February 29, 2020|By His Holiness R.P. Bhakti Raghava Swami

Yesterday (February 21, 2020) was Shiva Ratri and marked the 100th village of our ongoing survey conducted under Dharma Gau Gram Yatra in the village of Rajampet, Nizamabad District in the State of Telangana.

It was special in a number of ways. The presence of a beautifully decorated bullock cart was befitting the occasion. Due to the good publicity by our devotees headed by Hari Kirtan prabhu and banners having been put up announcing the event, a large number of local villagers joined in the Harinam Sankirtan with people joyfully waving as we passed by and happily taking our handbill. Even some of the local Muslim people took the literature, watched the procession, smiled and raised their arms in kirtan.

The Gau Puja that followed the Harinam was also nicely arranged with a beautiful and peaceful cow along with her calf receiving the Aratika prayers. Devotees had arranged a large quantity of flowers for the Puspanjali ceremony at the end of the Arotika. After reciting the prayers in glorification of Mother Surabhi, one could witness the abundance of flowers pouring from the hands of hundreds assembled to worship Mother Cow as if demigods were showering flower petals from the heavens.

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