Hare Krishna!
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.

My name is Hasti Gopala dasa. Since 3 years I am trying to dedicate all my life to serve the Mother Cow and Father Bull in ISKCON Simhachalam, Germany farm community.

All these years the Devotees of the Simhachalam farm community were supporting me in all respects because before I started to do the service with the Cows and Bulls, I did not have any experience. After these 3 years I think the time came, when I would like to make Shrila Prabhupada’s and my dream come true. I would like to make our Oxen team work for Lord Narasimhadeva and Prahlada Maharaja deity, which is worshiped here in our temple.

However, this is a big project, because it requires restructuring all the gosala facilities in order to make it possible to not to use the tractor in farming activities.

Also, I did not grow up on the land. Just when I started to do this service 3 years before, I step by step started to understand what the service for Cows and Bulls means. And my recent realisation is that Bulls(Oxen) want to work, have to work and must work, because it is a desire of Shrila Prabhupada.

I can not guarantee, that this project will be successful, because I do not have experience in training Oxen for working the land and I do not know what will happen in the future with our Oxen, how the process of training will go on…

But I believe, that Shrila Prabhupada desired to see Bulls(Oxen) working not whimsically. My experience shows, that they are peaceful, calm and seeking for relationship animals which in the crisis time can be very very useful in all farming activities. On my side is the hope and faith in Shrila Prabhupada and Krishna, that they will help us to make this idea successful.

My vision is that everybody, who is interested in working with Oxen, could come here, to Simhachalam, and see that work with the Oxen is reality, not just a dream from XIX century.

In our goshala we have two Oxen – Goura(2 years old), Varuna(3 years old). I was training them a little bit, but not seriously, because of lack of time. In order to make the BOYS reliable and trustworthy farming companions, there is needed a steady and committed service for long time. I just thought during the last days, that I train them now, or never. So please, help to make the BOYS work. This is a desire of Shrila Prabhupada.

Fortunately, in ISKCON farm in Hungary, there is the best devotee cowherd in Europe, who dedicated His life for working with Oxen and I would like to learn from Him as much as I can. So Your help would help me to visit Him as much as it is required.

Planned expenditures in the coming 2 years of training:

Training in Nava Vraja dhama costs(travelling, food, living, communication) – 2500 Eur

Oxen care and farming sources(literature, DVDs) – 2000 eur.

Oxen powered machines and wagons(hay making machines, land work machines, wagons for education and entertainment; the shipment of machines, spare parts, work of mechanics, travelling costs) –
66000 eur

Yoke equipment(materials, manufacturing, repairing, transportation) – 5000 eur

Extra food for Oxen for 2 years(bio rye, bio oats, supplements) – 2000 eur

Shelters for warm period of the year  for Cows and Bulls of our gosala, which will save a lot of time for our cowherds to work with Oxen – 22500 eur

Because I am experimenting with making hay and in our farm we do not produce straw, plus I make mistakes, we have to buy sufficient amount of BIO hay and BIO straw for the winter. For 2 years it costs 20000 eur

We want to have a separate big shelter for all Oxen machines and implements because we do not have enough space in our present machine hall. The tent like machine hall costs approximately 23000 eur.

A special box, in which Cows and Bulls can be properly taken care in case of disease costs 7000 eur.

Every euro cent will be spent only for restructuring Simhachalam cow protection program to make it OX powered

I hope, that You will help me to make this dream come true. If You can not support me by donation, please, pray for the BOYS, that they can work.

Thank You!

Your servant, Hasti Gopala dasa.

Serving as a head of cow protection department in ISKCON Simhachalam, Germany.

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