Do Not Amend! Nataraja Dasa

Latest I have met so many ignorant statements from the side of people – especially from converted western vaisnavas – that Manu samhita is not authoritative, that you cannot touch Manu samhita, that this is outdated, that Prabhupada wanted to give women equal rights contrary Manu samhita, which promotes sexism, casteism (that varnas are only by the birth) and so on.
I am reading Manu samhita almost for 2 years – and more I read, more I get ultimate conviction, that Srila Prabhupada actually promoted Manu samhita, and so many of his statements are actual verses from this great sankhya philosophy work, which by the way is pure vaisnava scripture – distorted, defamed and ignorantly misinterpreted by naysayers and those, who have their own agenda – and not agenda of Supreme.

Let’s look only to one claim. That Manu samhita promotes birth casteism. They often use this verse:

sarvavarṇeṣu tulyāsu patnīṣvakṣatayoniṣu |
ānulomyena sambhūtā jātyā jñeyāsta eva te || 10.5 ||
Among all castes, those only who are born of consorts wedded in the natural order, as virgins of equal status, are to be regarded as the same (as their father). read more

There is no Overpopulation! Nataraja Dasa

“Amogha: They used to think that because there is overpopulation we will go to another planet and then begin living there.
Prabhupāda: No question of overpopulation. There are so many land. You do not know how to live. There is no question of overpopulation. You want to live like cats and dogs. Therefore you fight; there is scarcity. If you live properly, there is no question of scarcity.
[break] [on walk] Otherwise it is perfect. Everything is perfect. There is no question of inconvenience. You live according to the direction of Bhagavad-gītā; there is no question of scarcity, inconvenience, overpopulation. Everything is made.
Paramahaṁsa: People just take it for granted that…
Prabhupāda: Huh?
Paramahaṁsa: Due to the propaganda, people take it for granted, “Yes, there is overpopulation. Yes, there is lack of food. There is starvation, this and that.”
Prabhupāda: Because they cannot manage, so they give some other cause.”
Morning Walk, May 11, 1975, Perth

“Prabhupada: For children-kill them. This is Kali-yuga. They are killing their own children and patting a dog. Just see how much fallen they are, and they’re passing as civilized. Fourth class. Complaining of overpopulation, and the dog gives birth at a time half a dozen — there is no overpopulation, welcome; we shall maintain them. Huh? They’re giving twice in a year, or once in a, even once in a year, that is no overpopulation. A man gives one or two birth, it is overpopulation. Formerly they are begetting hundred children. At that time there was no complaint of overpopulation. At that time, the description in the history is kamam vavarsa parjanyah [SB 1.10.4]. On account of good rains, the earth used to produce immense necessities of life. Just like this portion is maintained with sufficient water, there is green everywhere. So if there is sufficient rain, everywhere you can do. Where is the question of overpopulation? [break] …population you work for growing food. No. Some of them are becoming hippies, no work. And some of them are working for manufacturing tire tube, tools, that’s all. Where is food? Still there is food, but they’ll not work for this, for growing food.
Madhudvisa: They have run one survey…
Prabhupada: Hm.
Madhudvisa: …and they have found out that the people of Australia spend so much money on feeding their pets that two hundred thousand people per year could be fed with the money that is used to feed the pets.”
“The Envious And The Merciful”
Melbourne, May 19, 1975

“We are very much disturbed overpopulation. That is all nonsense. Kṛṣṇa is quite able, if there is overpopulation… There cannot be overpopulation, because there are already ananta living entities, what to speaking of overpopulation? It is already there; you cannot count. There is no question of…
There are already overpopulation. And they can be provided by Kṛṣṇa. Eko bahūnāṁ yo vidadhāti kāmān. Kṛṣṇa is not limited; He is also unlimited. He can provide unlimited living entities. There is no scarcity of food. So this theory that overpopulation is nonsense. It is also nonsense. There cannot be overpopulation. But there is restriction, by nature. Nature will restrict production of food if there are demons. Nature will not provide the demons.”
Bhagavad-gītā 2.12, Aug. 18, 1973, London

Food and Poison Nataraja Dasa

There was a story.

One day one devotee Bhagavān Ācārya invited Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu to dine at his home. Thus he was preparing rice and various types of vegetables.
And devotee named Choṭa Haridāsa used to sing for Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Bhagavān Ācārya called him too to his home and spoke as follows: – “Please go to the sister of Śikhi Māhiti. In my name, ask her for a māna of white rice and bring it here.”

Śikhi Māhiti’s sister was named Mādhavī-devī. She was an elderly lady who always performed austerities. She was very advanced in devotional service.
Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu accepted her as having formerly been an associate of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī. In the entire world, three and a half people were His intimate devotees – Svarūpa Dāmodara Gosvāmī, Rāmānanda Rāya and Śikhi Māhiti, and the half a person was Śikhi Māhiti’s sister (1). read more

Muslims are Coming! Nataraja Dasa

I am getting regularly – letters via FB comments and messenger – from Indians and Bangladeshis. Regularly. From men.
They say – “I wanna come here!”
I was thinking – what a great preaching I am doing, that they want to come to Stockholm’s harinam!
No – they say – “I wanna come to Sweden” – to work, to live…”
I was – “aha…?”
They say – “Muslims kill us, Muslims attack us, muslims…”

And then I usually become angry.
Why? Why their position is, that “Muslims kill, attack and do whatever they like”?
For example – Why NO SIKHS ever write me such kind of blame game letters of “victims”? – “We are abused, we are persecuted, we wanna come…”

And then, when you look on their FB profiles of these “Hindu” men – what do you see there?
Cricket, bollywood, soft porn and thousand reposts of videos from Gaura mani Devi ji and all other ISKCON festivals with decorated girls in front…
And what happen in India at large? Indians are ashamed about their Vedic heritage, they strive after “western” standards, secularism, feminism, liberalism… read more

Make Men, Do Not Kill Them Nataraja Dasa

We say – western ideals. But they are not western ideals. Not so far away – just a hundred years ago – everyone in west followed simple rules of family life. These are western ideals from time immemorial (not only Christian): – Husband serves God, wife serves husband, children serves parents and follow in their footsteps.

Not what we call now “western ideals” – equality, rights, bla bla bla – that’s the concoction of sick people – humanity haters communist/socialist/nationalist/liberasts and atheists – who wanted to create NEW HUMAN and NEW WORLD (by the help of new ideologies and respective consequences – continuous world wars, ethnic and class cleanings, artificial migration and famines and revolutions).

ISKCON as all other organized religions are on the LINE now. Only chaste woman can train other woman to be chaste. And that’s not question of one lecture or recourse. In family it is naturally – grandmother, mother, older sisters, own service to the husband, own children – acara and pracara. read more

Live According to Varnasrama Nataraja Dasa

Brahmana is a highest in varnasrama not because he may be born in a brahmana family, but because:

vaiśeṣyāt prakṛtiśraiṣṭhyānniyamasya ca dhāraṇāt |
saṃskārasya viśeṣācca varṇānāṃ brāhmaṇaḥ prabhuḥ || Manu samhita 10.3 ||
The Brāhmaṇa is the lord of the varnas, on account of his distinctive qualities, of the superiority of his origin, of his observance of restrictive rules, of the peculiar character of his sanctification.

1. Distinctive qualities – Vaiśeṣyāt’.—‘Through pre-eminence,—of qualities
2. Origin – of the superiority of his origin,’—the Brāhmaṇa having sprung from the highest part of Prajāpati’s body. ‘Origin’ means source.
3. Observances of restrictive rules – Niyamasya dhāraṇāt
4. The peculiarity of his sanctification;’—this refers to the observances of the Accomplished Student. (Guru can be someone who by himself is a foremost disciple). read more

To be Situated in Varnasrama Nataraja Dasa

Astrology decides (shows) what your body is meant for. It’s a duty of parents to rise and educate child in this direction. Towards ideal and predestined natural qualities. In a case of daughter – that’s easier – stri dharma do not depend on varna dharma, it’s separate. Varna of daughter is important only when you choose future husband.

So – varna is in the field of problematics of rising and education of sons.
In my case of my sons – astrologically, I have 2 ksatriyas, vaisya and brahmana. We all together study these topics and we clearly see how it’s practically shows up, these differences.

Then there is case of emergency. Yes – I consider myself ksatriya as it is shown by my stars – because whatever I do, I do as a fight. I even make my work, sometimes shudras work (case of emergency* for to fulfill asrama duty) as a fight. Therefore I was forced to open my own company, because I am very bad employee. It’s very hard to “exploit” me, lot of problems for employers.
But when I am for my own – then this fight can go on. read more

First Step Nataraja Dasa

tatas te niryayur gopāḥ svaṁ svam ādāya go-dhanam
śakaṭoḍhopakaraṇaṁ strī-bāla-sthavirāḥ śanaiḥ

“After collecting their respective cows and loading their paraphernalia into their wagons, the cowherd men went out. The women, children and elderly persons gradually followed them.”
SB 10.25.27

When I was little kid – almost every babushka on a country side did have her own respective cow. Just some 30-40 years ago.
But now?

In our movement we try to speak about cow protection – how to revive it. But in this beautiful verse there is a simple formula of cow protection.
I know personally many men who not only would want to have cows, but who have had or still have them. But they are mostly lone men. read more

The Genius of Srila Prabhupada Nataraja Dasa

Chant Hare Krishna, perform what is yours and do not pretend to be who you are not.

Srila Prabhupāda never manufactured anything by his own. He always declared – that He gives only what is said in Scriptures, As it Is.
Those who try to represent Srila Prabhupada as a great inventor – they just do not know nothing.

For example, Prabhupada came to the west and gave to his followers highest braminical standart possible to follow. How it is that? To shudras? To outcasts?
But in Manu Samhita it is stated clearly: read more

Living in the Holy Name Nataraja Dasa

For to achieve the state of „Living in the holy name“ on the Street is actually the moment when Harinam actually can be started. Then you belong to Harinam and Harinam belong to you.

Harinam is not just 2 Lines for 1-2 hours, inbetween other “more important“ duties, when you constantly look on the clock, for to not “stand“ too long and to not be too “late“.

Literary devotees are robbing themselves for decades with such attitude. And therefore they never open up, they never experience this „living in the holy name“ on the streets… When „everyone wants to chant“, when whoever you meet – they are willing to sing and dance, and you can answer to the questions from people who were first time in the life involved in chanting and dancing, and when you can give them books. read more