Abusing Children & Srila Prabhupada

There has been a huge outcry over Child Abuse whenever it gets reported in ISKCON. This is as it should be. No level of Child Abuse should ever be tolerated but unfortunately it is an ongoing problem not just in ISKCON, but in every institution, be it secular or religious. Studies indicate that approximately 4% of the population is born with abusive or pedophilia tendencies. When we consider that statistic, an informal review of the numbers indicates that ISKCON is doing better at taming this issue then most other organizations. I have already addressed what I beieve is the most effective way to deal with this insidious problem in my article: In Search of ISKCON Child Abusers

I do not know anyone who is not very disturbed when they learn that children have been abused. I do however know quite a few people who regularly abuse Srila Prabhupada in a variety of ways with their own perverted ideas about what he taught and particularly how he departed on November 11, 1977. They promote a terrible rumor that his senior men became completely mad and conspired to poison him while his health was rapidly declining due to the failure of his organs. This was to be expected due to complications from diabetes and his advanced age.

What those who have been bewildered by this insidious rumor may not realize is that the RtVik Charade, and the Poison Conspiracy, originated in the disturbed brain of an individual who had four failed marriages and abused his own eleven children so terribly, they now don’t want to have anything do to with him! The following article ties all these extremely deviant behaviors together with the facts required to firmly conclude: “Only someone who suffers from serious mental illness would be so narcissistically selfish and unstable to abuse his own family members and Srila Prabhupada at the same time!”

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  1. prabhu,

    who is the person being reffered to, who came up with the poison and ritvik theory?

    1. He was originally initiated in the early 1970 as Nityananda. However he is a very disturbed individual and now hates ISKCON so he no longer deserves to be referred to with such an elegant name. So now he is known by his original birth name Nico Kuyt. If you want to know more about him see: What You NEED to Know about Nico Kuyt
      Nico’s own son, Suddha Sattva, describes his father as one who suffers from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and everything after that is even more shocking, ugly and evidence of a very sick mind. Those who believe there was a P-Con should read this compilation to understand what Suddha Sattva concluded as follows:
      “Nico’s grandiose fantasies at the moment revolve around the theories of Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning. He dreams that he will be the big shot that solves the case and puts the poisoners in jail. He thinks he is taking on the GBC and that he is a threat to them.”

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