Those who have been disturbed by the allegations that His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami might have been poisoned by some of his top disciples will find solace in this rebuttal.  If this paper gives any individual relief from the hailstorm of sloppy research, prejudicial conclusions, and any of the mendacious evidence, then I will consider the time and effort I made to swim in this veritable “cesspool” of a subject worthwhile. If at the end, you are one of those individuals who would like to identify yourself, I would appreciate knowing that I helped clarify this matter for you.   I am not going to apologize for the length of this rebuttal because it is trivial in comparison to the avalanche of poison propaganda that is being unloaded like trash from a garbage truck upon innocent devotees worldwide:

  • Someone Has Poisoned Me (SHPM) 408Pages
  • Judge For Yourself (JFY) 123
  • KILL GURU BECOME GURU PART 1(54:25 Min Video)
  • Kill Guru Become Guru Part 1(KGBG) 828 PDF Pages
  • Kill Guru Become Guru Part 2(KGBG2) ? Pages
  • Kill Guru Become Guru Part 3(KGBG3) ? Pages
  • CRIME OF THE MILLENIUM: (31.19 Min Video)   ttps://
  • Total 1359 + Pages & 85.44 min Video with more irrelevant scathing vitriol promised to come!

There is probably much more material than this which I am unaware of, but all of it is more of the same.  What I will show in this study is that all of it is irrelevant, tangential, unsubstantiated and dramatically enhanced to support a sardonic imagination buttressed up by the worst of all possible interpretation of events.   While the volume of material has the patina of “Evidence”, it’s not much more than the rambling fantasies of those obsessed with a dolus agenda.  Virtually none of what makes up the volume of this so-called evidence would ever stand up to the scrutiny of a courtroom which is why it will never find its way into a courtroom despite all the bravado and posturing otherwise.

The assault that has been wagered against well-intended individuals has been recklessly savage.  The whole idea that some of the most senior disciples would conspire to poison Srila Prabhupada is repugnant, absurd and ill-founded.  That is why many have understandably simply not wanted to waste their time wading through all the bosh bric-a-brac that has been accumulated to promote it.  Yet it is the unsavory nature of this subject that has led to a catch-22 for the poison conspired to take advantage of.   Because the majority of the devotees couldn’t be bothered reading all this bunk it continues to fester like the heads of Ravana that would reappear after being cut off by Rama.

While there have been many good testimonies confirming that the poison conspiracy has no credibility, some still cling to specious arguments that have not been adequately disposed of.  This paper does exactly that but the challenge now is to share these strong arguments with those who simply don’t want to dwell on such a sick, macabre myth.   In an attempt to overcome that resistance I have done what was easy to do with such a wealth of absurd material to work with.  I lampoon the whole issue which is all the attention the poison conspiracy deserves.   Srila Prabhupada, of course, deserves our unwavering respect, so the challenge here was to uphold that while exposing this torrid subject in a humorous and entertaining way so the devotee community will be more willing to familiarize themselves with firm arguments that are contained herein.

The cartoons just showed up along the way and are included as an incentive to capture the reader’s curiosity and lure them into the text.  All of this seemed like the natural outcome of such a gross lack of reasoning and common sense.   The only way for erudite individuals to parse all this rubbish is to laugh at it.

The real reason for this assault has nothing to do with what is alleged.   It is to overwhelm the innocent and sadly that seems to have happened at least partially with devotees who are not willing to study the so-called evidence carefully and instead have become bewildered by the patina. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of revenge after having been disappointed or mistreated by some immature, proud, or insensitive administrator after coming to Prabhupada.   It’s also easy to be bamboozled, especially if one simply doesn’t have the time, interest, patience or skills to plow through what amounts to little more than chronic emotional offal.

I had no intentions of exposing myself to 1359+ pages of tedious conjectures and malicious creative writing; however, the glaring mistakes just kept revealing themselves to the point that I just had to jump into the ring in defense of the “sober” Truth.   I realize that the tendency will be for readers to immediately jump to the area of controversy that is most persuasive to them – and that’s fine if you wish to do that.  When one gets wounded, it is essential to focus on the area where the body has been compromised most; however, there is a natural progression as to how this antidote unfolds, and some of the nuances will be missed if one doesn’t apply it fully by reading the paper from start to finish.  Those who are willing to take the time to do that, and have no predetermined agenda, will be convinced to never give any botheration to the poison rumors ever again.  This antidote will be adequate to exorcise the “Poison” raffle completely.

Thank you.

Mayeśvara Dāsa
August 2017
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