“Poison Conspiracy Damage Control”

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     The contrived Poison Conspiracy (P-Con) relies heavily on an array of misinformation and hundreds of pages of character assassination.  Originally Tamal Krishna Goswami was the preferred target, but then he passed away in 2003 and the P-Con needed a new target to go after.   That became Bhakti Charu Swami, who then later passed away in 2021.  Now it appears they are re-writing their fantasy for the third time to put their crosshairs on Bhavananda.  It is astonishing that anyone would take any of this nonsense seriously, but those with unresolved issues apparently do.   This is why it is necessary to expose all the fraud behind the P-Con.

     Nico Kuyt is like Joseph Goebbels of Nazi misinformation and his reputation is as horrible as he was.  He has wreaked havoc on the lives of those around him for his entire life and he continues to do so. For 20 years he has gone to great extents to publish all the dirt he can on the same advanced devotees who were instrumental in assisting Srila Prabhupada to establish Lord Caitanya’s Sankirtan Movement.   Yet now when his horrific behavior is exposed for his followers to consider, he cries “irrelevant” like a baby!  He prefers to rally his lynch mob with unchallenged allegations of murder based on little more than his own prejudicial opinions.  But the uninformed should keep his horrible reputation in perspective when they hear his slanderous allegations so loudly proclaimed!

     Nico cannot deny his well-documented gangster-like reputation, so he cops the clever plea:  “One should accept gold from a troll that crawled out of the cesspool of his conflicts with the law and court battles.” But there is no gold in the underworld where he sold cocaine paraphernalia, etc.  One should know where they are getting their dope from and Nico has befooled the weak with his Svengali tactics.  His evidence is so insignificant, no real-world attorneys are foolish enough to ever try and present it in court.  So why should any intelligent devotee accept it… unless of course, they have their own vindictive agenda?

     In an attempt to discredit the 500 pages of hard-hitting truths exposed in DECEPTION, Nico falls back on his usual style of just expressing his personal opinions, unsupported allegations, and emotional diatribes.   This has been his pattern for the last 25 years towards anyone who points out how his so-called “Forensically Proven” evidence is not so flawlessly conclusive.   He has the same attitude towards all the legal conflicts he brings down on his own head.  He sees his endless conflicts with others and brazen accusations of murder, as a public service we should be praising him for.  Those who take Nico to court for not honoring contracts are dismissed with the paranoiac plea that: “EVERYONE IS PLOTTING AGAINST ME!” The same mood prevails with all the legal people who tell Nico to take his silly P-Con complaint elsewhere:  “THEY TOO ARE ALL WRONG!  I HAVE FORENSIC PROOF!” There will be a few who fall into this defective thinking to cheer Nico on perhaps unaware that this type of behavior is an example of textbook narcissism.  People with integrity know not to take anyone “Crying Murder” very seriously if they are not able to reasonably explain who, how, why, and when the crime was committed!  You know… the essential details that must be included in a good opening statement to a jury.

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