Purchased Evidence is Not Court-Worthy!

“No Whisper Evidence”
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According to the Poison Conspiracy (P-Con) fiction it was in early 1976 that TKG would have had the incredible metamorphosis of transitioning from one of Srila Prabhupada’s most praised disciples, to an evil raksasa determined to poison his spiritual master. This date is determined by the P-Con timeline where they allege TKG gave his 1st dose of cadmium to HDG in July of 1976

Whatever one may feel about TKG, his history is undeniable. At that time TKG had led the Radha Damodara Traveling Sankirtan Party to distribute more books than all the other temples combined. He had also inherited the responsibility for managing the newly acquired 13 story, 55th street temple in Manhattan which Srila Prabhupada was extremely proud of. On July 20th, after months of arrangements, TKG’s efforts culminated in the now world famous 1976 NY Rathayatra. That victory parade rolled down 5th avenue which Srila Prabhupada said was the most important street in the world. In March the following year, TKG, Adi-Kesava and Tridasa won the landmark freedom of religion court case establishing the Hare Krishna Faith to be as legitimate as the Catholic Church.

It was right in the middle of all these extraordinary accomplishments that pleased Srila Prabhupada very much when the P-Con alleges TKG went mad. While he was being extensively thanked by HDG, they claim he was entrenched in studying chemistry to know how to initiate his deadly plot to murder Srila Prabhupada. This proposition is why the first essay I wrote was a lampoon called the Poison Antidote. The whole proposition is so absurd, it was great material for a comical parody.

The fact that Nico and his No-Truth-Team are unable to perceive this is because they have an agenda. Nico had caused tremendous havoc as the New Orleans Temple President. When the underage Robin George showed up, he virtually kidnapped her and hid her from her parents. He lusted over her so much that among numerous other outrageous misuses of his authority, it was evident he had to be removed as the Temple President. This action triggered a burning resentment towards the GBC that evolved into a bitter revenge. That showed up in the form of dreaming up the RtVik-Charade and the P-Con. It was not TKG who changed into the Raksasha from hell with a mission to Poison Srila Prabhupada, that was Nicos service to Kali. His poison was to destroy ISKCON using Chicken Little tactics to attract the weaker minded into helping him undermine ALL credibility with the GBC.

The Entire Poison Conspiracy is Just a Tempest in a Teapot!

It should also be pointed out that Nico leverages TKG’s sometimes strong personality to solicit support from those envious of his tremendous accomplishments that earned him all the praise he rightfully got from HDG. Nico then praises TKG’s dexterity and brilliance to explain how he was able to execute the extraordinary cadmium caper right in front of the hundreds of people he was always surrounded by without anyone noticing it. What Nico can not explain is how such an accomplished and capable individual would be so pathetically absent minded to then inquire out loud, in front of so many devotees, during the last days, about the progress of the cadmium poison he had been allegedly administering for several months.

Nico solicited disgruntled devotees to help him search for whisper evidence in the ambient sounds on audio tapes to help establish credibility for his insidious P-Con. At one point that effort got so hysterical they extracted 54 damming phrases from background noises, inaudible speaking and the type of technical sounds to be expected when running the German made Uber tape recorder. The frenzy became so intoxicating some even played audio tapes backward where they claimed TKG could be heard confessing how he plotted to poison Srila Prabhupada! It’s quite extraordinary what former disciples will do to earn a few bucks.

Nico placed himself right in the center of collecting all the funds necessary to pay for expensive audio studies and escalated the hunt for damning whispers into the classic Tempest in a Teapot tragedy.

This is the background that the average educated Vaishnava is expected to accept in regards to so-called poison whisper evidence. When the dust finally settled the only phrase that could be misconstrued as whisper evidence was when Jayapataka Swami said: “It’s Not part of the treatment.” Nico mesmerized everyone into thinking that statement should be heard as: “Is the Poison Going Down.” But those who were not snookered by his hypnotic suggestions noticed that four of the audio engineers Nico himself hired testified the presence of the word “NOT”. This makes it virtually impossible to extract the word poison from the place in the sentence where Jayapataka Swami said the word NOT. Regardless of how much Nico claims Jack Mitchel to be an expert professional, he did not report the presence of the word “NOT”. His so called expertise was over-ruled four to one. But this is to be expected. His allegiance to the P-Con agenda is consistent with the fact that he is the expert for hire with forged credentials. He got paid nearly $5,000 to provide the audio evidence Nico wanted and he was smart enough to not kill his cash cow. All of this confirms that there really isn’t any audio evidence at all!

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Poison Conspiracy Fraud #6: No Whisper Evidence.

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