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A Krishna Conscious Tract for your Sankirtan Toolkit?

Anyone who has been in America for a while has probably encountered an enthusiastic Christian passing out a small paper referred to as a “tract”, inviting you to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This is the evangelic version of Sankirtan. It is an effective way for them to reach individuals who are uninformed about Christian theology.

I have been a devotee for over 45 years and although I have seen a lot of mantra cards, pamphlets and 8.5” X 11” 3-fold leaflets used to catch the interest of the public, I do not recall encountering any small, pocket-sized, inexpensive tracts offered to nudge the conditioned soul into inquiring about Krishna Consciousness.

Sankirtan devotees know that many are not willing to donate for a book they are not convinced they should read. This is understandable considering all the fraud and cheating that goes on. There is also a class of individuals bewildered by the aggressive atheistic campaign led by irreligious individuals like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. (To name just a few.) Some have been exploited by sentimental faiths, New-Age charlatans, or the heads of large organizations who were later exposed as cheating hypocrites. People conditioned by unfortunate circumstances like this often end up having absolutely no trust in any form of organized religion.

Yet we know that attitude will not satisfy the soul yearning for affection, purpose, and direction. There are several stories about individuals who were so overwhelmed by misfortune they fell into depression and were just short of becoming another suicide statistic. Yet, because of the compassion of a devotee, they were fortunate enough to come in contact with something about Krishna and that magically changed their morbid trajectory!

That is where an informative KC Tract comes in. Those hesitant to accept larger forms of KC literature might be willing to accept the gift of this small pocket tract. It politely challenges some of the popular bankrupt beliefs that are in vogue while simultaneously respecting those who practice a God Centered faith. This tract encourages those content with their current faith to stick to it, while individuals who feel stuck in a pew because they know of nothing better are invited to consider graduating to what Lord Caitanya has to offer.

It is evident that “Gospel Tracts” are very popular if you search those words with your browser. There is a booming business providing every type of message you can think of for Christians to invite friends, clients, associates, coworkers, and virtually whomever they meet to surrender to the love of Jesus. Tracts are available in several sizes, and combinations of illustrations, text, and graphic presentations. The KC-Tract offered here is another unique product available from Jagannatha Enterprises for book distributors to consider adding to their sankirtana arsenal. They make great icebreakers and offer far more content and stimulation than stickers or other items of equivalent cost. This KC-Tract fulfills a need that’s time has come. Now every devotee can share the mercy of Lord Caitanya with neighbors, clients, and every stranger you meet if you wish to do so. This simple effort could be the magical spark that refocuses someone’s crushing depression to the beautiful lotus feet of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna!

Designed to fit into a normal shirt pocket, this KC-tract consists of eight panels and is printed in full color. It addresses contemporary beliefs, and it is extremely cost-competitive per square inch of message content. Adequate space is available to personalize it with your local phone number, address, and a short statement about your farm, preaching center, restaurant, store, or temple complex. Readers are invited to learn more about the specific text and illustrations used in this KC Tract at:

KC Tract for Sankirtan Yajna!

Thank you for reading!
Hare Krishna!
Jai Jagannatha!
c/o mayesvara dasa

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