The following text refers to an Illustrated Socratic chart which you can see by clicking on its title provided here – Scientific Proof P-ConChk

The most glaring flaw shared by ALL the so-called P-Con evidence is that it was all under the direction and interpretation of Nico Kuyt. He controlled everything such as: No one else was allowed to communicate with Dr. Morris from the NAA MUR research lab directly. This allowed Mr. Kuyt to report only the portions he wanted to share with his mesmerized readers. Considering all the trouble he gets himself in due to a complete lack of personal integrity, NOBODY in their right mind can be sure about anything he tells us.

In fact, this series will show how when he could NOT get the results he wanted, he shook up what he had and then just rearranged them to fabricate whatever he needed! So, for example: When Dr. Morris clearly said: “DO NOT eliminate the possibility of environmental contamination of the hair samples” Nico told us there was NO Possibility of external contamination! One need not be too smart to realize that hair samples which changed hands as much as seven times, while traveling around the world for 20 years, could have easily been exposed to all sorts of airborne pollutants. Even a child can understand that, but Nico expects his audience to not even be that intelligent.

To convince us that cadmium was a known poisoning agent used by assassins in 1977 Nico desperately looks for examples of how it had been used by others for that purpose. The best he could do after a lot of digging was, he came up with a few highly controversial 007-type international murder plots. But all of them obviously fall way short of what he needs to prove that cadmium was even known as an option for poisoning people in 1977. All his examples clearly state there was no death in each of his feeble attempts to prop up his ruse, or they state the cause is unclear. The only case where cadmium was involved was when a patient accidentally injected it directly into his eyeballs! This is the type of sleazy nonsense that Nico slips in all through his so-called, “Scientific Proof.” Why doesn’t he just tell us how Tamal even knew about cadmium, where he got it from, how he mixed it, and how he administered it to Srila Prabhupada… who was always surrounded by an entourage of servants, secretaries, medical people, friends, and disciples?

This series is presented as the P-Con Challenge Horse. Those who want to know the truth should demand that all the questions included at the bottom of each plate be fully answered coherently. Only when that is done, in the mood of full disclosure and straightforward cooperation, should anyone believe anything that Nico Kuyt or his associates have spent 20 years spewing into the public like an undetected highly infectious coronavirus.


For the rest of us DECEPTION exposes the P-Con fraud completely.   And now there is an abridged, illustrated edition available for FREE under the title: The Socratic Method Exposes P-Con Fraud Series

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