Make Men, Do Not Kill Them Nataraja Dasa

We say – western ideals. But they are not western ideals. Not so far away – just a hundred years ago – everyone in west followed simple rules of family life. These are western ideals from time immemorial (not only Christian): – Husband serves God, wife serves husband, children serves parents and follow in their footsteps.

Not what we call now “western ideals” – equality, rights, bla bla bla – that’s the concoction of sick people – humanity haters communist/socialist/nationalist/liberasts and atheists – who wanted to create NEW HUMAN and NEW WORLD (by the help of new ideologies and respective consequences – continuous world wars, ethnic and class cleanings, artificial migration and famines and revolutions).

ISKCON as all other organized religions are on the LINE now. Only chaste woman can train other woman to be chaste. And that’s not question of one lecture or recourse. In family it is naturally – grandmother, mother, older sisters, own service to the husband, own children – acara and pracara.

Until girls and women in our movement will not accept by free will this one thing – chastity as per sastra (and Prabhupada) – there is no hope for ISKCON and all ISKCONs social projects.

Some say – when MEN ARE MEN, WOMEN WILL BE WOMEN. Yes. Then be MEN – Gurus must step aside and must give to HUSBAND his righteous place in family – otherwise varnasrama impossible. Gurus cannot stand between husband and wife. Gurus have absolutely no right to promote and produce what is called “independent women”.

No authority, no curator, no temple president can stand between husband and wife. Make Husband THE MAN and wife – WOMAN. And not “partners”, “competitors”, “co-parents”, “married by agreement” or “caretakers”. Husband must serve his duty and wife must serve her duty – as per sastra.
And do not say, that Prabhupada introduced and established women initiation – it has nothing to do with feminism and modern day equality; We are spiritual movement, which must introduce varnasrama – as per desire of founder.

And there is no BUT – “but you must also be Man, then I will be woman”.
And there is no IF – “if you will do as my authorities said, then I will follow you, if not…” – it’s prostitution.
So – as per sastra – ITS A DUTY OF FATHERS to find husband or wife for children, and not “authorities”.
Make FATHER THE MAN. Preach to them.
As per holy scriptutes – It’s a duty of son to take care about mother, – make SON THE MAN too. Preach to them.

Let everyone know their duties and encourage them to follow it, especially IF devotional service did not depend from social obligations. But at the end – it depends so much. Otherwise there would not be falldowns, divorces, abandoned children, lone women and devastated men.

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