Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP


Dear Maharajas & Prabhus
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

1. Today Supreme Court dismissed MPD’s SLP challenging the order of the
Mumbai High court which 2 weeks back dismissed MPd’s Write petition (WP).
This (WP) was filed by MPD challenging the order of the Charity Commissioner
which, in spite of MPD’s objection, permitted ISKCON reg., at Mumbai, in 1971,
by Srila Prabhupada (SP), to sell 3 Acres of Land at Vrindavan.[...] read more

Where The Ritvik People Are Right

From my point of view, it’s easy to see where the ritvik people are wrong. Their theories are supported by matchsticks and held together with Scotch tape. They tell us what Srila Prabhupada “must have” intended, not what he clearly and repeatedly said. In short, they are speculating, and their speculations are defective.

But what concerns me at this point is not where they’re wrong but where they’re right. What is it they see about ISKCON’s present way of doing things that makes them want to go in for even such a poor alternative as the ritvik one?[...] read more