All glories to Syamananda, the worshipable Lord of the world, the All glories to the deliverer of all creatures, the lord of Rasika’s life, and the most merciful to the poor.

On his journey to Nilacala, Rasika took all his books on music and literature, and many saintly persons and associates accompanied him. As they passed through various villages, everyone was surprised to see Rasika’s large group. Wherever his group halted the local kings would bring them many gifts. In great delight, Rasika would have his companions distribute the gifts, first to the senior Vaisnavas and brähmanas, then to the members of his entourage, and then to the local ruler and his subjects.

When they stopped at Mukutapura, however, the head man of the village roughly said, “You have brought so many Vaisnavas, kings, and common people that we do not have sufficient accommodation for them all. You will have to stay under the trees.”

When Rasika heard this, he replied, “You have enjoyed so many years of your life living in these houses, yet you cannot accommodate the sadhus, and they have to remain under trees! What is the use of your houses?”

Thus Rasika sat under the trees surrounded by the saints. Suddenly a fierce north wind began to blow, and soon all the houses caught on fire. As the local people ran around trying to save their valuables, they told each other, “Rasika will ruin us.” They came to Rasika and fell at his feet, begging him, “O Prabhu, save us.” The head of the village also came and said, “Prabhu, I am a wicked person and dared to ignore your request.”

Hearing this, Rasikendra looked at him mercifully and sweetly said, “Brahma Haridasa, do not give any more trouble to these miserable persons. Forgive them and stop burning their homes ” Being thus ordered by Prabhu, Agni extinguished the fire. Seeing the power of Rasika, the villagers were astonished. They fell at his lotus feet and became his servants

Making the lotus feet of Syamananda my ornament, this son of Rasamaya happily narrates Rasika-mangala.

(Source: Book-The Story of Rasika, Chapter-Lessons by Fire)

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