If Srila Prabhupada knew he was being poisoned, he was empowered with divine wisdom, and certainly, could have outsmarted his envious disciples at their own game.  Instead, Srila Prabhupada is offensively portrayed like a confused martyr, who was willing to sacrifice his own life because he was so tolerant, compassionate, did not want to upset anyone and that will help him remember Krsna.

The people who promote this type of twisted reasoning either don’t know Srila Prabhupada’s mood very well or they simply want everyone to forget he wasn’t just another turban-clad brown-skinned mystic from India:

“Certain sadhus in India were celebrated and influential, but Abhay was not among them. Of course, the uncompromising preaching he had learned from his spiritual master, the “chopping technique” in which he openly criticized revered politicians and holy men, was not likely to win him favor and patronage. “Don’t flatter,” Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati had said. “Speak the truth. And if Krsna is pleased, then you will come out successful.” – SPL 9: A Resident of Vrndavana

Further evidence clearly confirms that Srila Prabhupada did not compromise what needed to be said to avoid hurting the feelings of his disciples.  As soon as he discovered something was going on that was inappropriate or might jeopardize the preaching effort, he came down hard as a hammer on those responsible.

When the Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan did not open in 1974:  “In his room, Prabhupada’s anger only increased. He yelled at Guru dasa for mismanagement. He yelled at Surabhi. He yelled at all of them. No one dared to offer suggestions or excuses. There was nothing to do but turn white and become depressed. Prabhupada suddenly inquired whether the temple could be opened, despite the mess. “Can you have the Deity rooms ready at least?” He turned to Surabhi. “This is an insult to our Society. What will people think?”-  SPL 44: Let There Be a Temple

When devotees focused too much on activities of the gopis. (Gopi Bhava Club) By this time the men were in his room and for almost three-quarters of an hour he strongly rebuked the group, angrily refuting its reasoning. He compared their exclusive focus on the gopis to “jumping like monkeys.” Puranjana said their intention was to simply scrutinize the activities of the gopis and develop the same aspirations because this was recommended by Lord Caitanya.  Prabhupada got even angrier.He was in no mood for being mollified.”You want to scrutinizingly study Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s instructions, but why just the parts about the gopis?  – TD 2-5: Los Angeles

Those who understood Prabhupada’s total commitment to his preaching effort know He wouldn’t be so short-sighted to let a few so-called very devious converts have their way with him.  This is especially true for Tamal Krishna Goswami, who had felt the hammer of Srila Prabhupada’s anger before, which resulted in Tamal being sent to preach in China!  His Divine Grace was intensely focused on completing the Srimad Bhagavatam as his gift to humanity for the next 10,000 years.   If he had any suspicions about Tamal Krishna, he could have easily had him removed, just as quickly as he had Devananda removed for wasting Srila Prabhupada’s time.

“Get out,” Srila Prabhupada shouted. Devananda started to shake with anger. Brahmananda Maharaja grabbed him and forcefully escorted him out of the room. Srila Prabhupada was furious. Even though his anger was not directed toward me, I felt like I had been struck by lightning. – SPU 83: Prabhupada Gives Devananda a Last Chance

Download the full book (PDF) at this link.

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