The Poison Conspiracy Antidote – Chapter 7 – CADMIUM – The Tune of Heavy Metal

First Napoleon… Now Prabhupada  Ooops Again!

So perhaps after frantically back-peddling from the Reverse Speech analysis fiasco, the Truth Team realized superior methods of truth ascertainment are available. Let’s see what they might be referring to.  Apparently, they feel one of those superior methods of truth ascertainment is available in using history to make their case more believable.   Like for example how they present Napoleon, who they allegedly portray as having also been poisoned by his inside men.

“Also, it is noted that the FBI performed tests on two separate single hairs of Napoleon in recent years, having no difficulty in achieving accurate findings because they had equipment and techniques appropriate for such small amounts. The Napoleon hairs were linearly and segmentally tested to discover the various levels of arsenic from one end of the hair to the other, giving a poisoning timeline history.”- KGBG p.326

This very historic example is the best the Truth Team can come up with to substantiate how Srila Prabhupada was actually poisoned.    They point out how Napoleon was also a very visible public figure, yet somehow his close associates acquired poison and slipped it into his Cognac undetected.   This was the model we have been told the envious renegade devotees followed in their plot to murder Srila Prabhupada.  The only adjustment necessary to keep this analogy working is the need to replace the Arsenic in the Cognac used to murder Napoleon with the new and improved professional assassin’s preferred choice of poison – Cadmium in the Milk.  Sounds pretty convincing, right?

Oops again!  Other conspiracy junkies are consumed with the idea that there was a devilish plot to poison Napoleon, just as there was a conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada, however, both schemes were all covered up.  They are convinced that history provides a very similar tale about how Napoleon perished at the hands of his own inside people.   Where the bottom falls out on all of this is that recent studies have confirmed that how the allegations of a conspiracy to poison Napoleon have been completely REJECTED.  A team of highly trained forensic doctors finally put an end to this reckless rumor when they unanimously concluded that the coroner’s original diagnosis for death was correct.   Napoleon did not die from poison and neither did Srila Prabhupada.  In both cases, the cause of death was properly recorded by the coroner.

Comprehensive medical study says evidence for original diagnosis, not poisoning, is overwhelming.

Hair Analysis Deflates Napoleon Poisoning TheoriesLINK:

Napoleon’s Death by Arsenic Exposure..?

(Last Sentence: “ cannot be concluded that he was murdered.”)

Reasonable Doubt – Goof Team

Let’s first consider, for the sake of this discussion, that the molecular analysis of Prabhupada’s hair was accurate.  That then opened the door for a new and improved version of the poison conspiracy, justifying a whole new wave of very assertive bombastic proof-positive conclusions such as the ones listed below:

Srila Prabhupada was definitely maliciously poisoned with high levels of cadmium at levels of toxicity and morbidity that would kill an ordinary man within a short time, certainly sooner than the length of time that Srila Prabhupada was being poisoned.-KGBG p. 236

The question: WAS SRILA PRABHUPADA POISONED? has now been conclusively answered, and it was clearly a lethal, homicidal, malicious poisoning that cannot be explained in any other way. -KGBG p.237

There remains little doubt that what took place was chronic cadmium poisoning with an average of 15.73 ppm in Prabhupada’s hair.-KGBG p.334

The total evidence establishes homicidal chronic cadmium poisoning, with the arsenic being a secondary or incidental ingredient.-KGBG p.337

Substantial evidence has been uncovered that establishes the certainty of Srila Prabhupada’s chronic cadmium poisoning.-KGBG p.679

The only thing that has changed since the first assault on the bhakti lata bija nearly twenty years ago is that now it is easier to see why more prudent individuals never took any of this bloating seriously.   The Truth Team may feel they have provided indisputable evidence to make their case, but in this regard, their prior testimonies reveal how their hunt to find someone to hang caused them to make embarrassingly premature faulty conclusions. (Assuming their earlier conclusion was actually based on something more than just custom fabricated evidence.)

In their 1998 rush to give life to the hideous campaign, they paraded out all their evidence, pounded on their chest and declared from the highest hills for all to hear how they had absolute proof that Srila Prabhupada died from arsenic poisoning.   The Truth team was so impressed by their own top-notch expert forensic studies which revealed Srila Prabhupada perished due to chronic arsenic poisoning, that it is the theme which holds all 408 pages of their first book together.  They wrote on and on about all the evidence that “Proves it”, such as the entire chapter 19 entitled:  Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms. (SHPM p. 60) Then there is another whole sub-chapter summary towards the end of the book called: “Confirmation of Arsenic Poisoning”.- SHPM p. 238

“Until now it was easy to misdiagnose Srila Prabhupada’s 1977 ailment as simply “kidney problems”. However, the new evidence presented in this publication proves it was chronic arsenic poisoning.-SHPM p.59

Yup.  They were absolutely sure they had this case all figured out.  Pretty impressive, huh?  Except for the fact that it was all completely wrong and now they have to scramble to cover up their prior Goofy conclusions!   By now the pattern is becoming very obvious.   There is little Truth coming from the Truth Team, but there have been a lot of deceptions, misrepresentations, and in this case, another blatant example of how quick they are ready to jump to the conclusion they have wanted to prove after hearing a rumor from a 13-year-old.   How goofy is all this!  Therefore, it would be inappropriately misleading to associate the word truth with these media manipulators.  Anyone who has assisted in foisting this ruse on the Vaishnava community with such slapstick reasoning and cartoon logic has earned the more accurate moniker – “Goof Team.”   It is the Goof Team that is committed to misleading everyone that coroner was wrong but they have the truth!  But that’s what Goofy people are expected to do.  The truth is the coroner properly diagnosed the cause of death as kidney problems due to diabetes, which is very common, straightforward and logical.  No Zebras here!  (See Below)

Witch-hunt Syndrome

If you were a guest on a popular game show and were told you could get $10,000 for every poison you could name beyond six, how well do you think you could do?  The average relatively aware individual is familiar with the 1939 play “Arsenic & Old lace”, how Socrates died by drinking Hemlock, and that Strychnine is used to kill rats – therefore you got the first three.  If you have Jewish heritage, you might also think of Zyklon B or its generic name, cyanide, used by the Nazis to exterminate 60,000 Jews… unless you consider Harry Elmer Barnes a credible historian like I anticipate some who will read this do.  Some might also remember Cyanide, the Oleander plant, antifreeze or potassium chloride.   But how many people would equate cadmium with the word poison?  It is so completely unheard of even the people who are arguing that was the poison of choice add several disclaimers virtually admitting it was highly unlikely.

“Similarly, cadmium is a most unusual choice of poison, nearly undetectable, and cannot be administered by someone not trained in its use.” – KGBG p. 723

“Murder by cadmium is so rare, there is only one documented case internationally, according to John Harris Trestrail III, founder of the Center for the Study of Criminal Poisoning.”– KGBG p.725

“There are not many historical examples of homicidal cadmium poisoning, but there are some, which we have documented elsewhere in this book.” – KGBG p.290

The examples of cadmium poisoning that are referred to in the last quote are nil.   The only one that comes slightly close to the type of example we would expect to find as supporting evidence to this statement is extrapolated from a very unproven controversial death of a Russian banker, Ivan K. Kivelidi.  His death was so bizarre and inconclusive it was compared to a James Bond assignation.   The closest this got to cadmium was a vague reference “heavy mineral salts” which is a reference to the possibility of 35 different elements.   Alternative theories to this very odd case include the possibility he was poisoned by radioactive elements, or from ingredients used in chemical weapons.   I invite the astute reader to carefully study the other examples that are given of cadmium poisoning as evidence and it should be obvious how far Chicken Little has to stretch in an attempt to legitimize this point. (See KGBG p. 724.)  The people making this type of grossly misleading statements are not truthful or honest… they are cheaters hoping their audience will be so foolish they will accept what they say without checking anything.  All of this is actually so pathetic… it would be humorous; except for the fact that so many people have been bamboozled by all this confabulated evidence.

The absurdity of this single point alone reveals that this brouhaha is an execrable case of Witch-hunt Syndrome. (Term used to prematurely convict the innocent re Shaken Baby Accusations & False Positive Recovered Memory Trauma)

However, despite the complete lack of exemplary evidence, those wanting to poison the faith of the innocent seem destructively determined to press on.  So they raised the stakes by devised yet an even more absurd strategy that conveniently escalates the contested marginal levels of cadmium poison to such an astronomical level that according to them, it destroys any“…doubt that what took place was chronic cadmium poisoning.   To do that they had to deal with the embarrassing fact that their prior absolute conclusion about arsenic poisoning was just plain wrong!  An honest person would simply admit that he was wrong, but as we have been exposing all thru this paper, we are not dealing with honest people.   So all they can muster at this point is a flimsy retraction to their original “proof positive” claims and a flippant statement denying that their former conclusions were NOT wrong.

“Arsenic may have been used as poison in an earlier period or to a lesser extent. Or arsenic was an impurity in the cadmium compounds that were used (impurities are always an issue in India). Maybe there is some other explanation. With the available forensic evidence in 1999, arsenic was the best conclusion, and not an incorrect one.” – KGBG p.243

We are asked to judge for yourself and I also suggest that.  First, they alleged with absolute certainty Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by Arsenic, now they say it was by Cadmium.  Just see how stubborn, proud and relentless these so-called truth detectives really are?   When all this gets debunked, I anticipate that the Goof Team will regroup with new proof positive that Srila Prabhupada died from Kryptonite!

Notice the big disclaimer that got slipped in: “Maybe there is some other explanation” for their past errors.  Well, maybe, there is also some other explanation for the un-survivable high levels of cadmium in the hair sample reports.  (Like maybe he wasn’t poisoned by cadmium at all.  Perhaps there is a different explanation for such alleged elevated readings that the Goof Team is too goofy to realize or too vindictive to notice!)  After ingesting cadmium, psychological symptoms would begin to show within 12-36 hours.   If the levels were as astronomically high as the Goof truth team so desperately wants to convince us of, then according to their reasoning His Divine Grace wouldn’t have survived a week because there is no effective therapy for cadmium poisoning – treatment at best is supportive and symptomatic.

Cadmium – The Bad Boy Element

As I began to learn more about how cadmium impacts the human metabolism, it started to become obvious that there is a tremendous amount of research going on about cadmium, since it has many strange characteristics that we still don’t fully understand.  The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) & The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDCP) have been scrambling to better understand cadmium.  They know it can be deadly, but there is a lot of confusion about what it means when cadmium shows up in hair sample testing.  The proof of that statement is evident simply by checking at the CDCP website, which links to over 50 white papers.  These papers inform us about the field research, panel discussions and laboratory studies that have either been done or are currently underway, all in an effort to determine a meaningful correlation between cadmium deposits in the hair and what might be going on in the body. If you need more convincing about how cautious scientists in the field of toxicology actually are, I have listed another 29 references below as Appendix 1: Sampling of Cadmium Studies & Bodily Tolerance.

I did not have to spend a lot of time going thru all this material because I quickly located ONE of the many documents that reflect how cautious expert toxicologists at the ATSDR are before they jump to conclusions about what the gamma-rays from cadmium in a hair sample may mean.  From a paper held in Atlanta called:  Hair Analysis Panel Discussion Exploring the State of the Science.” HAPD I quickly found the following citation which clearly confirms how little we understand about the reliability of hair analysis specifically in relation to…

“The clinical relevance of a negative or positive finding determines whether any dose-response relationship exists between chemical concentrations in hair and target organ effects/illness. Without an understanding of a dose-response relationship, useful interpretations will not be possible.” –HAPDp.9

Further reading finds all sorts of very poised statements cautioning sober individuals NOT to immediately jump to the absolute conclusions and broadcast them as irrefutable proof – like the ones we are pelted with from Goof Team:  “…establishes the certainty of Srila Prabhupada’s chronic cadmium poisoning.

Some Very Hairy Studies!

More evidence of just how misanthropic the analysis of hair sampling can be is found when we look at how it is used to convince individuals that they are deficient in certain nutrients and minerals.   This scam preys on those who are already prone to hypochondriac tendencies.  Ads are placed to locate individuals who want to improve their energy, build up their immune system, make them manlier, increase skin luster… or virtually anything they feel is deficient in their body. They are then told to send in samples of their hair for molecular testing, which will then be used to determine what supplements the worried patient should purchase to achieve the wonder body they seek.   The National Center For Biotechnology Information is so wary about using Hair Analysis as a form of medical diagnosis that they released this warning:

“Hair samples from two healthy teenagers were sent under assumed names to 13 commercial laboratories performing multimineral hair analysis. The reported levels of most minerals varied considerably between identical samples sent to the same laboratory and from laboratory to laboratory. The laboratories also disagreed about what was “normal” or “usual” for many of the minerals… commercial use of hair analysis in this manner is unscientific, economically wasteful, and probably illegal.”  LINK : Commercial hair analysis. Science or scam?

So many people are being deceived by this routine that the public is being very specifically warned about it.   In fact, the general rule is that any diagnosis that is dependent entirely on their hair analysis alone should be considered a big RED light that you are probably involved with some type of fraud. Well, how about that?  The good folks over at the National Center For Biotechnology Information / National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health are warning all of us to be very suspicious about the unilateral conclusions made by those promoting the poison conspiracy!  That’s because it goes against the accepted medical principle that laboratory tests on hair should be cross-checked by other standard ways of examining the body.

In fact, hair analysis is never accepted alone as proving anything because it is simply not that reliable an indicator of what is actually going on in the body. Numerous sources concur that before any reasonable individual can conclude that there was a malicious intent to murder by poison, it is absolutely necessary to have a very comprehensive medical report to support other extensive collaborating evidence in order to spell out exactly how the deed was done.  That study would eclipse any simple hair analysis and would include a whole barrage of biological indicators such as urine, blood and organ analysis.  The bar is set so high in regards to proving criminal poisoning that just finding ground-up washed NiCad batteries in the belly isn’t good enough.  The toxins must actually be absorbed into the body.

The presence of the poison only in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract does not prove death by poisoning. The GI tract from the mouth to the anus is much like a garden hose, hollow and open at both ends, and therefore outside the topological framework of the body. Consequently, to have met its fatal potential, the poisonous compound must have been absorbed through the walls of the gut and entered the body’s systemic circulation so that it could get to the site that caused the untoward effect.”-

Criminal Poisoning Proving Poison

Download the full book (PDF) at this link.

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