I only saw my beloved Srila Prabhupada one or two times in my whole life, but we were serving him night and day and always following his instructions as our life and soul. Krsna was there in our hearts as the internal manifestations of what our beloved guru was on the outside, external manifestation. So I guess since we were surrendered to this outer manifestation, 24 hrs class, chanting, cooking, sankirtan, preaching, etc., and we were there always with the internal manifestation, we were always with our spiritual master by following his temple schedule. The spiritual master is always praying to Krsna to pity his unqualified but sincere disciples, and Krsna, always wanting also to please him, blessed us with a little advancement in our Krsna consciousness. I think my blessing came in the form of developing total and unflinching faith in His most confidential servant here on earth, Still, sometimes in daydream what it would be like living with him at least a short time to see first hand how Srila Prabhupada was so glorious in his everyday behavior on a daily basis.

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