“No Cadmium Poison Cases in 1977!”

How did Tamal Krishna know the proper mixing formula?

One of the single most convincing pieces of history that confirms how the P-Con can’t possibly be true is the simple fact that doctors were only beginning to understand how cadmium impacted the body in 1977. In the early 1900’s the water supply in the small Japanese village of Toyama Prefecture got contaminated with cadmium that had leaked out of mining operations upstream and into the river. Downstream the nearby villagers used this heavy metal laden water to irrigate their rice Pattie fields. All appeared to be fine for many years. Then some people began developing severe pains in their spine and joints. It hurt so much it was called itai-itai byō, “it hurts-it hurts disease” or “ouch-ouch disease.”
Many years went by while the water became more contaminated. The bodies of the victims became severly deformed from this tragic event as shown in the accompanying pictures:

“The causes of the poisoning were not well understood and, up to 1946, it was thought to be simply a regional disease or a type of bacterial infection.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itai-itai_disease)

Symptoms of Excessive Cadmium in Body
Cadmium did not kill these men!

Once the medical world realized what had happened, they knew they had some serious research to do in order to determine how cadmium affects the body, how much the body can absorb safely and how it should be regulated in the mining and subsequent metal, paint and plastics industries. However, in 1968 all of the major funding for this type of serious research was going towards understanding how cigarettes impacted the body. By 1971 enough evidence had been accumulated to convince congress that cigarettes’ advertising should be forbidden in magazines, radio and television. But that was just the beginning of the crack down on big tobacco companies. Research continued intensively and provided the evidence for a whole wave of lawsuits in the 1980’s because it had been proven that their product was linked to lung cancer and death. There was big money in researching the addicting factor of nicotine. As more data came in the lawsuits continued to build up in the 1990’s until a landmark case in February 2000 ordered Phillip Morris to pay $51.5 million to a California smoker with inoperable lung cancer.

This history is important and explains why very little research was done on how cadmium until the beginning of the 21st century. With the exception of only a few very early studies, nearly all of what we now know about cadmium was discovered after the millennia roll over. It is therefore very reasonable to ask the P-Con authors how it would have been possible for TKG to even know that cadmium could be used to poison Srila Prabhupada in 1977? This is a question that Nico just dismisses with the accusation that I am a fanatic for even asking. What does that tell you?

What is even more evident of how the P-Con is a perversion that requires a whole string of lies to keep the masses fooled. For example the P-Con propaganda insists that cadmium had been used for malicious poisoning back when TKG became crazy with the idea to off Srila Prabhupada in a way that it would never be discovered. They say he began carrying out his devilish plot in the first half of 1976. This means his tremendous change of heart from dedicated disciple to a rakshasa of death had to occur somewhere before that time. What they do not want you to know is that during that particular period in late 1975, TKG had lead the Radha Damodara Traveling sankirtan party to extraordinary levels of success. When he reported to Srila Prabhupada that they had sold 25,000 Chaitanya Caritamritas and 112,000 BTGs in the single month of November 1975, HDG was so thrilled with he wrote the following letter:

18 December, 1975
My Dear Tamala Krishna Maharaja,
“Your letter is very, very encouraging to me. I do not know how you are selling so many books. There is no instance in history where religious books were sold with such enthusiasm and success. Is there any such history? The Christians have spread their teachings all over the world, and they have got only one book, so we have got already forty big books published in English. Therefore if we distribute as you are distributing, we cannot even imagine the result. Your program is very nice; please continue more and more…. Your idea for holding Jagannatha festivals in the big cities is approved by me, do it. Yes, you come in January.”
I hope this letter finds you well.
Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

This is another serious anomaly that Nico and his No-Truth-Team must explain. TKG was getting some of the highest praises that anyone could expect from Srila Prabhupad right around the time they claim he would have had to attend some very serous chemistry classes in order to know how to mix up the alleged cadmium elixir nobody else even knew could be used to murder someone.

Further evidence that there is nothing truthful about the No-Truth-Team or glorious about this insidious lie about final pastimes pushed forward by Nico is he reticence to answer ANY questions! He ostentatiously declares there is a lot of evidence of malicious cadmium poisoning prior to 1977. (Actually 1976 as explained above) However when we ask him to “FOCUS ON THE FACTS” and provide even ONE example to prove this, his response is: “Anyway, useless to discuss with you, as you must be under some black magic curse to be acting like you do.”

Well there you go. Some may continue to fall for this obnoxious evasive charade, while others do not need me to help them determine who is the one cursed with mumbo-jumbo disease.

The allegation of cadmium poisoning has been completely made up and has no basis in reality!

To see the full Illustrated DECEPTION rebuttal to the Cadmium Fraud allegations see:


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