Muslims are Coming! Nataraja Dasa

I am getting regularly – letters via FB comments and messenger – from Indians and Bangladeshis. Regularly. From men.
They say – “I wanna come here!”
I was thinking – what a great preaching I am doing, that they want to come to Stockholm’s harinam!
No – they say – “I wanna come to Sweden” – to work, to live…”
I was – “aha…?”
They say – “Muslims kill us, Muslims attack us, muslims…”

And then I usually become angry.
Why? Why their position is, that “Muslims kill, attack and do whatever they like”?
For example – Why NO SIKHS ever write me such kind of blame game letters of “victims”? – “We are abused, we are persecuted, we wanna come…”

And then, when you look on their FB profiles of these “Hindu” men – what do you see there?
Cricket, bollywood, soft porn and thousand reposts of videos from Gaura mani Devi ji and all other ISKCON festivals with decorated girls in front…
And what happen in India at large? Indians are ashamed about their Vedic heritage, they strive after “western” standards, secularism, feminism, liberalism…

May be Muslims are doing the right thing? – if you degrade, you have no rights to pretend to be who you are not – and you will be wiped out.

Srila Prabhupada once said, that who are these Muslims in India, Bangladesh? They are the same Indians whose ancestors out of the protest once embraced Islam, because caste Brahmanas were degraded to the level of “birthrights” and deprived others from their rights to the spiritual advancement.

Be proud about sanatana dharma, o sons of Bharata. Practice it. Refuse all this nonsense of “modern civilization” and accept path of spiritual progress – varnasrama and stri dharma as a devotional service to the Supreme – and take your flags and regularly go out on the streets for overwhelming harinama sankirtana.
If you are brahmana – learn scriptures vigorously.
If you are ksatriya – stand up and fight for dharma without any fear, whenever you are.
If you are vaisya – take care about cows, land, trade…
If you are shudra – work hard for the benefit of whole society.
If you are brahmacari – preach, preach, preach – distribute books, sankirtan
If you are grihastha – give protection, make families, kids, establish family traditions


Otherwise – run! Be coward! Muslims are coming… You can be late to a cricket party…

Photo: Muslims participate in chanting of Hare Krishna, on the streets of Stockholm, while at the same time, traveling Indians are busy to find some restaurant with vine and chicken thal…

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