A detailed philosophical discourse is given on the topic ‘if a female can become the Diksha Guru’ by Pandit Sesagiri Rao of Mysore belongs to Madhva sampradaya. He produced the Madhava Sampradaya sidhantik points and core philosophical reasons to understand why a female can’t become the Diksha Guru.  He explains the philopshy by saying that “all the Jivas do not fall in the same class there are Devas, Gandharvas, Chakravarti’s and Rishis a female belong to these class may sometime act as a Guru but for human beings class, this is not permitted.

Pandit Sesagiri further provides the scriptural analysis that we can judge men through their Shastrik (Scriptural) Knowledge. When they give some discourse we can judge their position but one cannot judge women in the same fashion. The video conversation covers the core philosophical basis of Madhva Sampradaya upon female Diksha Guru. We recommend you to watch this video and hear this discourse to understand the Madhva sampradaya point of view upon female Diksha Guru


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