In 1982 the Chinese economy was less than the Italian but if predicted rates of growth continue it is slated to overtake the US and be the world’s #1 economy by 2018. This rapid transformation was all done without any women in leadership positions!
The following BBC article is a feminist rant complaining about this fact and painting the male domination in as bad a light as possible. But in reality it underscores the fact that there are no women in charge, and despite the fact that at times the men behave badly (the biased article focuses only on the short comings of the men not their accomplishments) still they have managed to perform an economic miracle. Of course in the West where women are increasingly getting into positions of power they also behave badly falsifying one feminist myth after another. The fact that these Chinese men were able to put into practice policies to bootstrap the Chinese system without female leadership again falsifies the feminist myth that it is necessary to have women in leadership positions so that we can “profit” from their perspective.

We also note that in Vedic civilization women were also not given any positions of power or authority as Srila Prabhupada often quoted from Manu that under no circumstance should a woman be independent (see SB 10.4.5 purport).

We are not claiming that the whole Chinese system is perfect but the question remains: what can we learn from the Chinese experience regarding women in leadership?

And now to the feminist rant:

Where are the powerful Chinese women?

What is contradictory about what the Communists (Red Capitalists) are doing is that Marxist regimes export ideas of egalitarianism (feminism) to other countries but do not practice it themselves. Why? To destabilize opposing regimes. To understand how and why that works please listen to this articulate presentation by a former KGB officer who explains their methods of subverting the West.

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