In memoriam

Srinidhi Prabhu (ACBSP) left his body at Udaipur, a few hours ago. He was a resident of ISKCON Hyderabad and Juhu, Bombay during the 1970s. Recently he spent a few years at Vrindavan, but due to ill health, he was staying at Udaipur, where he resided for many years. He was close to, if not, 75 years of age. He was a good fundraiser at Hyderabad during the “Prabhupada days”!

His last rites are being performed with Harikirtan as I write this. The pictures herein below were sent by his niece, Dr. Anuradha Sachdeva, who’s son is initiated in ISKCON.

सद्गतिर्भवतु ! ।। (Sadgatir bhavatu!)
May he obtain the highest destination!


Author: HG Basu Ghosh Prabhu

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