The following text refers to an Illustrated Socratic chart which you can see by clicking on its title provided here – The Deadly Timeline Chk

There are some who wrongly believe His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami was maliciously poisoned.  They promote this ugly rumor for emotional reasons, not factual evidence.  They may believe it is true because they were told HDG said he was being poisoned, but that was not the case.  That whole conversation occurred because a disciple said he “LOOKED” like he had been poisoned and that disturbed HDG.  When there was further discussion and Srila Prabhupada was asked to clarify himself his response was clear: “Not that I have been poisoned”

The P-Con is held together with wild speculations and non-evidence that was fabricated out of whatever could be found to prop up this tremendous con.  This Socratic Series exposes there was never any Whisper Evidence, and many reasons to question the results Dr. Morris reported.  He made many disclaimers, had unusually small samples, set his dials for arsenic (NOT cadmium), and specifically said; “Do NOT rule out external contamination.  It is also very suspicious that Nico tells us the few hairs that had the extremely high readings were burned up in the NAA process which is not supposed to happen!  Did the renowned Dr. Morris goof or is Nico not telling the truth again?

Debunking all the intentionally fraudulent so-called P-Con evidence confirms that Nico and his supporters have a malicious agenda but what really proves how nobody plotted to murder Srila Prabhupada becomes plainly obvious when their allegations are cross-examined.  For example; Nico alleges a meticulously planned conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada by slowly giving him exact measured portions of cadmium than would slowly overwhelm what his body could tolerate.  But prior to 1977, NOBODY had ever used cadmium to murder someone.  The medical profession had not even determined how much cadmium the body can safely absorb at that time.  Although arsenic was well known as a malicious poison many do not know that it was also used as a medicine!  Some even took it as a health tonic or for cosmetic reasons.  The Styria arsenic eaters of 1851 gained a lot of attention because they were able to consume four times as much arsenic than what would kill an average person!

Understanding the intricacies of how compounds interact with the body is essential to realize how precarious the P-con allegations really are.  To allege that TKG knew how to properly mix the right cadmium compound in the perfect proportions the way Nico claims TKG allegedly did it is completely absurd.  He would have had to do it with absolutely NO studies, resources, examples or methods to draw from.  It would be like asking someone who never stepped into a kitchen to bake a perfect, restaurant quality, lemon-meringue-pie without a recipe or any premade ingredients on the first try!  Sure. That makes perfect sense! But there is more!

This chart provides a very rough summary of all the time-consuming extraordinary services TKG did in late 1976 and early 1977. Nico alleges that by July of 1976 TKG had already gone to the dark side evident by the fact that he administered his first dose of poison at that time.  This means that prior to that TKG must have gone AWOL from his daily sadhana long enough to meet clandestinely with Chandra Swami and get trained up in functional chemistry for assassins!  But this chart shows there would be neither time, opportunity nor incentive for TKG to have done such an unexpected and impossible thing!  Nico dedicates pages of projection and speculation to try and explain how this might have happened despite all the overwhelming evidence that confirms it couldn’t have happened!

The deep bond of affection between TKG and HDG is particularly evident in the exchange they had over the extraordinary success of the RadhaDamodara Traveling Sankirtan Party.(RDTSP) The book scores TKG was reporting to Srila Prabhupada were higher than all the other temples combined and new records were doubling every month!  This provided the funds required to open and operate the newly purchased 13-story, Manhattan NY, Radha Govinda temple that Srila Prabhupada was very proud of.   Nico wants us to fall for the ridiculous allegation that while TKG was actively involved in planning the world-famous 1976 5th Avenue Rathayatra parade, he was simultaneously secretly spiking Srila Prabhupadas’ meals with cadmium!

During a Facebook exchange in November of 2022, Nico attempted to roll out his hackneyed list of so-called P-Con evidence.  I responded with this Socratic series of illustrations and they were very effective in showing how forced and unsubstantiated the P-Con really is.   Nico tried his usual list of tricks to draw attention away from the fact that he could not answer any of the questions he should be competent to respond to but his immaturity prevailed.

Our two-week exchange exposed that Nico does not report accurately, comprehensively, or even honestly.  The Socratic cross-examination illustrations effectively reveal how terribly incapable Nico is in answering even the simplest P-Con questions.  For example, how would he respond to: “You have said we should all study of the facts to know the truth about what happened.  But then you publish hundreds of pages of hearsay, rumors, and controversial decisions about the people you feel wronged by!  They also happen to be your target suspects in the P-Con.  Regardless of how unfairly you think you were treated, what does it have to do with explaining how TKG acquired cadmium and knew how to use it 20 years prior to any clinical research being done explaining its medical interplay with the body?

It is also quite revealing how unfair Nico felt it was to reveal his horrible reputation for lying in court, which is relevant because it explains why so much of what he publishes is not founded on any truth.  (He is a confirmed pathological liar!)  Nico apparently thinks that everyone should simply accept whatever he published with no questions asked, but that is symptomatic of a grandeur delusion.  This appears to be a characteristic shared by many who are incapable of perceiving all the DECEPTION used to create the P-Con.   Those murder-by-TKG cheerleaders are firmly convinced that my book DECEPTION is 500 pages of cover-up garbage!  When someone tells me that I am compelled to ask:

“What part of DECEPTION do you feel is particularly egregious?”

The response typifies the maturity of the entire P-Con audience.

“Hell, I don’t know, I didn’t read it!”

The line has been drawn.   Some will prefer to live in the world of grand illusions, where: 1) Talking backward holds hidden clues, 2) Srila Prabhupada worried that his disciples “May Kill Me Also” 3) Hearsay is evidence 4)You are guilty until proven innocent 5)Every one of the GBC is horribly corrupt and perverted 6)There is no need to get a 2nd opinion about Dr. Morris work (He is like a God and makes no mistakes!) 7)Devotees do NOT deserve the privilege of American jurisprudence (Lynch mob will do nicely!) 8)A consortium of senior devotees got together in early 1976 and conspired to OFF Srila Prabhupada! 9) For 45 years there have never been even the slightest leaks or regret for such a decision from anyone! 10)The P-Con Chicken Little storyline scripted by a very disturbed individual with retaliatory & malicious intentions has now, following in the footsteps of historian Harry Barns (holocaust denier), finally been revised and properly understood as “Srila Prabhupadas Glorious Departure!” 11…etc.

For the rest of us DECEPTION exposes the P-Con fraud completely.   And now there is an abridged, illustrated edition available for FREE under the title: The Socratic Method Exposes P-Con Fraud Series

You can download copies of all the informative rebuttal plates here for FREE!

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