If you did not see this the first time it came around, This is a video talk I did for the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation on the means how a united global Hindu community can work to defend the Vedic Traditions for the Survival of Hindu Vedic Dharma. It explains how I researched all of the major religions and philosophies until I reached Vedic culture with Bhagavad-gita through which I found the answers to spiritual questions that I had been looking for. This revealed the profound nature and deep insights that is provided by the Vedic tradition. However, through my travels and lecture tours, I discovered the many ways in which the Vedic tradition is being challenged by religions who want to convert Hindus, or political parties that want to crush its freedoms. This talk gives insights into how we can work together to defend the Vedic culture to perpetuate it for the benefit of humanity and future generations, and maintain the freedom we have to continue to participate in it, and keep India as the homeland of a dynamic and thriving Vedic tradition.

Source: FB page of Stephen Knapp

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