The proof of how dishonest the Poison allegations are is those who endorse this horrible rumor completely ignore all the court-worthy evidence presented here that exposes how it never could have happened.  When you have a malicious agenda, and can not coherently rebut the counter evidence, you have two choices:

1) You write more absurd propaganda like these misguided souls did to distract their Luddite audience:

The Day William Roberts (Mayesvara) Poisoned Srila Prabhupada:

OR: 2. You just carry on with your fraud as if no counter-evidence exists!  When one thinks that ignoring facts will negate them, or make them just disappear, that response is recognized as a symptom of psychosis.

An objective individual can understand that this type of behavior if further evidence of just how unstable the supporters of this mean-spirited lie really are.  Those who live in America enjoy the legal protection of being accepted as innocent until proven guilty.  But Nico and those who support his sick campaign are so vindictive, they deny those they accuse this simple, law-abiding, decent courtesy.  Individuals entrenched in the mode of Ignorance have their own retaliatory agenda and prefer the Lynch Mob approach to resolving contrived allegations.  Those in the mode of goodness are terrified of such lawlessness because they know history and where such anarchy can lead. (Salem Witch Trials!)

Provided here are URL’s that address the fallacious statements used to prop up the Poison Conspiracy Fraud.  Nobody sane individual would accept ANY aspect if this maliciously generated demoniac rumor if they are healthy enough to face these fact-based rebuttals.  Everything one needs to unravel these mendacious poisoning accusations are can be found here.   Each URL provides a link to a more thorough explanation about the topic under question.  Many are graphically rendered so they can be clearly understood and shared with others who have been snookered by Nico’s completely unfounded Poison Conspiracy propaganda.

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