The Truth is Always Coming Down to us from Krishna Mahananda dasa ACBSP

As aspiring seekers of the truth, we must look for what is actually real by taking shelter of disciplic succession. “Taking shelter” means always following closely in the footsteps of our spiritual predecessors and whatever we say concerning this Krsna consciousness philosophy is identical with what we have submissively heard from our pure devotee guru, though spoken is our own words.

A serious disciple has given up speculating, accepting that upon taking shelter of Krsna, all previous conceptions of life and God are invalid due to our four defects. We have become determined to let the truth come down from the transcendental platform through every word that comes from the mouth of the pure, unalloyed devotee of Krsna.

That is why we abandon speculation and seek the truth through submissive hearing. And what we have heard and only what we have heard, we repeat that same idea without any adding or deleting what we don’t like, or what we think others will not like. We do not change it to suit the world. Rather, we present it as it is and let the world come up to the higher standard.

We have the perfect captain to steer us out of our bewilderment. We are already safely traversing the material ocean if we are just patient and let the devotional process gradually work for us. Let’s not jump ship and start swimming to some island made of quicksand, or, in other words, let us not again start relying on our own powers of reason and logic, or following the advice and guidance of non-devotees.

So as bhaktas and disciples we are required to give up all this speculation. That means whatever concepts about Krsna or devotional service we have concocted, or different pursuits of the absolute truth that we have created in our teeny brains by reason and logic, should be abandoned.

So best we take Krsna’s advise, and simple give up all these ”other processes of religion, and just surrender to Him.” In other words, abandon everything except the nine processes of devotional service, and we will eventually reach the highest goal, Krsna consciousness. With all respect, Mahananda dasa

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