When a supposedly advanced group of devotees made a decision with full knowledge of Guru Sadhu and Sastra but only to reject all three and just yield to the pressure from western uncultured butchers of Vedic culture… When a common devotee gets this information and if that person rejects it as “can’t be true since I believe only that I cannot be better informed than these group of so-called seniors,” is a recipe for delusion and disaster.

The GBC were given evidence from all the three: sastra (Bharadvaja Samhitha 1.43), Sadhu (lettes of concern from Sri Vaishnava scholars and acaryas),and Guru vakya (SB purport 4.12.32). As early as Feb 2019, many explanations in the form of a book “Vaishnava diksa based on Narada Pancaratra,” was distributed to all GBC and sadhus free of cost, yet they chose to not read it but “judge the book by its cover” and ignored it in total.

By choice they have pledged the future of ISKCON on the dice board.

Sad to see. The movement being destroyed by the same who contributed to its growth at one time.

Again, as a counselors we can only give what is there in Guru Sadhu Sastra.

The GBC didn’t do due diligence in seeking the words of Sadhu and Sastra. They just went with certain conversations of Srila Prabhupada that suits their agenda. Even this SB 4.12.32 and Cc Madya 20.352 purports of Srila Prabhupada (their guru whom they served so personally) is against their resolution. They did not bother to reason it out with other sadhus with sastra in center.

Your choice. I can see that I am more informed than others like your good self in this matter. But I can only share out of care. Its up to the receivers of that message. Sure I don’t believe in sugar coating a medicine to that extent that the sugar dominates.

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