Wrong NAA Process Was Used!

“Hair Studies are NOT Irrefutable Proof”
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The hair samples studied by Dr. Morris were extracted from behind the cadmium-plated blades in hair clippers that sat unprotected from the environment for over 20 years. We are then told the results of the NAA testing indicated the cadmium content in the hair was 250% more than what is considered normal. From those two unconfirmed statements, Nico broadcasts to unsuspecting naieve followers that he now has indisputable forensic proof that confirms Srila Prabhupada was poisoned!

Those who accept this statement blindly are either extremely simple, wounded, or corrupt. Nico does not disclose the fact that three different labs specifically told him to NOT rule out the likeliness that the hair was probably contaminated and that was the most logical reason why the readings were so abnormally high. This is another blatant example of the type of DECEPTION the No-Truth Team engages in.

Dr. Morris provides an elaborate list of disclaimers on the work he did and they are listed in Section 8.6 of DECEPTION. He was smart enough to protect the NAA lab from Nico’s obvious wicked agenda, evident by how quickly he leaped to presumptuous allegations that a murder occurred based on his initial findings. Malicious intent is also evident in how Nico made sure Dr. Morris only dealt with him alone and all reports were sent only to him and never to anyone else who could monitor what was being communicated. We see a similar pattern in how Nico manipulates the few toxicologists he presents to promote his prejudicial conclusions.

In Nicos masterpiece “Kill Guru Become Guru” he introduces us to Dr. Dipankar Chakraborti as an expert toxicologist, but Nico’s work is so sloppy the resume he presents is not that of a toxicologist but of a computer scientist! (see DECEPTION Section 9.4.3). We are then told that after the No-Truth-Team presented their so-called expert the allegation of 20ppm cadmium, they asked Dr. Chakraborti to comment. We ARE TOLD he said: “He will be finished. He can’t survive more than 3 or 4 days.” This was not written down or caught on camera or even witnessed by a neutral party. We are forced to rely on what we have been told from sources that have been repeatedly caught NOT telling the truth! If a toxicologist actually made this statement, then can the Poison Conspiracy (P-Con) authors medically explain how Srila Prabhupada continued to live for several more months after that?

There are numerous examples of this type of dubious reporting. Nico is very careful to always be the go-between with all of the sources and the material he puts forth as evidence. At best, all we get are alleged sound bites and we have no proof that much of what we are told ever happened or occurred the way it is presented. The entire P-Con plot relies on a litany of material that was questionably gathered and never cross-examined. Yet those who support this travesty apparently feel it is perfectly vaishnava-like to use this so-called unconfirmed evidence to accuse senior Vaishnavas of murder? Why should any fair-minded individual jump to such a serious allegation when there is no doubt that the accused their youth to serving their own spiritual master so vigilantly? These unanswered questions say volumes about those who are so quick to make such hate filled allegations.

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Hair Studies Fraud

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