Live According to Varnasrama Nataraja Dasa

Brahmana is a highest in varnasrama not because he may be born in a brahmana family, but because:

vaiśeṣyāt prakṛtiśraiṣṭhyānniyamasya ca dhāraṇāt |
saṃskārasya viśeṣācca varṇānāṃ brāhmaṇaḥ prabhuḥ || Manu samhita 10.3 ||
The Brāhmaṇa is the lord of the varnas, on account of his distinctive qualities, of the superiority of his origin, of his observance of restrictive rules, of the peculiar character of his sanctification.

1. Distinctive qualities – Vaiśeṣyāt’.—‘Through pre-eminence,—of qualities
2. Origin – of the superiority of his origin,’—the Brāhmaṇa having sprung from the highest part of Prajāpati’s body. ‘Origin’ means source.
3. Observances of restrictive rules – Niyamasya dhāraṇāt
4. The peculiarity of his sanctification;’—this refers to the observances of the Accomplished Student. (Guru can be someone who by himself is a foremost disciple).

This is exactly what Srila Prabhupada has brought to us through disciplic succession – not by birth, but by qualities. Therefore if somebody becomes vaisnava, and vaisnava possesses all the good qualities, therefore he is the best of Brahmanas. In our movement we preach. This is also brahmana duty – to preach, to teach humanity.


sarveṣāṃ brāhmaṇo vidyād vṛttyupāyān yathāvidhi |
prabrūyāditarebhyaśca svayaṃ caiva tathā bhavet || Manu Samhita 10.2 ||
The Brāhmaṇa should know the means of livelihood for all men; he shall duly expound them to the others and himself do accordingly.

Very important:
1. “He shall duly expound them to others and himself” – read books, not only distribute
2. “and himself do accordingly” – follow what is written, and implement – what for.

Therefore if we, being vaisnavas, only preach what is given to us by Srila Prabhupada, but we do not implement it in our lives, and we do not do accordingly – do not start to live according varnasrama – then we will disqualifie ourself as a representatives of truth, and as a movement of sankirtana. And we will fall down to the level of organized religion, where “listen to our words, but do not look on our works” will prevail, and sahajiya mentality will prosper.

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