Did We Really Go To The Moon In The Late 1960’s and Early 70’s? Many people would have a real hard time believing or even entertaining the idea that we did not go to the moon. After all, it has been over 40 years since we, supposedly, sent our fist unmanned space missions to the moon. Having been so long, it would be unthinkable, improbable, that so many people could keep this a secret for so long. Even other governments would have to be involved. And it would raise innumerable questions as to how and why it was faked.

Note: I have not had time lately to do the research necessary to complete this page. All that I have time to do right now is to put out a rambling writing from memory of my previous research as food for thought to those who maybe interested or concerned about such things. As I have time I will be adding and updating this page. 

Since much of the information I am writing here is from memory not all the facts and figures (especially the numbers) may be correct, but, the basic ideas they are used to show are still valid.

IMPORTANT: What if the moon missions and other space projects were faked, what should be done about it? Please be sure to read the last section to see what I have to say.



Brief Explanation of Sources 
A Brief Description of the Krishna Conscious Understanding 
A Short History of the Space Program 
Meet My Neighbors From The 60’s 
The Cold War: At The Edge of Space 
More About the Moores – And My Experiences With Them 
The Van Allen Radiation Belts. Did We Or Didn’t We Pass Through Them Yet? 
Were the Radiation Belts The Start of The Lie? 
In the 70’s: How Did They Fake Deep Space Probes 
The Space Age Tower Of Babel 
The Real Purpose for Space Stations and the Space Shuttle 
If We Had Gone To The Moon, Then What Was So Great About The Shuttle? 
Saturn 5 Booster (and the F-1 Engines): Fact or Fiction? 
“NASA, I Think We Have A Problem (with the moon landings). Do You Read Me?” 
What To Do 
Added Note: What about the Mars PathFinder?


Many people would have a real hard time believing or even entertaining the idea that we did not go to the moon. After all, it has been over 30 years since we, supposedly, sent our fist unmanned space missions to the moon. Having been so long, it would be unthinkable, improbable, that so many people could keep this a secret for so long. Even other governments would have to be involved. And it would raise innumerable questions as to how and why it was faked.

These are good arguments, however, there remains a number of unexplained ‘flaws’ in some of the evidence from the ‘lunar landings’. Some of those flaws will be disclosed and discussed here.

The purpose of this essay is to put forth my theory that we did not go to the moon. I do not claim to know absolutely one way or the other. I have no absolute positive proof or evidence. But, please take the time to read as it should leave you with a few unanswered questions. And that really is what my aim is, to make others question these things and see if solid proof can be found out, one way or the other. 
Actually, my main purpose is to try and convince the powers that be to come clean. The time is now.

 Brief Explanation of Sources:

I am basing a lot of my opinions on what my next door neighbor and friend when I was between 9 to 23 (during the 1960’s to early 70’s) told me, which is based on what his father told him. My friend and I were in the same grade and were the same age. His father worked on the space program from the earliest days of it’s infancy in the early 1950’s (while he served in the Air Force) on up through the Apollo project. I lost contact with them before the Space Shuttle was first launched. This friend of mine later on became a nuclear physicists himself and worked on missile projects for the military, so along with his father he has high security clearance and has worked on highly secretive projects of a high national security nature.

Most of this site will be facts and conjecture meant to be used as food for thought and food for further research by others. I don’t have a smoking gun with finger prints, but I can show where a lot of holes exist in some of the data and facts surrounding the lunar landing missions (and other related space work).

A Brief Description of the Krishna Conscious Understanding:

I must also say that I have been inspired to remain fixed in my understanding over the years due to the teachings of my spiritual teacher, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, who boldly preached that man has not gone to the moon. He based his statements on his firm acceptance of the Vedic scriptures. The Vedas clearly state that it is forbidden for man to travel to higher planets by mechanical means (and the moon is stated as being one of the higher 

However, Srila Prabhupad (as we called him, my spiritual teacher) had said, at times, two differing ideas about whether man had actually gone to the moon or not. Sometimes he would state outright that it was a hoax, they had not gone. While other times he gave some concession stating that ‘even if’ they did travel to the moon planet, because they went in their earthly body they would not able to actually enter the true moon planet. To enter the real moon planet one must first have a moon body.

I rationalized this as follows: The body is like a TV set. Our eyes and ears are set to only one frequency spectrum or channel. When a TV is set to channel 2 we only see the images and hear the sounds of scenes that are on that frequency. We cannot see or hear the scenes that are on channel 7. The senses of our earth body are tuned to only perceive scenes that can be turned in through our earth frequencies. The Vedic scriptures tell us that there are great cities and lakes and rivers and forests on the moon. But, Srila Prabhupad said that we cannot see them or perceive them with the senses of an earth born body. To enter the moon planet one must first have a moon planet body.

Otherwise, since we have earth senses all we can see of the moon is what is there that has a common frequency with our earth senses. It appears that the water, air, and other elements are all on a different frequency on the moon. There is air and water, but it is not in the same frequency that we can perceive it. Also, the Vedas state that time on the higher planets is on a different scale. One moment there is equal to a year here. Everything, including time, is on a different wave-length on the moon planet. The Vedas state that the proper way to see these things is by Shastra-Chakshu, or seeing with the eyes of Scripture. We see by hearing what is there on the moon planet, not by trying to physically see or go there with this earthly body.

Once, one man asked Srila Prabhupad if he knew how to travel to other planets. Prabhupad said yes. So the man asked if Prabhupad could tell him how to travel there. Prabhupad said yes, but you will have to leave your earth body here, and once you go, you will not be able to return. The man said, no, no he didn’t want to do that. He just wanted to go, then come back here. Srila Prabhupad considered that to be a useless waste of time. We, the devotees of Krishna, are not interested in traveling to other planets, we are only interested in leaving this material world all together and returning to the eternal spiritual world, God’s kingdom.

So, there are two ways of understanding the concept that man has not gone to the moon, either we never traveled there, period, it was faked, or we traveled there, but could not enter the real planet due to our senses not being able to tune in to the moon world frequencies. This writing, however, deals only with physically traveling to the moon.

A Short History of the Space Program:

Let us just wildly assume for a moment that we did not actually go to the moon yet. Let us assume, for sake of establishing our theory, that we have not sent any other missions or ‘voyagers’, ‘probes’, et al, into deep space. Let us assume that all deep space missions and explorations were ‘faked’. That would pose a flood of many questions, but, lets approach several major questions this would raise: Like, Why? Why fake the lunar landing missions? And why fake any space exploration missions that followed it? Another good question: Is the entire space program ‘faked’?

I will answer the above questions in the course of this essay. But, in order to understand some of those answers we need to first explain some history of the space program. Understanding what the real space program was, and why we even took on the project of trying to go to the moon, would help to explain why we would have tried to fake some of it.

When did the Space Program start? In the USA or elsewhere? How about in Russia? Excuse my lack of references, as I stated above, I am writing this based on memory of previous research. I can’t recall the Tzar’s name, or the exact date (but it was in the 1800’s). It was either the last, or close to the last, Tzar of Russia. He funded what is probably the first government space program (of modern time). It’s mission was to construct a rocket that could house facilities for a group of men that could blast off from earth, fly to and land on the moon, and return. The drawings I saw (in a book which mentioned this) were detailed and showed a large ‘fat’ rocket with several floors of rooms for the cosmonaughts who were to travel aboard it. This was, remember, back in the 1800’s, about the same time that Jules Verne was writing his book ‘Journey to the Moon’, and the drawings looked similar. This was not a farce, but real research and effort was made back in the 1800’s by the government of Russia to build a rocket that could fly men to the moon and back. The Russians really had a jump on the rest of the world.

In the 20’s – 40’s Germany had many scientists engaged in rocket research. Although the main drive was for military use, much research also went into the idea of space exploration. In America, a scientist called Goddard (oh well, can’t recall his first name) pushed for rocket science and space exploration funding in the 1920’s, but without much response. It was World War II that suddenly brought rocket science and near space flight to the sharp attention of the US military, especially since Germany was far more advanced in this field than either the US or Russia.

During and even before the War with Germany the US used open and covert means to lure, or even kidnap, leading German scientists to come to America. I do not recall how Einstein came to the US, but he was originally from Germany. So, too, was Werner Von Braun, who I think came to the US after the war. After the war the US and Russia grabbed up the leading German scientists to further their own research.

Another technology that was developed during the war effort was Jet powered aircraft. With Jet Propulsion came the ability and the quest to go faster and faster. To challenge the very speed of sound itself. But, approaching the speed of sound had it’s problems. Existing aircraft were not constructed well enough and when entering into Mach I, or the speed of sound, the crafts would literally tear apart at the seams and disintegrate. Chuck Yeagar is credited as being the first ‘LIVING’ man to exceed the speed of sound. Notice, the term the military often used was the first ‘living’ man. One might presume (and I do recall reading about Britons, I am sure there were Americans and Germans as well) that there may have been others who surpassed Mach I before Yeagar but never lived to tell about it. During the war many such incidents took place under the blanket of war-time secrecy. After WWII and the Korean War there was the cold war. There was always a need for secrecy.

Now that the US had the ability to build crafts that could exceed Mach I, the next quest was, how fast and high can we go? However, jet engines had limitations. They required air to both burn the fuel and to pass through the turbines to make the thrust. This meant that jet engines could not operate outside of earth’s atmosphere. In the late 1940’s the US Air Force and Navy began to design several experimental ‘rocket’ planes. These were winged aircraft that were powered by solid fuel rocket propulsion. Rocket fuels include oxygen as one component, thus the rocket will still burn even outside of the atmosphere. Thus, rockets were the engine of choice for any purposed space vehicle. Later on the rocket planes became known as the X rocket planes (X = experimental), the most famous being the X-15. Werner Von Braun was among the leading German-American scientists working on this project from the beginning in the very late 1940’s. From that time, the late 40’s to early 1950’s Werner Von Braun developed the underlying basis of deep space travel that became the basis for the US space program, which has not changed that much to this very day!!!! It was in the late 40’s to early 50’s that Von Braun envisioned a use for these eXperimental Rocket Planes. He foresaw them being used as ‘Space Shuttles’ that could ferry up into space men and materials in order to build orbiting space stations far above the earth. This was Von Braun’s, von Brain storm. But, Von Braun was a man well before his time.

The US military worked on building and perfecting the X-rocket planes and were met with one major technological and/or political obstacle after another. There were a number of previous X-rocket planes, but the X-15 was designed to become man’s first Space Craft. It was to be the first man-made craft (rocket-powered, manned, manually controlled and designed for re-entry and landing) to enter outer space. It was designed in or around 1952-53, on paper. But, it had many problems. Problems with the rocket engines (there were originally going to be 2 or 3, very powerful rockets, but this had to be scaled down to 1 not so powerful rocket). Attempts were made all through the 1950’s, 55, 56, 57. Pre-flights were made, but not using the engine full bore. 
When it was used full-bore one of it’s missions was to aim for outer space – and take it to the outer limits (or the twilight zone).

During this same time the Russians were hard at work on ballistic missile rockets. Their idea was based on their original space exploration work of over 100 year history, to build a rocket that could house men to travel into space. (whereas the US idea was similar, except that the rocket had wings and flew like a plane in earth’s atmosphere, and like a rocket in space). Both the Russians and US were working on missile war head rockets in which an explosive device (nuclear being the most powerful) would sit atop a rocket. The goal was to make a rocket that could travel from one continent to another (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles, or ICBM’s). Russia was far ahead of the US in ICBM technology. In the mid 1950’s they proved this by successfully performing numerous launches using large and powerful rocket engines. At that time, however, the way in which the 2 countries conducted business was quite different. Russia did not publicize any of their attempts until after the fact. After they made successful launches, only then did the state run news agency release the films and disclose the work. But, in the US, each time the Air Force or Navy was to make a launch attempt, the press was invited to attend. One time after another, after another, after another, in full public view, with news press cameras running and reporters reporting, the US attempts failed. Some missiles never left the pad, they simply exploded. Some, just after leaving the pad, exploded. Others went off hay-wire after lift off and crashed in non-predetermined areas. It was an extremely embarrassing time for the US military. But, this embarrassment did not stop with just a few red-faces. It was costing the US very vital and valuable world influence and political alliances. In the 1950’s Russia was clearly ahead of the US in the area of rocket technology. Imagine if you were a wealthy Sheik of a Middle East country which was swimming in oil money and you wanted to buy new military hardware. You have the money, so, you want only the best. Would you decide to go with a country who has successfully shown they have the technology to blast a missile war head from one continent to another, or a country whose public attempts to do so have, for the most part, been one failure after another? This was the far-reaching embarrassment the US was feeling, politically and economically and militarily through-out the developing world. Whoever you bought your military gear from, you would also develop strong political ties to as well. And it wasn’t just a small handful of oil rich countries, it was any and all countries who needed to buy everything from guns and ammo, to tanks, jet fighters and helicopters. A hundred countries complete with their political allegiance and their military buying budgets were at stake. This was considered high priority, high-stakes technology.

Because space and rocket technology was at the forefront of science 
and military needs at the time, rocket science and it’s uses became 
tightly wrapped in secrecy for the protection of government interest 
and national security. Those two words, ‘National Security’ are the 
catch all words that demand and call for air tight, water tight, light 
tight security in all phases of rocket and space technology. The very 
security of the future of the nation lay at stake. In Russia, they had 
combined their space rocket research with their ballistic missile 
research and by attaching a ‘satellite’ to the top of a ballistic 
missile they were able to hurl it up and out into space. Before the US 
could even get a good ICBM off the pad, before they could get the X-15 
rocket plane operating properly the Russians successfully launched 
‘Sputnik’. The first known man-made object to venture into earth near 
outer-space and enter into orbit about the earth. In the view of the 
world, the Russians were clearly the leader in this new and modern 
technology – Rocket Science and Space Exploration. The US was running 
a far behind second place. At this point, a no show second place. The 
X-15 project had more problems and was running more and more behind. 
(I can’t recall the year Sputnik went up, or later dates for X-15’s 
partial successes – 1957?).

Even though the US was behind in Ballistic missile research, the word 
came down from top government and military personnel to ‘do something’ 
to show to the world we are not a ‘second rate’ world power. We are 
not second rate in technology. We were not going to be beaten by those 
Red-Commie Russians. Even though US scientists balked at the idea of 
putting objects on top of ballistic missiles and hurling them up into 
space, even though they laughed at the idea, the word came down to 
blast something, anything, into space. If the Russians were successful 
hurling objects up on top of big rockets, and our X-15 program was 
running way behind, then we should use their same technology to do the 
same. We couldn’t let the Commie Russians outdo us. US scientists were 
scrambling to make a powerful and successful ballistic missile anyway, 
without the same success as the Russians, now they were told to strap 
‘things’ on top of a big rocket and ‘do something’. Just get something 
up in space. I mean, what if Russia were to put a man in space before 
us, we would become the second rate country and Russia would become 
first-rate. Emphasis for the space program got side tracked. The real 
US space program was to get the X-15 rocket into space, then keep 
refining it until we could get a Space Shuttle that could take men and 
loads up. Now funding for that project was put on the back burner as 
more funding was spent on ballistic missiles and putting cargo’s on 
top of them. Finally, the US made a few ballistic missiles, we were 
getting somewhere. But not soon enough. The Russian’s sent a dog into 
space. Oh God, they got a living entity into space first. The US was 
just starting to send our first satellites up. In the eyes of the 
world, especially the political-military developing nations, Russia 
was ahead of the US in technology. The US government and political 
powers were getting frantic. This was the Cold War, and the US could 
not be beaten by the Communists. This was the Cold War, and at this 
point the US was falling behind, we were getting beaten. The US was 
struggling with trying to build a reliable large ballistic missile, 
trying to strap ‘things’ on top of it. This became priority over the 
problem prone Space Shuttle and X-15 type projects. Russia, basically, 
had only one program going, their ballistic missiles.

We were getting closer with the X-15, and we were getting somewhere 
with the ballistic missiles. But, leading US space scientists felt 
that it was entirely too primitive and madness to think of putting a 
man, or even a dog, in a small capsule and put them on top of a large 
ballistic missile and then blast him off into space. Unlike an 
airplane – or rocket plane, there was no pilot, no manual navigation 
controls. It was just a big rocket blasting off at full bore, no way 
to maneuver it. US scientists felt it was too crude, too primitive. 
Rather, the X-15 and future craft like it seemed to be more real and 
practical. A rocket with wings that a pilot has full control over, 
that can fly in earth’s atmosphere like a jet plane, and travel in 
outer-space like a rocket. But, the mad scientists in Russia went 
ahead and did it anyway. They actually went ahead and put a man in a 
little capsule and blasted him off on top of a large ballistic missile 
and sent him flying out into outer-space.

That was it, the US had egg all over their face. Even though US space 
scientists objected and tried to thwart the efforts, the word from 
high command came down, ‘Put a man on top of rocket and blast him into 
earth orbit’. They said, ‘look, the Russians are doing it, they’ve 
done it, it works, at least for the publicity of it, for the 
‘political effects’ of it, we have to do it. Put a man in a box and 
blast him off on top a rocket. Just do it.’ So, that was the order. 
The X-15 project, however, was ready, about 5-6 months too late. The 
first US man in Space was not Allan Shepard. It was a pilot flying the 
X-15 into space and re-entering. But, this did not make the same 
headlines and sensation as the capsules on top of the rockets did. The 
X-15 and it’s subsequent projects took a back seat and became less 
public. We started the Mercury program, and that became our publicized 
space program effort. We put Allan Shepard in a small box and blasted 
him up into space on top of a big ballistic missile. How primitive. 
Then we blasted up Glenn in a Mercury capsule and he became the first 
man to orbit the earth. He was not the first man into space, that was 
a Russian, and he wasn’t the first American into space, that was an 
X-15 pilot, then Allan Shepard, but he was the first man to orbit the 
earth. (at least, that is what the world was led to believe – that 
America was no second rate nation – the world had to know that 
American’s had ‘the right stuff’.)

Now, what did the US do with that. The US acted like a sleek New York 
Avenue marketing firm. They hailed this as a major milestone in 
technological feats. They hailed Glenn as the pioneer of space 
exploration. But, this Uri, or whoever, the Russian, he was the first 
man in space. About this fact the US tried to belittle it, locally in 
the US it was known, it was mentioned, but when we sent Shepard and 
Glenn into space, that was, somehow, much more important, more 
valiant, more advanced. And we tried to convince the world of this 
too. But, actually, we were simply playing catch-up with Russia. And 
did we really do what we said we were doing?

Meet My Neighbors From The 60’s.

Now, here I will introduce my neighbor. As I mentioned at the 
beginning, in the 1960’s I grew up in So. Cal. in La Puente, near West 
Covina. The boy who lived next door was in the same grade as I so we 
were friends (well, most of the time). The boy’s name was Rob Moore 
(Jr, but everyone called him Robby, and called his father Bob). His 
father was also Robert (Bob) Moore. When we moved to that house in 
1960-61, the neighbors told us that Bob (the father) was a strange 
guy. They said he was all right, they guessed, but no one knew 
anything about him. No one knew where he worked, or what he did for a 
living. Nothing. The other neighbors told us all he ever said to 
anyone was ‘Hi’, then he would walk away. They considered him a sort 
of eccentric hermit, a nice guy, sort of, maybe, but definitely not 
the sociable type. My friend, Rob, however, was more than eager to 
tell me that Bob, his father, worked on ‘Top Secret’ military projects 
for the US space program. And latter on (in the latter 60’s) Rob told 
me a lot more about his father and the space program.

During the Korean War Bob Moore was a jet fighter pilot in the US Air 
Force. He stayed in the Air Force and joined an elite team of pilots 
who flew experimental proto-type air craft. In the mid 1950’s he was 
in training to become a pilot with the X-15 rocket plane and was 
assigned to work with that group. However, before he sat in the 
pilot’s seat, while flying another experimental plane he developed a 
painful ear ache at real high altitudes. This disqualified him from 
piloting the X-15. He was reassigned to ‘other’ work on the project 
and remained with the X-15 project. In the US’s attempt to catch-up 
with Russia and develop a satellite and manned capsule program atop 
ballistic missiles, Bob Moore was reassigned to work on the Mercury 
program. He was engaged in highly secretive aspects of the work, not 
even his son knew exactly what his father did. The son, Rob, told me, 
and this I cannot confirm, as it is not in the history books, but he 
claimed that prior to the first ‘recorded’ X-15 flight into space that 
another flight had also entered space. However, that craft, along with 
the pilot on board, never returned to earth. Rather, the pilot was 
actually the ‘first’ man to orbit earth. Rob Moore told me that the 
pilot blasted off his rockets with the order to go up ‘full throttle’ 
and to keep going as far and as high as the X-15 would go. The rocket 
only had enough fuel for about 4 minutes of blast time. He ran the 
fuel out, but before he did, he had become the first man in space and 
had reached the fastest known speed. But, something unexpected 
happened. All other times when the fuel had run out on the X-15 the 
law of gravity always did it’s work and the craft glided back down for 
a landing. But, this time the X-15 had escaped the law of gravity and 
had mistakenly achieved low earth orbit. The pilot was helpless. He 
didn’t have one ounce of fuel left, his wing flaps were useless 
because he was now in space, there was no atmosphere for the wing 
flaps to work with. And, he had only a limited supply of oxygen and no 
protection from the extreme heat or cold. As he kept drifting he soon 
ran out of radar and radio contact as he started his first orbit of 
the earth. He probably died when his air supply ran out, that is if 
the extreme cold didn’t get him first.

As I said, that is the story my neighbor told me, not when we were 
still kids, he told me this much latter when he was a nuclear physics 
student at UCLA and we were both in our early 20’s. He not only told 
me this, but a lot of other things as well.

The Cold War: At The Edge of Space

Lets go back to our race with the Russians. So Russia sent the first 
man into space, then we sent a manned X-15 into space, then we sent 
Sheppard and then Glenn into earth orbit. This was called the Mercury 
project. However, some people question whether Glenn actually went up 
on top a rocket or if that was also faked. You see, the rocket used 
was not that reliable.

Either way, we were embarking on the very early stages of touching the 
edges of space and at that time, 1961, John Kennedy shocked the world 
when he boldly announced that the US would put a man on the moon 
before the end of the 1960’s decade. It was a bold statement, because 
in 1961 we had hardly even begun sending up rockets. We had no idea 
how to go to the moon and what it all entailed. Think about it. 
Kennedy’s statement that America would put a man on the moon was not 
based on scientific research. It was not the conclusion of an 
extensive feasibility study by a panel of leading scientist as to what 
was or was not actually feasible because at that time we had barely 
just developed a rocket that could carry a few hundred pound pay load 
several thousand miles. We had no idea how to go all the way to the 
moon and back. There was, however, a simplistic idea that all you had 
to do was build a big enough rocket and blast it off and it would fly 
all the way there. But, Kennedy’s bold declaration was made entirely 
on the basis of political and military objectives. It was Cold War 
rhetoric. At the time Russia was clearly ahead of us in missile power 
and in ability to lift off large loads. We were looking more and more 
like the second-rate country in the world. We had to do something to 
confirm our role as technological leader of the world. Since we had 
touched space for the first time, it seemed to some that the moon was 
now within our grasp. But, was it? It didn’t matter, on the world 
scene where political power and economic power and military might 
rules, the US had become seen as a second rate power, runner up to the 
first-rate technological achievements of Russia. By boldly announcing 
to the world that the US would have a man on the moon by the end of 
the decade was sheer chivalry. It made the world take notice of the US 
again as possibly being really first-rate and Russia second. Just the 
psychology of it was powerful and effective.

The next public phase was the Gemini project. Blasting 2 men in a 
capsule atop a rocket and getting them to orbit. At the same time we 
and the Russians were sending many satellites into space for spying 
and weather and telecommunications. Gemini used a much more powerful 
rocket, the Atlas Centaur. Russia was also sending 2 man crews, and 
Russia was again the first to claim they made a space-walk while in 
orbit around the earth. That was around 1964 (?), while I was in the 
8th grade.

After this the US claimed we had made a space walk. All of this was 
exciting to any 12-13 year old boy at the time. I used to watch it on 
TV whenever I knew something was on. But, my friend Rob, he used to 
tell me that it was all faked. I had to listen, after all, his father 
was secretly working on the projects. I recall Rob showing me actual 
8×10 photographs (his father gave him) showing the US and the Russian 
space walks and how they were both made in large water tanks, painted 
to appear as being in space. The space suits were under water suits 
and on TV when they showed live videos of it they moved slowly. I will 
explain the slow movements latter, but, their moving slowly was due to 
the water, not due to being weightless in space. If you notice the 
space walks of today that are taken from the Space Shuttle the 
movements are quick (this will all be explained later in this 
article). In the photos he showed me you could actually see bubbles in 
the Russian photos and small hair thin lines in the US photos.

Rob told me that no men were in the Gemini capsules being launched. 
They were empty. When their flights were completed the men were put in 
these capsules and flown up way high using spy planes, then dropped 
from about 6-8 miles up to splash down in the Pacific. It was always 
odd, the US would splash down in the Pacific, and always ‘out of 
range’ of site from the decks of the boats. Helicopters would have to 
go out and search for them and bring them to the ships. While, in 
Russia, the men and capsules would land on earth, often to within feet 
of hitting their targeted landing zones. Why could the Russians land 
on land and do so with pin point accuracy, while the US had to splash 
down in the ocean and would be miles off target? The answer: Because 
the Russian landings were never attended by the press watching live. 
They were filmed and after everything looked just right, the film was 
released. The US had press on board the ships, so the recovery had to 
be out of site so they could cover things up if need be.

Why would the US and Russia be faking their (so-called) excursions 
into space and earth orbit? Because, all is fair in love and war, and 
this was war. The Cold War. The world alliances were at stake. 
Military arms sales were at stake. We are talking major big time 
importance. We had to be best, we had to at least keep up. It was all 
out important. By hook or by crook, we could not be out done by the 
communist Russians.

The whole time the Russians were always 1 or 2 steps ahead of us. They 
were the first in space, the first to send up 2 men, the first to do a 
space walk, the first to do a docking in space, the first to send an 
unmanned probe to the moon, the first to have a manned space station, 
they held the record for having a man in space the longest, they were 
the first to claim to have broken the Van Allen belts (which I will 
describe more further on), the first to send an unmanned probe to the 
moon, the first to send a robot to the moon and have it come back to 
earth. Etc., etc. They were the first all the way along, right up to 
and until the US beat them to the most important punch when we claimed 
to be the first to send men to the moon. They were the first all the 
way – until the very last minute, when we beat them out on the most 
important mission. Then, once we put men on the moon, oddly, the 
Russians never – ever – sent a manned mission to the moon. Why? Up to 
that point they had led us in everything, they fully had the 
where-abouts to do so. They had spent so much time, effort and money 
and were ahead of us all the way, even though we seemingly beat them 
to the punch, at least, why didn’t they spend the last few dollars and 
also send at least one manned mission? That doesn’t make all that much 
sense. Imagine the world-wide prestige had they been the second to 
send a manned mission, especially if it had been within months of our 
first mission. They may not have got all the glory, but they would 
have clearly saved face by being a close second. Why didn’t they?

More About the Moores – My Experiences With Them Confirmed To Me That 
The Moon Landing Was Faked

Well, with Rob Moore as my next door neighbor I looked at the space 
program with a different vision. When Apollo came along I would watch 
it with skepticism and would think, ‘all right, they could be faking 
this part, and that would be easy to be faked, and this is obviously 
faked’. Nothing I saw on TV made me doubt it was actually being faked. 
I saw no overwhelming evidence that it was for real. It was also an 
interesting time with Rob’s father. He had always appeared to be a 
recluse, never talking with anyone, just saying, ‘hi’, then walking 
away. But, the one thing he spent time on the most at home was his one 
favorite hobby, radio controlled model airplanes. That is all he ever 
did at home. He sat in his garage – workshop building his model 
airplanes. I recall one day, it must have been some time in the mid to 
late 60’s, while Apollo mission was getting underway, Rob asked me if 
I would like to go with he and his dad and watch him fly his radio 
controlled airplanes. Wow, yeah, that sounded like fun. His father was 
getting in the car and called Rob to go, and I went to get in the car 
with him. Bob never said much to me, but he had always been friendly. 
Suddenly he snapped and said, “Hey, you can’t come with us. Rob, you 
know I can’t take anyone, I have made special arrangements just to 
take you. No one else can come. That is that.” Rob said that I was his 
best friend and begged and pleaded to let me come. I told them, ‘Hey 
it’s all right, if your father doesn’t want me to go, I understand’, 
and started walking away feeling sort of hurt. Then Bob called me and 
told me to come, but he warned me NOT to talk to any of his friends. 
Strange – but Bob was strange. We drove out to a park and there were 
about 15 – 20 other members there flying their planes. It wasn’t a 
‘normal’ radio control airplane club, however. When we walked up, 
several men approached Bob and said, ‘you told us that you were only 
bringing your oldest son, the straight A student”. Pointing at me they 
would add, “Who is that? You know the rules, Bob, no one else is 
allowed”. This same questioning went on from a number of the members. 
Wow, some elite and touchy radio control airplane club. I could tell 
Bob Moore was feeling the heat. I heard comments referring to me as a 
‘civilian’. While they were flying their planes, they also spoke about 
other things, like their work, which I grasped to be the space 
program. I was teenager at the time, but it didn’t take a rocket 
scientist to figure out. These guys all worked together, and they 
obviously all worked on the space program. Now I knew why Bob was all 
‘touchy’ about me coming. All these guys were Bob’s equals (all had 
high security clearance) and all worked on the same part of the space 
project. And Bob, he was a totally different person out there on the 
field. I had never seen him act like this before. He was socializing. 
He didn’t just say hi to these guys then walk away. He laughed and 
joked with them and held long friendly conversations. Bob, all of a 
sudden, looked and acted ‘normal’. I figured out that these were the 
only people he was allowed to ‘socialize’ with. The whole purpose of 
them forming their own private radio controlled airplane club was so 
they could come together and socialize in civilian life, outside of 
their work on the space program. Bob was ‘free’ to talk here, among 
members of the same group. At home he was not ‘free’ to talk. He was 
highly restricted in what he could say. Even with his own wife and 
children, he hardly said very much. But, among his classified equals 
he was ‘himself’, relaxed and talkative. And I also understood that 
these were no ordinary bunch of guys out there flying their air 
planes. Maybe there were other models like this in the mid 1960’s, but 
these guys had radio controlled jets, and yup, even a remote 
controlled X-15 rocket plane (using mixtures of CO2 cartridges and 
some with controlled valves and 2 gas mixtures). These were not store 
bought remote controls. They designed everything themselves, including 
the transmitters and receivers. They taxied the planes and took off 
and landed them all using their remote controls. Like I said, there 
were lots of other groups doing this at the time, but I also could 
see, the technology they had and were using was definitely not average 
run of the mill stuff. These guys and their planes were definitely a 
‘different’ group.

1969 finally rolled around (the year Rob and I graduated from HS). It 
was the first (so-called) Lunar landing. Rob and I used to joke about 
it all being faked. Neither of us believed it was really happening. We 
would look at different events and say, “Hey, even I can figure out 
how to fake this part or that’. My friend, Rob, was bound for UCLA as 
a straight A honor student, and I was headed for the unknown. I 
planned to major in electronics at a smaller community college, but 
really, I was not intent on mundane knowledge. I was, at that time, 
well started in my quest for spiritual enlightenment. I attended 
college, but my real studies were the libraries where I would try to 
find God, and my reason for being here. When school started Rob gave 
an open invitation for me to visit him at UCLA, sometimes, on breaks, 
or latter after I dropped out of college, I would go there for a week 
at a time. Especially after I discovered the Research library at UCLA. 
I spent day after day in there, searching for God. They had many Vedic 
books, and books about Jesus I never saw anywhere else. Bottom line is 
that I enjoyed going up there, not just to see my old friend Rob, but 
for the learning experience. I would even sit in on his physics 
classes. We discussed physics (although he would have to speak English 
with me, he spoke Latin and techno physics babble half the time). We 
would talk about God and religion, the philosophies of life, why we 
are here. But, it was this time that he also began to openly talk with 
me about his father and his high level secret work on the space 
program. I was, for many years, one of Rob’s closest friends. I knew 
him since we were both 9 years old. Rob was his father’s closest son, 
so he confided in him, and since I was Rob’s friend, he began to 
confide to me the same secrets his father revealed to him.

It was probably around 1970 that he showed me color charts and posters 
and printed reports that his father had given him. On the top it 
clearly stated the documents were classified, can’t recall the exact 
wording. Bob Moore really liked his son Rob. You see, after the first 
lunar landing or so, Bob Moore and his wife got a divorce. I stayed in 
touch with Rob’s mother from time to time (she lived next door), and 
to hear it from her, she was the one who asked for the divorce. She 
claimed her husband had become a ‘zombie’. In order to keep from 
‘leaking’ out any sensitive information he stopped having ‘normal’ 
conversations with even his own wife and children. It got to the point 
that he would only say ‘hi’ to his own wife and kids. I found out that 
she actually did not know anything at all about what sort of work he 
did. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter, Rob, my friend, was the oldest. 
But, Rob was different. Bob had no longer anything to do with his 
family, except Rob. Why Rob? Because Rob was a genius. He had straight 
A’s in HS. This guy would rather discuss quantum physics or deep 
philosophy then any other thing imaginable (even girls or music) – 
(oh, except he was also a Superman comic book maniac and his other 
hero in life was John Lennon). He was a book worm. He couldn’t just 
read Latin, he could speak it fluently. Bob Moore was proud of this 
son. And he was training him to enter his elite world of those who 
possessed high security clearance working on projects of national 
security interests.

Rob would talk about his father a lot with me. We both knew him. But I 
had never seen him for some time since he had moved out after the 
divorce. While visiting Rob at UCLA one day, I was just leaving to 
return home and Rob asked me if I could give him a ride over to his 
father’s place. No problem. (Rob may have been a genius and he may 
have become a nuclear physicist, but he never learned one thing, how 
to drive a car). Rob told me that it would be an opportunity for me to 
meet his father again. Actually, by this time Rob had told me a lot, a 
lot more than I think he even realized. I was fully aware at the time 
that his father was intimately connected with the space program, and 
that he worked on it from ‘the other side’, from the secret side of 
the project. Anyway, Rob asked me to give him a ride, so no problem. I 
cannot recall the exact location, and this was around 1972, but it was 
somewhere not too far from UCLA – in the Brentwood – Westwood area, 
near Santa Monica Blvd. We arrived at the apartment. It wasn’t the top 
of the world luxury, but I do recall it wasn’t shabby. It was 
definitely upper class accommodations. A world better than the middle 
class neighborhood I grew up in and Bob used to live. We knocked at 
the door. Bob answered. It was ‘strange’ Bob again. He saw Rob and 
said, “Oh Robby, your early… Who?? Is this Jim?” (Jim, that’s me). 
He asked us in, but, without saying anything to me, he sternly told 
Rob, “Robby, we have to talk”, and took him into the kitchen. The 
kitchen had a swinging door on it, but, at the loudness Bob was 
speaking, he may as well been standing next to me, I could hear every 
syllable loud and clear. Bob was yelling at his son, “Robby, you know 
you are NOT to bring ANY ONE with you when you come here. NO ONE. And 
especially not ANYONE who knows me from ‘BEFORE'”. This went on for a 
solid minute. Rob would say, “But, Jim is my best friend.” His father 
drilled it in again, that no one from “before” was to know where he is 
or WHO he is. NO ONE. He told Rob that he had committed a very serious 
mistake, the “nation’s security” was at risk. Rob then said something 
to the effect that I was different than others, he even said I may be 
of help to ‘the project’. The anger and concern in Bob’s voice was 
serious. At that point, at least with Bob, I felt I should take a 
‘play it dumb’ attitude. When the yelling was over and they walked 
back into the living room, I looked around the apartment and smiled 
and then started some small talk. I asked how he had been. He tried to 
act cordial, and asked how I was. Then, sort of trying to snoop a 
little, I asked a simple question, “So, what sort of work do you do 
now?” I was looking around at the luxurious furnishing in the 
apartment, he certainly was living more well off then ever before. Bob 
looked surprised. He looked around, then stammered a bit. “I, ah, 
well, you remember, I, ah, I used to play the trumpet (no, I didn’t 
know)”. He told me that when Johnny Carson was in Hollywood he played 
for Mitch Henderson on the Tonight Show. (Really???). I said, “Wow, he 
isn’t in Hollywood that often, do you play for them in New York too?” 
He said, “Ah, no, ah, just here, just a few weeks several times a 
year.” I guess he realized that didn’t sound substantial enough work 
to justify the pad he was living in, so he started stammering and said 
that he tried to keep himself busy with odds jobs here and there. Then 
he told me that actually he was ‘retired’ and his ‘company’ was taking 
good care of him. Yeah, well, someone was sure taking good care of 

Anyway, another curious side-note is that about a year or so latter 
when I was visiting my parents I went next door to speak with Rob’s 
mom (Bob’s ex-wife). While I was talking to her I asked if Bob was 
still living in Westwood (or Brentwood, somewhere there). She said, 
“That lazy bum. No way. He’s as broke as they come. Before we divorced 
he lost his job and everything. He lives in some small run down hole 
in Baldwin Park (Baldwin Park is the lowest income area of So. 
California, at least at the time).” She said she didn’t even know if 
he was there anymore, he never calls her and she doesn’t care to call 
him. She wasn’t even sure if the worthless bum was still alive. I felt 
it best not to even tell her that just a year or so earlier I had 
visited him along with Rob is a nice plush apartment near UCLA, that 
his ‘company’ (uncle Sam) was taking very good care of him. I felt it 
was better not create too many waves.

Since I am on the topic, I might as well finish up this part about my 
friend Rob. In 1973 I joined the Hare Krishna Movement and around 74 
or so Rob had left UCLA to go work for Hughes Missile division as a 
nuclear physicists. I knew that much, but I didn’t know how to reach 
him. I was thinking why not get a hold of him one more time. I really 
wanted to talk about the space program with him again. So, I drove 
over to Hughes Missile division (not far from our temple which was 
near Culver City). I went into the reception area, as far as you can 
go with out a security pass, and asked about Rob Moore. After some 
time, after explaining he was a nuclear physicists, the receptionists 
acknowledged that he did work there. I asked to see him or page him. 
No, that was not allowed. I asked for his home phone #. No, that could 
not be given.

I left, but I didn’t give up. About a month latter I called the same 
Missile Division and told the receptionist that I was working on ‘a 
project’ along with Rob Moore and that I had his home phone number but 
had misplaced it and needed to reach him right away, that it was 
important. She didn’t ask anything more, and gave me his home phone 
number. It had now been at least 2 years or so since I had seen him. I 
called the number and his ‘wife’ answered. The rascal got himself 
married, although it sounded more like his mother then a wife. I asked 
to talk to Rob, and I got the fifth degree interrogation. When I told 
her we were old friends and had been best friends for years, she told 
me Rob wasn’t there and didn’t live there anymore. She was terse and 
she demanded to know how I got their phone number. She was demanding a 
bit too much, so I finished up and hung up the phone. I tried back 
that evening and Rob answered.

He told me his wife told him that I had called (strange, she told me 
he didn’t live there anymore – a real ‘protective’ wife). Rob was 
surprised how I had found him. He explained that he was working on 
highly sensitive and classified work that was of high national 
security. I figured that much, and that made me more wanting to talk 
with him. I asked to see him again, so we could talk. No way. 
Remember, I was the one living in the Hare Krishna temple, which was 
labeled a subversive ‘cult’ at the time, but I was free to call, talk 
and go where I pleased. I had a car available and asked to drive over 
and see him, or offered to go pick him up. Here, he was a civilian 
working at a company that does work for the defense department, but he 
was ‘not allowed’ to talk with old friends, he wasn’t allowed to talk 
with anyone who didn’t work on the same project and who shared the 
same high security clearance. He kept using those words, that he 
‘wasn’t allowed’ to do this or that.

Rob then explained his situation in more detail. He told me that he 
worked on a team and that everyone in that team was of the same high 
security rated clearance. He said that to protect the secrecy of their 
work they were allowed to associate or speak ONLY with members of the 
same clearance, and only with members who worked on the same projects. 
(This was exactly the same as with his father while he worked on the 
space program). Rob told me that he had to cut off all ties with his 
past ‘life’. That is how he talked about it, his “past life”, or 
previous life. He said he no longer was allowed to speak with even his 
own mother or brothers or sister, and had not done so for several 
years and cannot ever do so for the rest of his life. No one, not even 
me, who used to be his best friend. He even told me that it may even 
be likely that other staff members may be listening in on our phone 
conversation. I asked if the lady who answered my previous call was 
his wife? Yes, and he explained that it was an ‘arranged’ marriage. 
Actually, in Krishna Consciousness it is recommended that the best 
marriages are arranged marriages, like in India. But, this guy was a 
Nuclear Physicist working for a major company on military projects. 
‘They’ arranged his marriage? I didn’t ask and he didn’t explain 
exactly who ‘They’ were. Anyway he explained that when he agreed to 
join the group that he requested one of the conditions be he wanted to 
marry. So, they ‘fixed him up’ with one of the few women who also 
worked on the project and had the same security clearance. The thing 
was, she was 15 years older then him. He was, at the time, around 25 
and she was 40. I told him that was sort of odd, and Rob said it was, 
and he didn’t expect it to last, but, it was the only woman whom 
‘They’ had available for him to marry. It was either her or no one. 
I’ll tell you, this was a very strange phone call. I mean, what 
exactly was going on? Rob wasn’t allowed to talk to old friends, he 
wasn’t allowed to do this or that. Almost sounded like he was in jail 
or something. And ‘They’ arranged for him to marry (and an older lady 
at that). He said that this was the new system, that the only people 
anyone who is part of their group is allowed to even speak with are 
members of the same group. Not just same group, but they also have to 
be working on the same project. They could only marry another person 
who also works on the same project. It was decided that way it would 
be easier to keep the projects they were working on secret. There 
would be less of a chance of any one member from accidentally leaking 
out their secrets. (As Rob’s father had sort of done with Rob, and Rob 
had sort of done with me in the past).

But, I insisted that we meet and talk again. This time Rob mentioned 
that his own wife may ‘report’ on him if he wasn’t careful, it simply 
wasn’t allowed. Then he told me it was also dangerous for him to do 

We had to hang up, he told me his wife was coming in the room. I 
didn’t even try to call him until at least 5 years latter. I found the 
number in my wallet and thought, hey, let me give it a try and just 
see what happens. I was surprised, Rob answered the phone. He was 
having a real hard time with his marriage, with life is what it 
sounded. He was now in his mid 30’s and his wife was over 50. He told 
me he wanted ‘out’, but, said it didn’t look like that would happen. I 
mean, really, it sort of sounded like Rob was under some sort of house 
arrest or something and his wife was more like a live-in guard or 
something. I mean that is speculation, but, it just sounded odd. I 
insisted that we meet again in person. It was still NO. But, this time 
I asked him about his father. I asked if he still saw his father. “My 
dad?” “Yeah, do you still see him?” “Yeah, I still see him”. “Does he 
still live up near UCLA?” “Yeah”. “How is he doing?” “Fine” “Is he 
still involved with JPL and the space program?” At that point Rob said 
that he had to hang up, someone might be listening, it was too 
dangerous for us to speak anymore. Before we hung up he asked if I 
remembered what happened to “John”. John? I had no idea who he meant. 
He told me it was someone we both knew. Then he said that John was 
with his brother one day and some guy just walked up to him and shot 
him through the heart. No one knew who killed him, his brother was in 
too much shock to remember much. He told me to never call back again, 
it was too dangerous for me and for him. After he hung up I realized 
we did have a common friend named John. But, we never called him by 
that name. We called him Pepe (he was half Apache). I never found out 
what happened to Pepe. He sort of just disappeared. But, obviously, I 
got the hint about what might happen to me if I kept calling him. 
Whoever this John was he must have found out too much.

I don’t know if you caught the importance of my question to him about 
his father or not. Remember, he told me that he was not allowed to 
associate with anyone outside of those who had the same security 
clearance and who did not work on the same projects. But, when I asked 
if he still associated with his father, yes, he did. Obviously they 
now had the same security clearance. I had assumed that since Rob was 
a nuclear physicist and he worked with Hughes Missile Division that he 
must be designing nuclear warheads, but now I wonder if maybe he is 
also working on the space program. Anyway, whether or not he and his 
father worked on the same projects, they both had equal security 
clearance and were ‘allowed’ to socialize with one another still.

Enough about Rob for now, I just wanted to complete the story about 
him as it was partially relevant to the moon project, at least for me 
as he was my source of information during that time.

Previously I was mentioning that in the early 70’s one day Rob showed 
me some color drawings and reports. What they detailed was the 
‘actual’ space program (no mention of Mercury, Gemini or Apollo). 
There were detailed drawings of a reusable winged space-shuttle. I 
can’t recall if the name ‘Space Shuttle’ was there, but they were 
drawings of the craft. And it depicted a fleet of 10-20 such shuttles 
building ‘space stations’. The shuttles were to fly up every few days 
into low space earth orbit. There they would construct the first 
space-station. What that space station was is real important, and I 
will explain that latter on.

You see, Rob explained a lot to me. He explained that we had never 
gone to the moon planet. Not only that, but we had never exceeded 
about 25,000 miles. Now Rob was a physicists in training himself (for 
his master’s degree in physics, in 1971, he designed a nuclear bomb). 
I think it was one of Einstein’s theories regarding space travel that 
once a craft reached a speed of a little over 24,000 miles an hour and 
aimed in the proper trajectory, it would be able to escape the earth’s 
gravitational pull and then ‘freely glide’, through space at that 
speed with no need of any further power. To get to the moon, however, 
the gravity of earth would slow down a craft, but at 24,000 miles per 
hour it took a long time, after the craft reached over 2/3rd way the 
gravity of the moon would get stronger and the craft would speed up, 
being pulled toward the moon. That is the ‘theory’ about how they were 
able to travel to the moon.

Well, Rob told me the whole ‘public’ space program is based on that 
theory, but that theory did not prove to be entirely true. What he 
told me, and what I read detailed in the confidential NASA report, was 
that, well, first of all, rockets only have a finite amount of fuel. 
So, even if a rocket or space craft can reach or exceed 24,000 miles 
an hour, it will soon run out of fuel if you don’t turn off the 
rockets. The last stage rocket that (supposedly) sent the Apollo craft 
out of earth orbit had only enough fuel for about a 6 sec blast. But, 
even when the crafts reached that speed and they flew further out into 
deep space, according to my friend, Rob, they would slow down, due to 
earth’s pull, much quicker than theorized. As long as the craft 
remained in a orbit, it could, for the most part, maintain it’s speed, 
but when crafts tired to go further out, they ran into a belt of 
resistance which slowed them down or forced them into orbit (at the 
higher altitude).

The Van Allen Radiation Belts. Did We Or Didn’t We Pass Through Them 

What would slow down the craft out in space, since there was no 
gaseous atmosphere?. Well, even 25-50,000 miles out there was yet 
another type of atmosphere around the earth. It isn’t made of gasses, 
but of electrons, and protons. Electro-magnetic Plasma. It is known as 
the Van Allen radiation belts. In 1958 the US sent the first Explorer 
craft to see how high and far we could go. Explorer was supposed to 
escape earth’s gravity and fly past the moon and keep on going. At 
around 25,000 miles it ran into an intense band of radiation. A dense 
atmosphere of electro-magnetic energy. The band was extremely dense 
and intense. So much so, that after sending back some data, the craft 
not only slowed down, but it went hay-wire as all the electrical 
circuits on board, including the transmitter and receiver, literally 
‘fried’ out, burned up in the strong electro-magnetic currents of the 
radiation belt. Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s the US sent one 
Explorer after the next to try and keep the electronics from frying, 
and to go beyond the belts. One after another the crafts met with 
problems. The Russians, too, were sending their own probes. All 
together by both countries 30-40 attempts were made, all ending in 
failure. The goal was to reach the moon with an Explorer, or a Luna 
probe, but the radiation belts proved to be formidable. In the late 
50’s all the electronics were tube type. By the early 60’s transistors 
were used. Now, historical text books tell us that Russia was first to 
have broken the barrier with their probe. Somehow, with shielding or 
whatever, they claim to have gotten a craft through the radiation belt 
and beyond. (But I have also read somewhere that the radiation is so 
strong and intense it would take a plate of armor 2 or 3 feet thick to 
provide enough shielding. And any antenna would offer a conductor for 
the electron plasma to enter back down into the craft and the 
electronics to fry it out. If that is so, this thick shield was 
missing on the Apollo ship, so how did they get through the radiation 
belts? But, the Russians claimed their probe actually reached the moon 
by crashing into it. They claimed that their proof at the time that 
their probe successfully passed through the radiation belts was that 
the probes exploded large dyed powder bombs that caused a visible red 
cloud that was over 25,000 miles away. However, the books I read never 
explained what processes and protection were finally fabricated that 
gave the crafts the protection they needed to pass through the 
radiation belts. Later on, with Integrated Circuit Chips the problems 
with radiation and cosmic rays in space became even more acute as the 
size of the transistors shrank to become a fraction of a millimeter in 
size. At that size very small minute cosmic particles caused the chips 
to at least malfunction, if not fry out. And, as the chips were 
designed to consume less and less power, this also created the problem 
that it would take less and less of an electrical interference to 
cause the chips to malfunction, to set a bit to a 1 instead of a 0, 
etc. Of course, all space bound IC’s are Rad-Hard (Radiation 
Hardened), and the entire chip is covered over with pure gold to 
protect them from such radiation. But, is that radiation hardness only 
good for the space between 50 to 25,000 miles, between earth and the 
radiation belts, or is it enough to allow craft to pass through the 
radiation belts as well? I theorize it is not anyway near enough 
protection to allow such craft to enter, what to speak of pass 
through, the intense ocean of radiation in the Van Allen Belts. I say 
my theory, but this is actually what my friend Rob told me as late as 

The radiation belts are very thick (25,000 miles or so) blankets of 
dense electro-magnetic plasma, an ocean of electrons and protons. On 
the other side of this shield or blanket of radiation are Solar Winds 
and intense cosmic, gamma and X rays. Intense enough to fry out radio 
circuits. What to speak of delicate Integrated Circuitry. Scientist 
concluded that the radiation belts are part of our atmosphere, that 
they provide a shield that protects earth from more intense cosmic 
radiation and solar wind storms that pass through the solar system.

Were the Radiation Belts The Start of The Lie?

Anyway, according to my friend Rob, we never got a craft through the 
radiation belts. Not with the Explorer crafts, or the Apollo crafts, 
or any Pioneer, or Mariner, or Viking or Voyager or other such deep 
space craft. Then why did we fake it and say we did???

This is all theory, by the way. I am not sitting here saying I 
absolutely believe every word my friend Rob told me about the 
radiation belts and that we never got through them. (However, I 
personally gave him a lot more than a grain of salt because by that 
time I understood who his father was and where he was getting his 
information from). But, I don’t know if all that he told me or I saw 
was true. So, I am only theorizing at this point,

But, lets go back to the first claim the Russian’s made when they 
announced to the world they had a craft that passed through the 
radiation belts. Let’s assume, for the sake of theory, that they lied, 
they faked it. My theory says that at the time the US didn’t have any 
way to know for sure one way or the other if they really did it or 
they had faked it. We suspected they could have faked it, but we 
didn’t know. If we claimed to the world that Russia was faking it, 
what if they weren’t and they could latter prove us wrong. How would 
that make the US look? Russia would be seen to be technically superior 
while we look very foolish for crying wolf, trying to make them look 
bad, when in the end we would be exposed as wrong.

On the other hand, whether they actually made it through or not, it 
didn’t matter because the rest of the world thinks they did, and at 
the same time the rest of the world knows America has not been able to 
do it. So where does that leave us? Second place. A no-show. If we 
don’t get through soon, then we will have lost the Cold War, the 
Russians would win more and more political alliances. So, whether they 
faked it or not didn’t matter, they were winning the world’s political 
influence and were coming out the winner of the Cold War. At that time 
Russia was first to produce successful ICBM missiles. They were the 
first to be able to land a nuclear warhead to almost any country and 
city in the world. They were the first to send up an earth orbiting 
satellite, they were the first to put a dog in space, the first to put 
a man in space, they had the largest rockets, they were now claiming 
to be the first to get a craft out of earth orbit, through the Van 
Allen belts and the first country to send a man-made space craft 
(unmanned) to crash land on the moon. Russia was claiming to have 
actually reached the moon with an unmanned craft. This was big-time 
and it meant a lot to the powers of the world in forming their 
political alliances. By far they were way ahead of the US at the time, 
and whether or not they faked this really didn’t mater. That is what 
American intelligence concluded. That it really didn’t matter if 
Russia really did what they said they did, or they had faked it. What 
mattered is the rest of the world believed them and for this Russia 
was winning more and more of the Cold War. Communism was spreading. 
American intelligence also concluded that it really didn’t matter if 
we faked it or not. This was War, the Cold War. The fight was for 
world-wide political dominance and influence. We couldn’t just sit 
there and let those communists in Russia make us look like second rate 
runners up. We had to convince the world that we were technologically 
more advanced… At least we had to appear equally advanced. This was 
the basis (according to my theory) that prompted the US military and 
intelligence to decide to also start faking some of our space 

This was the beginning of the lies, at least in terms of the space 
program. (I must remind everyone here, I am only speaking in theory, I 
have no conclusive evidence that these things actually did not happen. 
But in the continuation of our theory…). The Van Allen Radiation 
Belts proved to be too formidable, and neither we nor the Russians 
were able to surpass it. Russia made the choice first, to fake it. We 
were in a race to see who could go to the moon first, and it was a 
critical time in history. It was around this time that the Bay of Pigs 
incident took place which took the world to within a push of a button, 
to within a hair-line decision of the Super Powers to enter into an 
all out nuclear war. The moon and situation at the time was intense. 
Neither side wanted a nuclear war. If such a war were to have occurred 
between the USSR and the USA no one would win, both sides, and the 
world, would be destroyed. Russia knew this as well as we. Therefore 
space and technology became the battlefield. But, after 40 attempts to 
pass through the radiation belts, both sides were getting frustrated 
at the lack of progress. At that time, the race was for the moon, but 
if you can’t go past 25,000 miles, you’ll never reach the moon. Russia 
decided it was better to fake progress than to risk going on with a 
battle that was leading no where, for if the battle in space proved to 
be too futile, the only other alternative was a nuclear battle on 
earth. The decision to fake some of the early missions may have been 
made with the better interests of human society in mind. This we have 
to take into consideration. The men who made these choices may not 
have been the total demons we might like to think they were, they were 
all human and we might make some of the same decisions they did if we 
were in the same situations faced with the same sort of information.

Russia may have made the choice before us that they could win 
influence by faking some things. But, just like a child who tells one 
lie soon finds himself wrapped up in a web of one lie after another 
made in order to support the first lie. Once the fakery and lying 
began, where and how will it stop? The Russians claimed their probe 
not only passed through the radiation belts, but escaped earth orbit 
and entered deep space and that it became the first craft to reach and 
(crash) land on the moon. That was a phenomenal achievement. It 
allowed Russia to win a battle in the Cold War. The US then claimed 
the same thing. If you can’t beat them, join them.

Did we figure out how to break through the Van Allen Belts or not? 
That really is the crux of my whole theory, and I am only basing it on 
what my friend and neighbor of the 60’s told me, which is what he 
learned from his father who worked on the projects. Between near 
space, about 50-60 miles above earth surface, up to about 25,000 miles 
up there is no atmosphere and nothing to slow down a craft. It is in 
that space that we can successfully orbit satellites. However, between 
25,000 and 50,000 miles is this dense ocean of plasma radiation that 
slows down crafts that enter it (preventing them from deeper space 
travel) and that literally fries out all electronics that enter it. 
That was what the paper I read said that my friend Rob showed me. If 
that is true, then every single deep space mission was faked. The 
Voyagers, Galileos, or whatever. The probes to Venus, to Saturn, to 
Mars, etc., were all faked. What has not been faked were most all 
flights (excluding Mercury, Gemini and Apollo), at least in the last 
20 years, made within the first 25,000 miles.

These are all conjectures. I do not really know. I am basing all of 
this only on what my friend told me. Maybe he was misled, maybe none 
of this was faked. I am not going to take the strong position of 
saying I know more than I do. But, I am presenting this as food for 
thought. I do know his father worked on these projects, I do know I 
saw confidential documents. But, I don’t know any real details.

What if the theory is right and we never did pass through the 
radiation belts? Then why did we fake the space probes, the flights to 
Venus, and Saturn, etc.? For the same reason as stated above. Once the 
lying began, where and how do you stop it? University researchers 
didn’t know it was faked. Senators didn’t know. Outside of a small 
select handful of scientists, none of the other scientists knew it was 
faked. So, there has been an on-going demand from the public, from 
scientist, to keep going out into space, to keep making more and more 
probes of the solar system. What are those who make such decisions 
supposed to do? They can’t say they can’t do it, because on one hand 
they are saying they are already doing it. So, elaborate missions are 
set up and one lie after another keeps coming. Once it got started, 
how do you stop it?

In the 70’s How Did They Fake Deep Space Probes.

How did they fake so many trips to Venus and Saturn, Mars, etc.? Well, 
one day around 1978 I was also wondering the same thing myself. I had 
seen the pictures of Saturn and it’s rings and moons and I was also 
wondering, wow, 10’s of 1,000’s of electronic photos were being 
transmitted from, what was it, Voyager? I kept wondering, How? Of 
course, they could just be models and photos were taken. But, then, 
one day, just after Star Wars II came out and Star Trek the movie (# 
1) came out I had got hold of a movie industry magazine that was 
called Business Pictures. In it were ads from special effects 
companies who work for Hollywood. This was the dawn of computer 
graphics being used in motion pictures. Star Wars I was made using 
mostly models, but, after Star Wars I, George Lucas used some of the 
profits to set up a new lab called Pixar, which strove to push the 
technology and create stunning effects using state of the art Computer 
Workstations. CG, or Computer Graphics. I was looking at some of the 
ads and articles in the magazine and I found a peculiar one. 
Unfortunately I do not recall the name of the company running the ad. 
But, they were selling computer graphics “programming”, not a finished 
program, but the algorithms and ‘basic mathematical building blocks’ 
used to create a program. What they claimed to be was a company that 
does contract work for JPL, NASA and the military. What they were 
selling were the software foundations and routines that did texture 
mapping and perspective, surface reflection, shadow mapping, etc. 
Then, what really caught my eye and peaked my interest was that the ad 
stated that the information they were selling had been developed over 
10 years prior by NASA and the US military and had, up until now, been 
considered highly classified and secret information. With this 
technology and the use of super computers they claimed it was possible 
to create virtually any special effects scene. The reason given that 
the information was now being declassified and being offered for sale 
was that the movie industry (specifically the work down by Lucas’s 
Pixar team – which became the foundation for Industrial Light and 
Magic, the premiere computer graphics company of the entire industry), 
had begun to catch up with the secret technology and it was decided 
there was no longer any reason to keep the information classified.

Wow. The same technology that helped to produce the visual effects of 
space, planets, and space crafts used for Star Wars II and Star Trek I 
had been developed and used by NASA and JPL for over 10 years earlier. 
That would mean that NASA and JPL had the ability to create virtual 
reality graphics effects as early as the late 1960’s. Texture mapping, 
shadow mapping, light reflection, etc. Then I instantly realized how 
JPL was turning out 10’s of 1,000’s of electronic photos of Saturn and 
space. They had CG technology for a long time before Hollywood finally 
caught up and learned how to do it. The ‘fly-by’ probes that mapped 
Venus and Saturn, etc. all sent back to earth electronic data and 
photos. It was feasible to generate all of this on computer. JPL had 
at it’s disposal the fastest and most powerful super-computers of the 
day, like the Cray. All they had to do was bounce signals off a 
distant satellite so that the ground crews would receive real signals 
that they thought were coming from deep space.

The Space Age Tower Of Babel

Let me go back a little and fill-in some things about the ‘real’ space 
program, the Space Shuttle. If you recall originally I started talking 
about the X-rockets and the space shuttle. According to the 
documentation Robby showed me that was America’s ‘real’ space program. 
Werner Von Braun is credited with developing this plan in the 1950’s 
and according to not only my friend, but, from other research I have 
made, this was, always has been, and still is the backbone of our 
space program.

The mission of the Space Shuttle was to travel up to at least several 
1,000 miles or further and carry with it cargo to build an orbiting 
space station at as high an altitude as possible. The main purpose of 
the space station was to serve as a research lab for further 
investigation of the radiation belts and how to get around them or 
through them, and part of the purpose of the space station was to act 
as an orbiting launch pad and re-fueling station. Once the first space 
station was complete, space shuttles between earth and that first 
station would continue to carry more loads, but now a new sort of 
shuttle would be built. One that did not have to travel into the 
earth’s atmosphere and therefore it had no wings. This shuttle would 
launch off from the first space station at several thousand miles up 
and would travel out to a much higher orbit. In that higher orbit the 
next level of shuttles would construct a second space station. Thus, 
the first ground level shuttles would be ferrying loads from earth to 
the first station, then another shuttle ferrying loads to the next 
station. The second space station would then be at the edge of the 
radiation belts with the mission to find holes in it, or find a way 
through it. Once that was done, then another space station could be 
built even further out. This time, 50,000 miles, or on the other side 
of the radiation belts. The plan that I saw for the space program was 
to reach the moon by building about 7 such space stations as a modern 
‘stairway’ to the moon. The Space Age Tower of Babel.

The Real Purpose for Space Stations and the Space Shuttle

The reason for these space station stairsteps was because, first of 
all, the radiation belts had to be surmounted. And secondly, at least 
according to my friend Rob, the earth’s gravity caused the crafts in 
space to slow down when trying to escape orbit, such that when the 
fuel runs out, the crafts settle into an orbit. It was calculated that 
in order to reach the moon refueling stations would be needed along 
the way, one craft could not carry enough fuel to make the trip in one 

About 5 years back, I went to a public library in California and 
started researching the space program to see what I could find. I was 
surprised when I found a number of leading directors of NASA claim 
that the ‘real’ space program was the space shuttle, from X-15 through 
to the Shuttle. I was not surprised about what they said, but was 
surprised that they admitted it publicly. They claimed that because 
Russia started putting men in capsules and blasting them off of 
ballistic missiles the US was forced to do the same thing as well. And 
they admitted that this was actually only for political ‘publicity’. 
As I have stated at the beginning, I do not have that research in 
front of me right now, I cannot quote who said these things or in 
which books I saw them, but these statements were made by several of 
the past directors of NASA, by senior leaders of the space programs, 
and some of the books were even printed by NASA itself. They actually 
stated that the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects were cold war 
publicity stunts performed only to keep up with the Russians. The only 
thing that these men did was stop just short of saying that the 
projects were actually faked. Rather, their (public or official) stand 
is that those project, including the trips to and landing on the moon, 
were real, but they were not the real US space program. They claim 
that the real space program is and has been since the 1950’s, the 
Space Shuttle program. For political reasons the program was 
side-tracked into using capsules blasted off on top of missiles 
because that is what the Russians were doing and for political and 
cold war military reasons we had to make a show of it as well. Yes, 
the former leaders of NASA have made statements precisely to that 
effect. The only difference is they claim the shows were actually 
executed and were not faked. But, they do admit and have even 
proclaimed, that the real US Space Program has been the Space Shuttle. 
Now, that is really interesting information. In 1970-72, while Apollo 
was still going on, before the first Shuttle was ever launched, Rob 
had told me the same thing, that the Shuttle was the real space 

So, while all of these other missions, Explorer, Mercury, Gemini, were 
going on, what was happening, then, with our ‘real’ space program? 
Remember I was telling earlier how we first put a man in near space 
(50 miles altitude) around 1957 using the X-15. And the US space 
scientists at that time felt that putting capsules on top of ballistic 
missiles was ‘primitive’ and to put a man inside such a capsule was 
insane. So, what happened after the successes of the X-15? By sheer 
coincidence I have another source of information on that. During the 
early 1980’s I was producing some multimedia slide shows and I would 
attend AMI (Association for Multi Images) conventions and seminars. 
These were well attended by many of the world’s leading multimedia 
producers of the time, most of whom worked for large international 
corporations. At each convention they would have an awards show in 
which leading producers submit their show to be judged per many 
different categories to see who had produced the best shows for the 
year. It was the Oscars of the multimedia world. One show was 
submitted by a producer who had produced the show for the US Military. 
The producer claimed one reason why he produces those shows is that he 
has high security clearance. The show he played for us (using, about 
16 slide projectors and 1 or 2 large screen video projectors) was 
produced for showing at a world market military convention in Europe. 
He said that just like we had conventions where the latest multimedia 
hardware would be showed, the military branches of the governments of 
the world also held conventions to show off their latest military 
hardware. These were high-stakes extremely crucial conventions, he 
told us, where billions of dollars of contracts for military hardware 
are bought and sold and often political alliances were traded at these 
shows. That year (sometime between 1981-84) he said was the first year 
anyone had used large scale multimedia at their booths, and the first 
country to do so was the US. He said that previously only hardware was 
shown, and sometimes a movie or a 2 projector show. But, the military 
commissioned him to make the first multimedia show. The US booth 
didn’t feature hardware in the flesh that year, but sported a large 
tent with 3 screens, 16 slide projectors and the large screen video 

Now, he claimed that these shows are only attenuated by the very top 
military brass and their highest ranking aids and that much of what is 
shown at these shows is highly sensitive data. He said that the show 
he made was much longer and contained a lot of highly classified 
sensitive data that could not be shown to non-classified personnel, 
but, because it was such a great show, the producer edited it and had 
it screened by top military brass to be okayed for showing at the AMI 
convention. He claimed that the audience present (about 4-500 leading 
multimedia producers from around the world, and myself who was in 
attendance), were the only ones that would be able to see even the 
edited version. He said that he was only granted permission to show 
even the edited version only once, only for the awards ceremony, that 
was it.

So, what was so ‘sensitive’ about this show. Well, the presentation 
was designed to show the top military brass of the world just how 
superior US military technology is. And what topic did they center on 
to do this? Space Technology. The show began by giving a history of 
the US space program, starting from the first jets to break the sound 
barrier of the late 1940’s. That led into the work on the X-rocket 
planes, the most widely known, the X-15. It hailed the X-15 as being 
the first manned space craft, achieving 50+ mile altitude, and that 
the flight was made under full pilot control of the winged craft. It 
went on for some time about all of the achievements of the X-15 
project. Then, it went on to discuss the X-16… X-20 and X-22 rocket 
plane crafts. These were crafts, up to that time, I had never heard 
about before. They all looked like fat, winged jets, and they were all 
single pilot crafts. The show stated that each craft achieved further 
and further break-throughs. Going into and out of orbit, developing 
heat shield materials for re-entry, testing how far and how fast one 
can go in near space, etc. It also explained how they developed 
control throttle rocket engines for some of these test craft. Then 
they discussed the X-24, the last of the X-Rockets. This was still a 
single manned winged rocket plane (or maybe it was a 2 man crew, I 
can’t recall), but this was the last of the ‘smaller’ eXperimental 
Rocket planes. Yet, these tests were all said to have been going on 
all through the 1960’s and 70’s. The next step was the Space Shuttle. 
This was the intended culmination of the US space effort and all of 
the X-rocket planes. After all tests checked out with the X-Rockets, a 
version large enough to house a large (8+ man) crew and allow for a 
large cargo bay was built. This, according to the show made in the 
early to mid 1980’s, was the APEX of the US space program and the apex 
of mankind’s technological advancements. The show went on glorifying 
the Space Shuttle as the greatest achievement of mankind so far, 
taking man into space… etc. etc.

Now, as I said, there were about 400 to 500 top multimedia producers 
sitting it the room that night watching this show, and I don’t know 
about them, because I am sure none of them had the previous knowledge 
I had, but what I had just seen totally, 100% and more, confirmed to 
me that the moon landing was faked. This show, made for the top 
military personnel of the leading industrialized nations of the world, 
had just showed the history of the space program and totally 
conspicuous by its absence was any reference what so ever to putting 
men in capsules and blasting them off on top of ballistic missiles. 
Totally missing was any reference at all to Mercury, Gemini and the 
big one, Apollo. There was no mention of any craft ever going to the 
moon, what to speak of men going to the moon. No mention of any 
Voyager or deep space craft ever whizzing past a distant planet. All 
of this was extremely conspicuous by it’s absence. All that the show 
present was the X-rocket planes that finally, after 25+ years of 
research culminated in the Space Shuttle. This was depicted as being 
America’s true space program.

Everything seems to have confirmed what Rob had told me. And later, 
this was again confirmed in my library research from the quotes of the 
leading men at NASA. Another realization this show gave me was that if 
the capsule programs and deep space probes and lunar landings were 
faked, it wasn’t just the US faking it alone, or even just the US and 
Russia, but it appeared that all major industrialized nations, at 
least on the level of top military brass, were all in on it. This show 
was made for them, so all of them would have to know what was really 
going on. That sort of seems inconceivable, but, I am not presenting 
absolutes here, theory and conjecture. It may be hard to believe or 
understand, but not impossible. It may be that after some time some 
accord among the top nations was reached and the real facts shared. In 
one way that would seem probable because many of those countries do 
have some sort of space program, and at some point their research 
would find inconsistencies in the data from faked space missions. But, 
still, what about all the Universities and all those NASA workers? I 
admit, it is hard to comprehend. But, my mission in writing this is to 
present that which I know or have a good idea of as a way of sparking 
further research.

If We Had Gone To The Moon, Then What Was So Great About The Shuttle?

If it is true (and I have no absolute way of knowing right now myself) 
that all other manned space flight had been faked, then that would 
mean that the Space Shuttle flights were truly man’s first real space 
flights. The first space-walks were then from the shuttle. Etc. 
Everything before was faked. And really, I recall in the early 80’s, 
and even to today, the excitement that NASA and the press showed over 
the shuttle (the press simply following the ‘leads’ and excitement 
NASA was making over it) seemed a bit out of place. I mean, look, if 
we believe we had gone to the moon, than what was so great about the 
Shuttle? I mean, think about it ! ! !

For instance, let’s assume that we did go to the moon, and that we 
have sent probes all over the solar system. Than what is so great 
about the Space Shuttle? In 1958 the USSR and America supposedly sent 
crafts into near space, and even out of earth orbit, up through the 
Van Allen Belts. In the early 60’s we supposedly sent crafts all the 
way to the moon, crash landing on the moon. USSR had Lunar missions 
supposedly sending back photos of the dark side of the moon as well in 
the very early part of the 60’s. Then we sent 2 man crews and docked 
craft together, performed space walks, etc. Then 3 men, then we sent 
unmanned robot missions to the moon, controlled all the way from JPL 
or Moscow which took off from earth, entered earth orbit, exited earth 
orbit, traveled all the way to the moon, entered lunar orbit, landed 
on the moon, scooped up samples, blasted off the moon, re-entered 
lunar orbit, exited lunar orbit traveled all the way back to earth, 
re-entered earth orbit and then landed back on earth, all operating in 
remote control with relatively primitive computers and navigation all 
in the mid 60’s. Then we did it, right. We sent man to the moon and 
made the same trip. 2 men landing on the moon, 1 man in orbit, then 
coming all the way home. All that weight, a lunar lander which carried 
enough fuel for blast off from the moon, and enough fuel to get 3 men 
all the way back to earth. Some trip! All that we did, supposedly, 6 
times. Now, again, I ask, in comparison, what is so great about the 

Well, the Shuttle does have a capacity to carry 6 to 8 men (even 10 in 
an emergency). It has a large cargo bay. Okay, the Lunar landers were 
also heavy and there was a 3 man crew. So, how high can the Shuttle 
go? “250,000 miles?” No way. “Okay, 25,000 miles, 1/10 of the distance 
to the moon (1/20 the distance of a round trip)?” Sorry, try again. 
“All right, 10,000 miles?” Better think closer to home. “Okay, 5,000 
miles?” A lot closer. “2,000 miles?” I said a lot closer. “1,000 
miles, at least, right? I mean, hey in the late 60’s we took 3 men 
250,000 miles along with their lunar lander and rover and got them 
back to earth, another 250,000 miles, so at least the Space Shuttle 
can go 1/250th of that right?” Well, ah, no, not quite. “All right, 
all, right, 500 miles, it has got to go at least 500 miles up, right, 
I mean any 747, or Jumbo jet, has the ability to go 12 miles high?” 
Well, ah, no, the shuttle can’t really go that high. “Then, what is 
it, how high, or low, does it go?” Try between 100 to 250 miles high. 
That is it folks. Most Shuttle flights go up less than 200 miles. 
Granted, we are speaking straight up height, and that is well above 
the atmosphere and well into near space orbit (which starts at about 
50 miles up), but it is only 1/1000th of the distance to the moon 
(according to modern calculations). 1/2000th of a round trip to the 
moon. Most flights do not venture more than 200 miles from the surface 
of the earth. Chew on that for a while. I mean, think about that. In 
1968 we were sending unmanned missions (supposedly) to the moon and 
back, in 69, to the moon and back with 3 men on board, 250,000 miles 
up and back. Okay, so the Shuttle can carry 6 to 8 men. But, it only 
goes up about 200 miles high, then back down. Seriously people. Think 
about it. Did we really go to the moon 28+ years ago? I mean, the 
Space Shuttle has been flying now for about 17 years, and is the same 
old shuttle. In 17 years it hasn’t gone any higher than 250 miles up. 
Come on people. Think. Did we go 250,000 miles up and back 28+ years 

Let’s look at load capacities. The Space Shuttle has a lift off thrust 
of 6.6 million pounds. I admit, we are talking big time lift off power 
here. It can take into low earth orbit payloads of up to 40,000 
pounds. Now, let’s compare that with the Saturn 5 Booster rocket that 
lifted off the Apollo missions. The Saturn 5 Boosters have a lift off 
thrust of 7.5 million pounds. But, over all the Saturn 5 was lighter, 
giving it a higher load carrying capacity to lift off thrust ratio. 
The total weight of the lunar lander was 100,000 pounds. Saturn 5 
could take that 100,000 lb load and lift it into high altitude orbit. 
The Shuttle can’t even reach high altitude orbit at all. But, even 
more impressive, the Saturn 5 could carry 280,000 pound cargo into low 
earth orbit! We are talking mammoth. The Saturn Booster 5 was the 
largest most powerful rocket the US had ever built. It had the largest 
capacity of any rocket we’ve ever designed. It was by far the greatest 
rocket the US ever had… or is it?

Saturn 5 Booster (and the F-1 Engines): Fact or Fiction?

Here is something to chew on, if the Lunar landings were faked, then 
did the Saturn Booster 5 rocket ever actually exist or was it too 
faked? My theory says it was also faked. And, there is one book by 
Bill Kaysing called “We Never Went To The Moon” (or something like 
that). He claims to have worked at Rocketdyne during the 50’s and 
60’s. He claims that they tried to make a rocket that size, but the 
rockets never worked properly, they exploded or were not controllable. 
Then he claims NASA took the project away and on their own had a 
‘working’ Saturn 5 in 6 months. We had to ‘show’ something to make it 
look like we could really go to the moon, so NASA faked the Saturn 5 
Booster rockets. They built a large shell and strapped modified rocket 
engines on them. The rocket engines were modified to only operate at a 
fraction of their power so as to keep them from exploding and to keep 
them controllable. These empty shells were blasted off which made for 
a good spectacle. It was all part of the ‘show’. Let’s assume they 
were faked. That would mean that they were never again used for any 
purpose. Right, they weren’t. (I can’t recall if they were said to be 
used for SkyLab, but, there were real Saturn 5 rockets that could get 
some payloads up (using less than full bore engines), but, whether 
they really had all the power NASA said they did? No, I say not.) NASA 
claims that the Shuttle was better, so we didn’t need the Saturn 5 any 
more. That is what NASA wants the public to believe, but their own 
data doesn’t support that argument. The Saturn 5, by their own data, 
was a far more powerful launch system. With 280,000 lb low altitude 
orbit payload capacity it has 7 times the cargo carrying capacity of 
the Shuttle. Seven times greater! How can NASA say the Saturn 5 was no 
longer needed because they now had the Shuttle? The Saturn 5 could 
have put 7 Hubble telescopes into orbit in a single launch! And the 
shuttle cannot make high altitude trips, but the Saturn could take 
100,000 lb loads into high altitude orbit. How can NASA say Saturn 5 
was no longer needed? Think about it. It doesn’t add up.

Yet, if the Saturn booster was not faked, then it wouldn’t make sense 
if we didn’t keep a few in inventory for other purposes. Well, you 
would think so, wouldn’t you? Strange, we don’t have a single one. 
Back when Challenger blew up I recall reading an article in the 
newspaper. When the Shuttle program was going strong it became the 
space vehicle of choice in America to get large cargo and 
communication satellites, etc, into orbit. But, when the Shuttle 
program was grounded, the US and commerce found itself with no vehicle 
capable of lifting off the cargo, as many satellites had been designed 
to be carried up by the Shuttle and were too large or heavy for most 
other rockets. The paper published a list of all rockets in the US 
arsenal that were available at the time for carrying loads into earth 
orbit. NASA noted that the most powerful rocket America had, excluding 
the Shuttle which was grounded, was the Atlas Centaur. The Atlas 
rocket was designed and developed in the 1950’s as an ICBM, with 
improvements made in the 60’s when it was (supposedly) used as the 
booster rocket for the Gemini project. To lift off Apollo NASA 
required a rocket with many times the lift capacity, that was the 
Saturn 5 Booster. Second to the Saturn 5 was the Atlas. So, the US had 
about 7 Atlas rockets in it’s arsenal at the time of the Challenger 
accident and lead time was, if I recall, 6 months to a year for 
additional rockets. But, there were no Saturn Boosters. One sharp 
reporter asked why? NASA’s reply, because once they built the Shuttle 
they no longer needed Saturn. They stopped ordering them and since 
then the manufacturers eventually destroyed their tools and dies. They 
claimed it would now be too costly and take many years to build 
another. They claimed they would have the Shuttle up long before they 
could build another Saturn.

Well, I am not convinced. It makes no sense to me. The military has 
always needed bigger and more powerful rockets. Commerce now needs 
such high capacity rockets. There was always a need for it. The 
Shuttle didn’t have anywhere near the capacity of the Saturn 5. I just 
don’t believe that we would not have kept a few around. After all, we 
did keep making the Atlas rockets. They were still considered 
work-horses and were needed for satellites, etc. Why wouldn’t NASA or 
the military keep at least one of the Big Ones, the Real Big capacity 
Saturn 5 rockets in inventory? And, why would they stand around while 
the manufacturers destroy their tools and dies? It isn’t like NASA 
wasn’t aware that is what happened.

Interestingly, NASA still has plans to build a space station, but they 
now claim they would like to take more heavier pieces up into orbit 
then the Shuttle can manage. So, NASA called for plans to A), build a 
higher capacity Shuttle, or B) build a whole new rocket launch 

Some scientists are very perplexed about this and have tried, in vain, 
to convince NASA to revive the Saturn 5 Booster. They heralded it’s 
(supposed) statistics, pointing out it’s proclaimed large carrying 
capacity. And they heralded it’s perfect record of 0 failures (not too 
hard to do if it were a faked rocket), it had 17 launches, 0 failures. 
Perfect. They claimed it was not only the biggest and the best, but 
one of the most reliable. So, they cannot comprehend why NASA doesn’t 
revive it.

No, NASA says they would prefer to spend hundreds of millions of 
dollars and they have given themselves a long deadline, over 6 years, 
to develop either a larger capacity Shuttle or an all new larger 
rocket launch system for lifting cargo’s up to 100,000 pounds. (That 
is even a longer time frame than engineers had during the 60’s to 
develop Saturn 5 using know how and technology of the 60’s!). NASA 
says they want 100,000 pound capacity lift into low earth orbit. Hey, 
the Saturn 5 could (supposedly, if it really ever existed) lift up to 
280,000 pounds, over 2.5 times what NASA claims they need right now, 
into low earth orbit. Some scientists have claimed that we have 
learned a lot since the 60’s. We have developed new materials that 
could cut the weight of the thrust chamber and make it stronger. We 
have smaller, faster, more powerful computers that can enhance the 
guidance systems of the rocket, making it even more reliable. And now 
we have the know-how to make a controllable rocket engine (the F-1 
Saturn engines simply were turned on full power, no way to throttle 
down). They say that with improved technology and know-how they can 
modify the F-1 Saturn engines dramatically increasing the usability of 
the rocket. They say that it makes absolutely no sense at all to 
redesign the wheel. NASA has all the designs locked up, all they need 
to do is pull the designs out of storage and apply the new technology 
to them and they could enhance the Saturn 5 to become even more 
reliable, to increase its already 280,000 pound lift capacity, and do 
so for far less costs, and in far shorter time frame, then redesigning 
an all new system. To those scientists, it makes no sense to do it any 
other way. Is NASA agreeing to their proposal? No. Why? I have not 
heard their reason why. If you ask me, I will tell you what I think. 
The Saturn 5 Booster never existed, it was faked along with the whole 
Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Otherwise, you tell me why?

At least think about this for a while. It is amazing that these sort 
of situations do not harm the theory that it was all faked.

“NASA, I Think We Have A Problem (with the moon landings). Do You Read 

There are other anomalies in data supposedly about the lunar landing. 
The one that gets me the most is the lunar lander rocket thrust and 
dust… and another would be the way in which the astronauts moved in 
space in NASA’s films of the 60’s.

About the lunar lander rocket thrust and dust. This one many people 
have pointed out. The lunar lander weighed, on earth, about 32-36,000 
pounds. The moon has about 1/6th earth gravity (according to NASA), 
which would equal about 6,000 pounds equivalent weight. 6,000 pounds 
is still quite a lot. That is probably about the same as a good sized 
motor home, or a UPS truck.

Now, imagine a UPS truck dropping out of the sky. It will take some 
thrust from a rocket to allow that truck to have a soft landing. Now 
imagine this truck landing on very fine powder. Scientists say that 
the moon surface is covered by a very soft and very fine powdery dust, 
like talcum powder. The rocket under the belly of the Lunar Lander 
produced a thrust of 10,000 lbs or more, so that it could make the 
landing soft for the equivalent 6,000 pound lander (36,000 pounds in 
1/6th gravity). Now, 10,000 lbs of thrust is one big giant leaf 
blower. If you turn on even a large leaf blower and hold it over a 
surface of fine talcum powder, what will happen? You could dig (or 
blow) a hole with it. Imagine what 10,000 lbs of thrust will do?

Odd, isn’t it, that all the photos of all the lunar landings don’t 
show any hole or depression at all, even directly below the cone of 
the rocket engine which sits only a few feet above? [As you can see in 
this photo. The large gray cone under the LM (Lunar Module) in the 
middle is the cone of the rocket engine. Do you see any disturbance to 
the dust below it? Any depression or hole at all?] Not even a small 
depression. Try making a 6,000 lb UPS truck make a soft landing on top 
of ground made of talcum powder and see how deep and large a crater 
10,000 lbs of thrust would create in extremely fine dust.

Well, lots of people have pointed this glaring little mishap out, and 
what is NASA’s response? “Although the descent engine of the LM is 
powerful, most of its operation takes place thousands of feet above 
the moon during the early stages of the landing,” says a NASA 
information sheet. “At the moment of touchdown, a small amount of 
surface dust is blown away, but the relatively cohesive lunar surface 
seems to deflect the blast sideways.”

Okay, the official answer. The major thrust is thousands of feet above 
the surface. Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t get it. We are talking 
about 36,000 lbs, the equivalent of 6,000 pounds on the lunar surface. 
I was speaking with one scientist about just the fact that dust should 
have blown hundreds of feet in the air, so I speculated that since 
there was no atmosphere and the gravity were weak that the dust might 
take hours to settle down. I was thinking that there should have been 
some sort of heavy dust cloud just floating around for hours (like 
things do float around in space). My Phd friend told me no, just the 
opposite. He said when there is a total vacuum, no atmosphere, then 
there is nothing to slow down the descent of the dust. Even though the 
gravity is 1/6th less on the moon, because there is no air or 
atmosphere there is nothing to slow down the dust. Therefore, he 
concluded the dust would fall at a very fast speed, even if it blew 
hundreds of feet into the (non-air?) Lunar sky, he said it would all 
fall within a second. (However, I just thought about another factor to 
enter into the equation. The rocket engines used, I think oxygen and 
hydrogen gasses, or some type of gasses as rocket fuel. When they 
burn, isn’t there a gaseous exhaust? Wouldn’t the gas that exits as 
exhaust create it’s own temporary atmosphere – until it dissipates 
sufficiently? And wouldn’t the dust particles become suspended in that 
gas? Just something else to think about).

At any rate, it is interesting that on the moon, where there is no 
atmosphere, that objects will drop to the lunar surface even faster 
than on earth even considering the 1/6th less gravity, simply because 
there is no air pressure to resist the fall. Now, lets apply that 
reasoning to the landing of the LM. Let’s assume that the LM has come 
to a total stop 2,000 feet above the lunar surface. If the rockets 
were to totally shut off, then the 6,000 lunar lb weight of the LM 
would fall with tremendous speed to the lunar surface because there is 
no air pressure to resist it. Yes, the moon has 1/6th gravity, but we 
have already accounted for that by reducing the earth weight of the 
36,000 lb Lunar Module to only 6,000 lunar lbs. So, the only other 
factor is the total lack of air pressure to cushion or resist and slow 
down the fall of the LM. This would mean that on the moon the LM 
should descend with at least the same force as on the earth, if not 
more according to my Phd friend, as air pressure does account for a 
major factor in cushioning falling objects on earth (air planes use 
air pressure to allow them to fly). What would happen, then, if you 
were to allow the LM to free fall for several thousand feet? It would 
slam into the lunar surface at a tremendous force. Which means that 
those rocket engines would have to be operating all the way down to 
touch-down to give a soft landing. Even if not at full bore, they 
would need to be running at a very high force. I could be wrong about 
this, I would like more input to make NASA’s explanation fit all the 

Well, it could be that NASA has adapted one of Einstein’s idioms: “If 
the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts”.

NASA says the surface is relatively cohesive. What does that mean? It 
didn’t look or act so excessively cohesive when the astronauts tried 
to kick up some dust. What creates this cohesive quality, and has this 
been properly studied from samples gathered from the moon dust? 
Secondly, they say that only a small amount of surface is blown away, 
give me a break, a big UPS truck falls on soft dust with a rocket 
engine blasting away to make it a soft landing and only a ‘small 
amount’ of dust is blown – sideways. Somehow it goes sideways. 
Interesting phenomena that should be studied further.

Also, about the dust. When the astronauts walked around on the surface 
their shoes left impressions nearly 2″ deep. Now, their space suites 
had oxygen and all sorts of equipment, all together these guys weighed 
nearly 360 lbs each. On the moon that was the equivalent of only 60 
lbs. Their lunar boots where thermally insulated and were extra large 
– oversized. This gave their soles a larger than normal square inch 
coverage. Combine the lightness of a 60 pound weight with a larger 
almost flat surface of the shoe bottom, and yet with only 60 lbs of 
pressure it manages to leave a 2″ deep impression. That would mean 
that the surface dust had to be extremely soft. With such extremely 
soft dust and a craft that was dropping down in an atmosphere that has 
no air to cushion it, with thrusters blowing (even if they were at 
reduced throttle), there would still be a large amount of dust flying 
all over.

Now, amazingly here is a NASA photo of a lunar lander pod, the craft’s 
foot, with one of these 2″ deep foot prints right next to it. Odd, the 
lunar lander pod or foot is spotlessly clean. It’s gold mylar foil 
covered foot hasn’t got one speck of dust on it. That, to me, seems 
very odd. I mean, take a low powered leaf blower and blow a pile of 
fine powdery dust around and do so near a piece of mylar foil. That 
foil will attract the dust, at least, even if it has been coated, it 
will receive an amount of dust on it. I don’t care if the rocket was 
running at reduced thrust, this was still a heavy craft, enough thrust 
had to be there, which would mean that a large amount of dust would 
have to be kicked around. All my logic dictates that those mylar 
covered pods should have had a thick coat of dust on them. Especially 
when you take into consideration a comment one astronaught gave while 
he was supposedly driving around a rover on the moon. He claimed that 
the dust was clinging to everything. The reason for that was there was 
no moisture, so the dust and all objects were totally dry causing the 
dust to cling electrostatically to everything. So, why didn’t it cling 
to the mylar on the lunar landing feet after the rocket engine shut 
down and the dust all settled?

Also note: A man’s foot will sink down 2″ into the soft dust, but it 
looks that the LM pod (foot) is just sitting on top of the dust. Or is 
that an optical illusion? It sure looks to me like the foot is just 
sitting, not like it pushed down into the dust with any sort of force. 
I mean, look right up close next to the foot, the dust isn’t even 
disturbed at all! A 6,000 lb Lunar object would have to have had made 
a ‘splash’ into the dust when it landed, unless it landed extremely 
slowly and softly (meaning the thrusters would be blasting the dust 
like mad) – NASA, I think you have a problem. (NOTE: Click photo to 
access NASA’s original photo – and site of a number of photos)

One last thing for now. I have made another observation about their 
movements while on the moon. (Or in the old space walks of the 60’s). 
I have often wondered why they moved so slowly on the moon? The answer 
is generally due to reduced gravity. In the mid 60’s the astronauts 
were supposedly performing space walks, and they too moved in slow 
motion. Well, something is a little screwy here. You see, when you are 
underwater your body weight becomes relatively less due to the density 
and weight of the water. Relative to the atmosphere you are in, being 
water, the body weight is less than the atmosphere. Water is so heavy, 
so the body floats in water, similar as one would float in space. 
However, due to water being so dense and heavy this causes more 
resistance to movement then normal air does, so that when one is under 
water he/she will move slowly. The slowness is due to the fact that 
the body strength hasn’t changed, but the atmosphere around it, in 
this case from normal air to dense water, has become much heavier and 
thus puts up a higher resistance to movements. What is different in 
space is that rather than there being a more dense and heavy 
atmosphere, there is no atmosphere. There is no resistance caused by 
either water or air, therefore there is much greater freedom of 
movement. The body has the same strength and there is no resistance 
from the atmosphere to slow down or resist that movement as there 
would be under water. Movement in space or on the moon presents less 
resistance than on earth, so the movements should not be SLOW, but if 
anything as fast or faster.

Therefore, I have always been puzzled why the astronaughts moved 
around in slow motion on the moon? And it is extremely interesting to 
note that when I have watched video of space walks from the Space 
Shuttle, they do not seem to have this same problem. The clumsy suits 
make movements a bit more restricted, and there is the problem of 
equal force in one direction causes equal force in the opposite 
direction, meaning if you move your arm quickly you may find your 
whole body spinning around, but there is no atmosphere to slow your 
movement down. What I have concluded is that NASA blew it by 
photographing movement on the moon in slow motion. This may have been 
a totally miscalculated idea that sprang from the earlier Space Walks 
that were probably photographed underwater in large water tanks. The 
underwater movements were slow, so someone may have concluded movement 
on the moon would be slow.

It is also extremely interesting to note that when I have taken NASA 
video coverage of moon walking and the rover riding on the moon and 
speeded it up 1.8 to 2 times faster then normal something very 
remarkable happens. All of a sudden everything looks ‘normal’. These 
guys simply look like they are hopping around a little bit in some big 
over-sized suits. And the rover looks to move around completely normal 
as well, like any little dune buggy on soft sand. They simply filmed 
everything about 2 times speed, then played it slower so that it 
appears everyone is moving around slowly. But that was a very big 
mistake, as the movements should not be slow in the first place.

And what about the dust that gets kicked up by the wheels of the 
rover? According to my friend that dust should fall back down 
extremely quick as there is no air or atmosphere in which it can 
suspend itself, there is no air pressure to counter it’s fall. But, 
the dust appears to magically fall in 1/2 speed slow motion. Run the 
video at x2 and amazingly the dust falls ‘normally’. And one other 
related item. Jumping. Several times the astronaughts tried jumping. 
It was ridiculously done in the same slow motion, but it was also 
strange that they only left the ground about 3″ or so. They could only 
jump about 3″, which would be expected on earth for a man who is 
wearing all that gear and the space suites. But, on the moon the 
gravity is 1/6th less, and there is no atmosphere to cause resistance. 
That means that their weight was only equivalent of 60 lbs, but they 
still retained all their full strength. Okay, take the full strength 
of a man and put him in a body only 60 lbs, now how high could he 
jump? If he can jump several feet on earth, then in the 1/6th gravity 
he should jump 3 to 6 feet. Remember, there is only 1/6th the gravity, 
only 1/6ht the resistance to jumping up. And no air to either resist 
going up, or to slow down the fall. Wouldn’t that mean that they 
should jump up rather quickly, nothing that would resist their motion 
up except 1/6 the gravity of earth, so going up should not have been 
slow, then no air to resist the falling down, so coming down would be 
even faster than on earth. But, these guys are jumping both up and 
down in slow motion, exactly the opposite of what they should be 
doing. Again, crank up the playback speed to x1.8 to x2 and, hey, wow, 
these guys are just jumping up and down like earth speed normal… 
Strange, isn’t it? Kinda makes you think they may have faked it and 
really flubbed a few things doesn’t it?

This is also seen vividly in videos of the Lunar Rover, the electric 
go-cart that was used to drive around on the moon’s surface. There are 
videos of the rover going up and over small dunes. In the video you 
can see one tire slowly leaping into the air as it comes over the 
small dune, then slowly descending down to the ground, with the dust 
slowly flying around. Speed this up 2 times and everything looks 
amazing normal, like a couple guys wearing some suites driving around 
on dusty dunes. Now, my point is this, if they were really going as 
slow as the NASA film depicts then the only reason the wheel would be 
leaping off the ground at that slow speed would be due to 1/6th 
gravity. That means because everything is 1/6 weight it take less 
force to cause it to fly up (great, then when those guys were trying 
to jump up, why only 3″?). Okay, so the wheels leap easier on the 
moon, but men don’t, okay, then it follows that it should also leap 6 
times higher as there is less gravity to restrict it from doing so. 
And with no atmosphere to slow it down, maybe it should be leaping 
further out as well. But, either way, it should NOT be doing so in 
slow motion. No, if anything it should be even faster than on earth as 
there is no atmosphere and less gravity, meaning less resistance to 
motion, meaning increased speed, not decreased speed. If we say these 
are real and actual videos of men on the moon, than something is 
screwy here. Don’t hand me Einstein’s idioms, changing facts to match 
the theory. And speed up the video x2, very revealing, it all looks 
‘normal’. The evidence points to the fact it was faked. Think about 
it. [I do not have enough WEB site space here to include any digitized 
MPEG videos of a speeded up 2 times video of the rover in action or 
the astronauts jumping around. Eventually I will make these in MPEG 
format and will make them available if someone can give them a home on 
some ftp site that would be nice, I would put a link to them from my 
page. Right now it took me months to find the time to just write this 
and post this, so it will take a few more months before I get time to 
digitize and MPEG the video.]

As I keep saying, I don’t know for 100% sure, but, there are 
definitely holes in NASA’s presentations and their explanations. Holes 
that fit that it was faked. There was sufficient reason for faking it. 
I have not yet found anything that would 100% without a doubt prove to 
me that the missions were not faked. There is one thing, however, that 
I have not been able to find out very much about, one way or the 
other. It is one thing that may provide proof the mission did take 
place. On one mission a University, I think in France, gave the 
astronauts a small, approx. 1 foot square, reflector that the 
astronauts placed on the ground and aimed it toward the earth. The 
university then used the coordinates supplied by NASA as to the 
location of the mirror then the university aimed a high powered laser 
at the reflector and was able to capture it’s signal back on earth 
after the laser beam had traveled all the way to the moon, hit the 1 
foot square reflector, then traveled all the way back to earth and 
strike their receiver. A total of 500,000 miles.

Over the years NASA says they have used this laser data to more 
precisely track the moon’s distance from earth and it’s exact speed of 
revolution and orbiting speed, etc., etc.

This should be a project that is on going, or could be repeated by 
others. What would be needed would be a powerful enough laser and the 
exact coordinates of the mirror. If we could do this 25 years ago, we 
could certainly do so now. If several independent universities were to 
duplicate this, shinning lasers at that mirror and collecting data 
from different points on earth, it would certainly go a long way to 
dispel the theory the lunar landings were fake. Especially if we could 
shine beams that would allow a spectrum to be read that could 
determine the type of material the reflector is made from, just to 
confirm it would be the same reflector the astronauts supposedly left 
(and not just some random reflecting object on the lunar surface.

Now, having said that, I have some problems about how this project was 
carried out. We are talking about a beam that traveled 500,000 miles. 
That was one very true and tight parallel beam of light. Another thing 
is that this beam has to pass through the earth’s atmosphere, which 
has a certain percent of moisture and causes a measurable refraction 
of a parallel beam of light. The atmosphere could also cause the light 
to bend and go slightly, or greatly, off angle. All of this would be 
multiplied by 2 when the beam re-enters the earth atmosphere on it’s 
return from the moon, however, the re-entry beam will have been 
already spread out and weakened and off angle from its first pass 
through the atmosphere. And since this beam has to travel 250,000 
miles to strike this 1 foot square reflector, then another 250,000 
miles back to a reception device on earth, a very minute fraction of a 
degree off will throw this beam miles off center in any direction. In 
other words, the beam has got to be extremely precisely positioned, 
and all the defractions and bending the atmosphere would cause would 
have to be very precisely taken into account and made up for to within 
a tiny fraction of a degree. I may be wrong, but really, is it 
possible to do all this? It doesn’t seem very probable to me.

What was interesting as well as frustrating is that all data for the 
experiment was under NASA’s supervision. That would mean that they 
could be ‘making up’ the data, not collecting it.

Another idea would be to turn Hubble on the moon set to the 
coordinates of the Lunar landings and see if we could see the flags 
and rover and landers that were left there. I mean, does Hubble have 
that sort of magnifying power? But, the similar problem to this is 
that Hubble is under NASA’s control, how would we know if they were 
faking the photos again or not? Now finally, one last note for now…

What if the moon project, Gemini and Mercury were all faked? What 
should we do about it?

Let’s assume it was all faked, and even assume the space probes were 
faked. What would it mean? Should the masses revolt against the 
government? Should we demand the end of all government?

No. I am not a promoter of anarchy nor of overthrowing the government, 
not on something like this. If my theories are correct and the fakery 
was a product of the Cold War effort and there were valid reasons for 
it, then, we, the people, have to give some consideration for that.

If my theory of why the US got in the mess of faking one thing after 
another is correct, then the decisions may have had some validity. 
There may have been sufficient justification for it. No, I do not like 
being lied to, but, for those who may not know or recall, the threat 
from the communists was a very real and frightening thing, especially 
in the 1950’s and 60’s. It was in the mid to late 50’s that Soviet 
tanks had rolled into the streets of the Poland and Hungary. Who was 
next? There was real fear of a full invasion of Europe. And the 
Soviets had ICBM’s, at the push of a button New York or Los Angeles or 
Washington DC could be turned into a pile of radio-active ashes.

I guess everyone from that period onward grew up under that blanket of 
the threat of nuclear war, but it was much more intense in the early 
60’s then any time I recall afterward. At the time of the Bay of Pigs 
incident the world escaped an all out nuclear melt-down only by the 
grace of God, Krishna. Fallout shelter signs were everywhere, in 
schools, in shopping centers. People, like one of my neighbors down 
the street, paid thousands to have a family sized A-Bomb shelter 
installed under their own backyard. It was at the time of the Bay of 
Pigs when a civil disaster worker came to our school to teach us kids 
(maybe 12-13 years old) what to do and what to expect ‘when’ an atomic 
bomb fell on downtown LA – about 30 miles away. First he told us there 
would be a blinding light, so intense that we would all be permanently 
blind if we didn’t bury our head in our arms and lay face down on the 
floor. Even then we should not be afraid if we get temporary blindness 
from the intense flash. Then he said there would be a wave of intense 
heat – that possibly some of our clothes may burst into flame, 
polyester cloth may melt, and fires would break out all over the city. 
Then there would come a shock wave that would cause all the glass to 
fly out, desks and objects may go flying, etc. But he told us the 
classroom should still survive. Yet, we would have to expect that the 
sound and pressure wave would cause our ear drums to break, so we 
should expect blood to come out of our ears, and we probably wouldn’t 
be able to hear anything, at least for some time. So, there we would 
be, a class of 30 blind and deaf kids and a blind and deaf teacher, 
but don’t worry, it only gets worse. The worse thing we had to fear 
was the radiation fall out, which he said maybe totally invisible. I 
mean, that was ‘taught’ to us in 7th grade.

Anyway, I gave this account to give insight into the atmosphere and 
mood of those days. We intensely feared and expected a nuclear war to 
break out at any second. And it almost did.

Politically the Soviet Union, along with Marxist Communism, was 
growing and spreading, and much of it was due to the fact that they 
were proving and showing themselves to be technologically advanced. 
Hey, if there were an all out war between the US and the USSR, the one 
with the most advanced technology was sure to win, so if your are a 
smaller, less powerful nation, whose side would you want to be on? The 
winning side. You would want to be on the side that showed superior 
technological prowess. And, the Soviet Union was winning in this race. 
In fact, as early as 1955, before even the first satellite was ever 
launched, Russia proclaimed to the world that within a year they 
intended to send a man to the moon and back!!! It was a bold 
statement. But, sort of ridiculous in light of where the space 
programs were at the time. Yet, it also outlines how naive many 
scientists were at the time about the enormity of the undertaking. 
Many felt it was simply a matter of building a large enough rocket…

The spread of communism was a real threat, and it was growing, and 
what was empowering that spread was the USSR’s advanced technology. 
And, what came to the forefront in the very late 50’s and early 60’s 
of technology prowess was the conquest of space. Rocket science and 
space exploration.

Why should communism be stopped? If you don’t know the answer to that, 
what can I say. In Krishna Consciousness we are not opposed to a true 
communistic ideology, however, the basis of such a true communistic 
ideology is that everything belongs to the Supreme Godhead, not that 
everything belongs to the mundane man-made, man-run State. But, we are 
diametrically opposed to atheism, especially forced atheism. Marxist 
Communism forced atheism as the State religion. It virtually banned or 
crippled all other forms of true religion and in its place it enforced 
the State imposed atheistic ideology where the impersonal and faceless 
State is Supreme. When communism was taking over in the streets of 
Russia many years ago the State had captured control of all farms and 
food production and processing. Then they would drive trucks through 
the small rural towns and tell people that God was dead, there was no 
God. To prove it they told the people to go to their churches and pray 
to God for their daily bread. For a week the communists would withhold 
food supplies to the town. A week later the military trucks would go 
through the same town and tell the people, “Now, ask the State to give 
you bread”. When people came to the truck and asked for bread, the 
communist military would give them, telling them, “Now, who is 
supreme? God or the State? Who has supplied you with your daily bread? 
God or the State?” Thus, they turned masses into atheists, turning 
them away from religion and forcing them to accept their atheistic 
ways. If you are a religious person, you can see why I and most 
Americans in the 50’s and 60’s feared communism.

If Russia was winning world-wide influence by showing the world they 
were the superior technologically advanced nation, the US had to do 
what was needed to stop them. Whatever it took (up to a limit) we had 
to do. Using nuclear bombs and risking total obliteration of the 
entire human race was not a viable alternative. It was madness, and we 
knew that. Neither side wanted to risk that. So, we wagged a cold war 
whose main battlefield was technology and space exploration.

As any aspiring (or master) artists (or photographer or 
cinemaphotographer, or videographer) will tell you, “It doesn’t have 
to be, it only has to look like it is”. In this cold war race for 
space, somehow that became the modus operandi. It no longer really had 
to be, it just had to look like it was. Russia found they really 
didn’t have to send men up into space, they only had to make it look 
that way. The US found they really didn’t have to send men to the 
moon, it only had to look that way.

Now, imagine if my scenario is correct – and you are the President, or 
the head of the CIA or the head of NASA or whatever – when do you come 
clean? And, how do you stop the ball once it got rolling?

You see, to convince the other side, you had to convince your own 
people. For the US to make Russia and the rest of the world actually 
believe you could send a man to the moon, you had to fool everyone. 
Only a very minute handful of people could know. Most of the workers 
at JPL and NASA and especially the Senators and other non-essential 
personnel, they also had to be believe the lie. There could not be any 
exception. Universities, the companies building the rockets, most all 
military personnel, no one could know the truth. Is it possible to 
have perpetuated such a lie of such magnitude for all these years? 
Well, I guess so, they are doing it. Either that or there has to be 
some other reason why no hole below the lunar lander rockets, why no 
Saturn 5 boosters, why no dust on the lander feet, why movements were 
slow on the moon when they should not have been, etc.

But, now we live in a whole different world. The Cold War is over (or 
at least we hope so). The Soviet Union has collapsed. There is now no 
longer any reason to keep up the lie.

But, put yourself in the shoes of those who have kept the secret all 
this time. How do they go about revealing the real truth without 
causing a major social upheaval? What would really happen? How will 
the masses react? I think you can see, there would be a legitimate 
fear on their part. They definitely will have a dilemma on their 
hands. (And, all along universities and law makers will want to see 
more and more deep space exploration and give the funding for it, so 
more missions have to be faked).

However, now that the need for deceiving the masses is no longer 
present, now there is no justification for perpetuating it. The truth 
must be disclosed. If my theories are correct, I would strongly 
suggest the time is now finally ripe to come clean and tell the real 
truth. It should be done in a widely advertised message delivered by 
the leaders of the US and Russia, along with leading scientists. It 
should be done in a live video presentation that should be aired on 
all TV and radio channels and the Internet simultaneously. It should 
be fully explained why it was done, and exactly what was done, and 
exactly what was faked. It should be explained how the fakery was 
done. Then it should appeal to human society’s common sense and urge 
that there should be no disruptive reactions, that that will not be to 
any one’s benefit. If I am right, and there was justification for the 
lies, than give the masses some credit, they will understand if it is 
presented properly. Explain what the reasons were for starting the 
lies, then explain how the reason had remained valid until now, when 
there is no longer a cold war.

If the parties involved wait any longer to come clean, then they will 
miss the opportunity. Then it will go past the time of having 
legitimate reason for continuing with the lie. Right now the time is 

However, if they follow my plan I only request that they give me, a 
devotee of Krishna, the credit for prompting them to do so…

That is it for now. I will try to update or add a few things as I 
think about it.

Completed April 30, 1997 
Revised May-June-July etc. 
(C) 1997 by Ameyatma das (James Beals). 
Chant Hare Krishna, your life will become sublime.


Added Note: What About the Mars PathFinder?

What goes on in Area 51? Just 70 miles north of Las Vegas there is a 
military base that includes some very off-limits areas. In the last 5 
years or so the Fed Government has given even more land that is now 
part of the off-limits ranges. Off limits means that NO ONE is allowed 
to go in there, no one is allowed to fly over there, etc. Not even top 
military brass, not unless they have been selected to be given 
admittance. I doubt that even the President could go in without 
creating a major problem. I don’t have the square miles size, but 
let’s say it is quite large. From memory I think I recall it is larger 
than the size of Rhode Island. And, as I said, they have increased its 
size over the last 30+ years. (Do an Internet search for Area 51 to 
get more info.)

Many UFO people believe there are UFOs there. Others think there is a 
secret military city there. Others say that because it is so highly 
restricted and secret that it is probably Uncle Sam’s military illegal 
and secret toxic waste dump. The military says it is no more then its 
secret weapons test area. Actually, officially the military says it 
doesn’t exits, although they admit that it is a secret weapons test 
site. They first flew the Stealth Bomber there. Yes, in only one small 
section of Area 51. What goes on in the rest of the site? And, unless 
the tests are going on daily, why not at least allow some people 
access to the areas once in a while, just to keep an eye on Uncle Sam 
and make sure that they are not using the site as an illegal toxic 
waste site? I mean, you know, put all the military toys away for a few 
days each year and let the press and environmentalists double check it 
once in a while? The military says that absolutely cannot be done. 
Why? Are they afraid someone will recognize the terrain as being from 
out of this world?

What is my idea? This is the place where they create other world 
sites. They created the Lunar settings here for filming the lunar 
landing scenes. And, starting a few years back they staged the Mars 
mission here, and are producing future missions right now. This is, 
however, pure speculation. However, one day many years ago NASA 
supposedly sent it’s first probe to Mars and a newspaper article with 
photos was shown to Srila Prabhupad. The reporter made a comment that 
the Martian landscape looked like the Arizona desert, and Srila 
Prabhupad added that the photos WERE of the Arizona desert (or Nevada, 
or whatever). Can it be faked? Yes. All the signals can be relayed to 
earth through high orbit military satellites. In other words the 
ground crews are receiving data from space, but it is being secretly 
sent up to secret military satellites, then bounced back to earth. As 
far as the sets, today all of the rocks and mountains and terrains 
could be easily produced via an array of SGI high end computers and 
SoftImage type programs, including the Martian rover. But, they still 
could be using real sets in Area 51. Even the fact that the hours of 
sunlight are different could be engineered and faked. Especially via 
computer simulation. Is it faked? Really, I don’t know. If my other 
theories are correct, then, yes, it is. If not, then what can I say, I 
am wrong. However, it would be similar to the idea of the lunar 
landings, even IF they did go by mechanical means, still, they are 
taking earth frequency machines into the Mars frequency planet, all 
they will see is Earth frequency existences, they cannot enter the 
true Martian world with earth based elements.

If it is faked, then WHY? The Cold War is (hopefully) over. So why 
fake it now? What compelling reason is there now? None. Not like the 
early 60’s when we were in a face to face, nose to nose nuclear 
face-off with Russia. Where we were trying to win world alliances. 
However, if it is faked then I would say the only real compelling 
reason now is as I explained previously, once they made the first lie 
to keep up with the Russians it slowly evolved into a very complex web 
of one lie after another, at first with military basis. But, now those 
in the know, those in charge, they simply don’t know what to do about 
it. How do they announce to the world that it was all faked? How would 
the world, how would the American people, respond? Would it cause 
widespread rioting, would there be a demand for the overthrow of the 
government? Would America loose it’s superior power in the world? 
Since they don’t know, and since they don’t know what else to do, and 
since scientist and the general public want to see additional space 
exploration missions, they simply keep producing shows.

If I am wrong, oh well, no harm done. Just show me undeniable positive 
affirmable facts that can be double checked and proven without doubt 
and I will eat my words. (However, we still stick to the fact that you 
can’t go to the moon with an earth body or earth machines. All you are 
going to see is what exists there that is perceivable to the Earth 
senses. You will not see Moon life and water and cities because they 
exist on a higher vibration, a different plane of existence).

However, what if I am right? Am I sticking my neck out? Could I be 
snuffed out? If Krishna wants me to die, no one can save me. Not with 
all the technology of the US. And if Krishna doesn’t want me to die 
right now, then no one, not even the whole US military, can kill me. 
That is my firm realization. It is in Krishna’s hands, not the little 
people who think they are so great, in charge of national security. 
Besides, I am not at all trying to provoke anarchy or dissension or 
rebellion. It is time to face the truth. If it is faked, then it 
cannot remain a secret forever. Someday it will be revealed. Why make 
it any more difficult?


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