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Dear Ojai devotees & guests – Wednesday evening

Hare Krishna. It is already Gaura Purnima morning in West Bengal and throughout the Indian subcontinent. Thousands of devotees are chanting & dancing as I write this. Live kirtans and classes from Mayapur, and other primary temples can be seen in real-time at

We may not have thousands visit us here, but we will visit Mayapur throughout the day via their webcast – combined with bhajans and a library of recorded nectar.

We look forward to seeing you. We will start around 4 o’clock. If you have a chance to bring a few flowers that would be great, as we have hardly right now. Thank you!

The moon rises at 6:45 pm, by the way. Our dinner will be served, therefore, at 7 o’clock (vs: 6 pm, as listed in the attached flyer). Depending on the weather we will gather up on the deck for some moonlight chanting. If the weather is too cool, or whatever, we will convene in the temple room for more stories, devotional nectar, and live links to Mayapur!


Vasanta dasa

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