Calling Sisupala’s Bluff

The so-called evidence compiled by the Goof team is sloppy, unprofessional, speculative, and pragmatically absurd.   Those who created this huge conspiracy originally came just short of admitting how it is a tactical maneuver that would get laughed out of court if they tried to take it there.

“Since the nature and circumstances of crimes of poisoning do not lend themselves to easy or smooth legal indictments or convictions, the next best effective forum to obtain justice and historical truth is in the public domain. Through the press and various other media, everyone who cares to know may be informed of the evidence, out in the open. The hope is that this will spur further participation and research into the investigation at hand, resulting in further verification and the ultimate identification and apprehension of the poisoners.” -SHPM p.241

Translation of the above: We can’t meet the standards of the legal world… so let’s start up a lot of rumors, churn up everyone’s emotions, generate hundreds of pages of dubious, incorrect, irrelevant paperwork, turn Chicken Little loose and hope we can rally together enough bring-your-favorite-noose participants to create a world-wide lynch mob.  Can I get a ki Jaya!  

It’s been nearly 20 years since that confession was made, but things settled down since then. This witch-hunt season opens with the introduction of the Cadmium-jvara. It is released in the opening pages of the revised assault on unbiased research we find the following bombastic statement – which begs the very question that is disputed.

“The accumulated evidence amounts to solid proof that Srila Prabhupada was indeed poisoned with homicidal intent.”-KGBGp.16

The Goof Team is so brazen and spiteful they have become as foolish as Sisupala. All they have are tidbits of information, speculative assumptions, dubious evidence, very questionable research, mendacious assertions and unconfirmed hearsay which they force-fit to support whatever crazy allegation they want to prove to the rest of us.  It’s remarkably similar to how Sisupala went crazy…

“Being overcast with misfortune, Sisupala continued to insult Krsna, and Lord Krsna patiently heard him without protest. Just as a lion does not care when a flock of jackals howl, Lord Krsna remained silent and unprovoked.”- KB 74: The Deliverance of Sisupala

It’s not just the GBC who dismiss all the whirlwind of frivolous allegations as absurd, but thousands of other well-fixed Vaishnavas who want to see Krishna Consciousness grow dismiss it as well.

They dismiss it despite the history of bad decisions and poor management that has occurred in ISKCON’s past. But just like the foolish Sisupala who…

“..did not care to think of the pros and cons of his foolish talking, and instead of stopping.. he stood to fight… and took up his sword and shield.”  – KB 74: The Deliverance of Sisupala

We now see that instead of doing something favorable and auspicious, those who follow in the footsteps of the foolish jackal Sisupala, continue to hurl careless derisory accusations, proud assertions and empty threats:

“How ridiculous. Let the evidence speak for itself. We discovered, compiled, and presented the evidence to stand on its own credibility. We are not manufacturing theories, but presenting confirmed, irrefutable evidence”. KGBG p. 362

So the GBC should call their bluff.  It’s time to challenge Chicken Little to a game of Chicken!  If the Goof team has so much ironclad evidence, it should be a cakewalk for them to find a criminal attorney, present their case and file a formal murder complaint against… who?  Tamal Krishna Maharaja has already passed away.

“When this investigation comes to the courtroom, the Mitchell report will be a big piece of hard evidence. In February of 1999, Jack Mitchell offered to post the poison whispers on his website as a demonstration of his work and as assistance in making the evidence available to more people. He explained that recent improvements in software (Yamaha Sound VQ) allowed sound bites to be downloaded with exceptional quality in a very short time. His website address was inactive by 2017.  -KGBG p.70

More absurd bluster.We got all this big hard evidence… but oops the web site just recently went down!  We have already exposed how this could be another fly-by-night fraudulent resource like the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories that went out of business… apparently because of fraud?    (See Section: More Suspicious Characters?) This is not the only place where so-called evidence has magically disappeared.   The same thing happens when one attempts to hear the 16 minutes of poison evidence advertised to be at:

LINK: STAR TV SHOW IN INDIA (2005):KGBG p.639 & 645

Anyone who activates this link will encounter a sad face with the message “This video is unavailable.”  Oops again!  We can only wonder how much all the other supporting evidence would actually look like if we took the time to study it vigilantly. Is this another case of sloppy work, or perhaps the person on the other end of this link wanted to distance themselves from all this in-house bitter juvenile and legally actionable slanderous rivalry?

Ha-ha-ha… Who Are You Kidding?

The real truth is that when challenged with filing such a case, we can now further understand that the ones making all these pompous allegations have not only failed to act like Brahmins, but are such huge cowards that they can’t even behave like respectable ksatrias!  Their mission is not to see that justice is done – it is only to create chaos and suspicion within ISKCON.   To do that they are relying on the prajalpa grape-vine for perpetuating a completely manufactured diabolical plot in order to disturb the minds of the innocent.

Those obsessed with thrusting all this disruptive nonsense into the public forum again after 20 years virtually admit that what they are doing is juvenile.   Regardless of all the graphically highlighted sections, emotionally charged photos and pages of blabber, the end result is hardly different from the contemptuous gossip that network television relies on to popularize their afternoon soap-opera dramas.

This book is not a document intended for a legal court trial; it is a compilation of evidence, of which some is direct and substantiated, some is circumstantial, and some is hearsay.We are not trying to meet court standards. -KGBG p.648 

Translation of the above: We can’t meet court standards!  We are attention-starved and want to get our name into the history books one way or another, so we are going to do it by bloviating out our rectum!

Despite all of those obsessing over trying to prove this Agatha Christie murder mystery, none of it can bring Srila Prabhupada back into his physical presence. We have no choice but to press on with our current situation and pray that over time fewer mistakes will be made, devotees will mature spiritually sanyasis will act more like sanyasis, Laxmi will be treated with more respect, power will not be abused and there will be more justice for all.

As upsetting as all of that is, it is understandable why those who appear to have gotten caught in some dysfunctional political machinery of ISKCON might have been influenced by all this propaganda – that is our conditional human nature. Chicken Little got out, disturbed all the residents on the farm and now Dopy Ducky, Loosey Goosey, SlurkeyTurkey and ding-bat Jenny Henny are all chanting poison, poison instead of Hare Krishna.  How pleasing to Srila Prabhupada ??!Those who failed to use their intelligence were sucked into Chicken Little’s poor judgment by not first checking to see if anything about this tale made any sense.  The result – they ended up being dinner for the sly fox, who took advantage of their folly.   The sky is not falling – it was just an acorn.  Srila Prabhupada was not poisoned.  It’s just very stupid Chicken Little alleging horrible, unimaginable things with little more than sandbox logic, smoke and mirrors, gum-ball evidence and a whole lot of bodacious boasting intended to bewilder the innocent.

“The truth of Srila Prabhupada’s poisoning is aimed at sincere and honest persons, not the ISKCON misleaders who have steadfastly denied all the evidence. And, further, this evidence IS being dealt with by legal authorities now. Poisoners beware!” – KGBG p.745

Actually, all of this patronizing is aimed at the easily influenced, poorly informed individuals who are sincere, honest, trusting, but apparently very gullible.

Remember: To influence the masses aim first for the least intelligent.

Those with a bit more experience in the field of human nature, forensic evidence, and the proverbial “Reasonable Man” logic never gave any of this any serious thought.    It’s all inflated huffing, puffing and contemptuous empty threats. Just what legal authorities might these people be referring to – the FBI or the Mathura district police in India?  Attempting to file a legal case based on all the speculation and hearsay we have exposed as duplicitous, incomplete, bias, and in some cases comical will provide further evidence of just how delusional the people behind this charade are!

Sure, there are a lot of devotees who are upset with many of the short-sided things ISKCON management has done.  I would include myself in that category, but I am also relieved that I didn’t volunteer for their job.  It is no easy task. What is yet to be seen is how many of the mega-frustrated, tilaka-donning, average sincere devotees will get lured into squandering whatever little laxmi they may have into further perpetuating this extremely offensive recondite confabulation.   Why?   This has already created such an unnecessary disturbance and it is delusional to think anyone will go to jail based on this Romper-Room investigation!  Wouldn’t it be far less offensive and clearly better to apply our individual resources and energies towards doing whatever we can to help others become Krishna Conscious via whatever venue we each feel most comfortable with?

Remember Timothy McVeigh?

Proof that the Goof team’s real agenda is to thoroughly destroy ISKCON is quite evident in the new propaganda video they released called:  Crime of the Millennium. (Aug 28, 2017)   Complete with heart-wrenching photos of Srila Prabhupada when his body was collapsing and a soundtrack that made Linda Blair’s head spin, this production is cleverly directed to disturb anyone who sees it, just like any bigoted hate speech is intended to do.

The only thing new in the first 25 minutes of this overly dramatized episode of “Who Poisoned Prabhupada” is the fact that now virtually the entire GBC has been indicted, tried and convicted for failing to act on the allegation that Srila Prabhupada’s demise was by intentional cadmium poisoning!   We have illustrated in this Poison Antidote how that could not have possibly happened, but you are not expected to know that. The rest of it is the usual emotional fear-mongering about how terribly demoniac EVERYONE on the GBC is.  It’s all propped up with the same lollipop-logic and strabismus evidence we have exposed as so amateur and comical that it further proves:  None of this has anything to do with Srila Prabhupada being poisoned! The goof team comes right out and admits what their real agenda is in the last 6 minutes of this latest episode – “Remove the leadership and start all over!” “Confront & replace them”!  “The Hare Krishna movement requires a total reset!”

I have already presented my own list of grievances regarding what I feel have been poor GBC managerial decisions in the past. We all have our own cherished list of how we were done wrong. The real question is whether or not the injustices we suffered were due to intentional malice, political expediency, incompetence, immaturity or our tenacious human conditioning which we all are cursed with? Oh yes, I have heard a lot of really nasty stories of how the GBC allowed the little guy to get crushed by one of their big bad cronies, so I am not naive in that regard at all. However, I am also quite content to know that when that has occurred, the ones responsible for not protecting the innocent will no doubt have to explain their dereliction of duty to Lord Yamaraja.

But what the very crafty Goof Team is attempting to do in their victory lap “Crime of the Millennia” episode is to revive the emotional triggers we all have about the particular injustice each one of us had to endure from some debased ISKCON authority in the past. Their intent is to incite all the pain, indignation and choler they can to strategically leverage it into a ferocious revenge against the entire GBC. To achieve this, ISKCON management is portrayed as spiritual drug-lords who are addicted to their indulgent lifestyle.   When the writers of this script have you seething with contempt for the GBC, they then allege that none of the GBC have been meritorious enough to do anything about the FACT that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned – their goal?  “Get rid of the drunks… throw all the bums out!

Pretty tricky huh… did you notice how the Goof Team has assumed the position of concluding what the truth is, despite the fact that we have exposed their lack of integrity, coupled with the fact that they have admitted their so-called evidence is not able… ‘… to meet court standards. -KGBG p.648

When we stand back and look at all the effort that has gone into promoting the Poison Conspiracy, it’s hard not to see it as following the same strategy that Adolph Hitler’s right-hand-man, Joseph Goebbels, used to demonize, condemn and murder anyone with Jewish heritage.  He knew that if the Nazis: “Tell a big enough lie the people will believe it.”It’s the same lesson we should have learned from the story of Chicken Little!

If you tell them a lie don’t tell a little one, tell a big one. 

After all the fury and slop-umentaries that have been made on this subject it becomes very clear what this is all about. The lay temple devotees are called to rise up in total anarchy and completely be-head ISKCON of all management!  What is so revealing about this is how it is presented so seriously! The Goof Team actually believes it would be possible to roll out the vigilante guillotine, terminate the entire GBC and inaugurate a spotlessly pure second string of snow-white devotee managers!  Really?  Only a Luddite could possibly believe in such an idealistic happy ending to this fantastic multi-decade who-done-it script that has been foisted on the assembled devotees.

What is particularly disturbing about all of this is how similar it is to the self-righteous delusional behavior of the bedlamite Timothy McVeigh.  He hoped to inspire a revolt against the entire federal government by masterminding the most deadly terrorist attack ever committed by a US citizen.

Why did he do it?  As a decorated Special Forces Army soldier with an honorable discharge, McVeigh had sworn to protect the Constitution.  However, he became very suspicious about the intent of the US Federal Government when the FBI and ATF officers encountered lethal resistance as they attempted to arrest the white separatist, Randy Weaver, in the 1992 Ruby Ridge fiasco.  McVeigh slipped into even a greater self-righteous delusional conviction thinking it was his duty to bring down the US Federal Government after observing that the 1993 siege in Waco Texas ended with 76 deaths.

How did McVeigh envision bringing down a corrupt Federal Government?  The same way the Goof Team is attempting to bring down the GBC.  He believed he could invoke the ire of the extremists to rebel against the government if he did something so dramatic it would give him a platform to expose how dangerous the Federal Government was to the Constitution.   So on April 19, 1995, a total of 168 adults and children were killed and 600 others were injured when 27-year-old Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Those who can’t separate out the resentment they have for the ISKCON Sadu-cees are the target audience for the poison conspiracy.  This colossal maneuver of the millennia can only survive if people become as cold, ruthless and self-righteously haughty as Timothy McVeigh became.  He was convinced his actions were proper even though it cost so many lives.

“…but that’s the nature of the beast. It’s understood going in what the human toll will be.”

LINK: Dead man talking

Timothy McVeigh was executed for his insane, self-righteous belief that blowing up the Oklahoma Federal Building would coalesce allthe “Good” Americans together to topple the anti-Constitutional US Federal Government.  That never happened.  During the four years while he waited on death row he showed no remorse for his actions, but just the opposite; he insisted how absolutely 100% certain he was about his convictions and just how right he was.

“It also stands to reason that anyone who sympathizes with the enemy or gives aid or comfort to said enemy is likewise guilty. I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I will. And I will because not only did I swear to, but I believe in what it stands for in every bit of my heart, soul and being. I know in my heart that I am right in my struggle,... I have come to peace with myself, my God and my cause. Blood will flow in the streets, … Good vs. Evil. Free Men vs. Socialist Wannabe Slaves.”

LINK: Timothy McVeigh

The mood of the scriptwriters for Who Poisoned Prabhupada also have a mega-abundance of an over-inflated sense of self-righteousness.   They keep reassuring us…  We are the Truth Committee. We are the good guys… We believe in everything we do.  We know this is an unpalatable topic… but if you are a sincere follower of Srila Prabhupada, you will stand with us in our thankless quest for the truth which is for the strong not weak.  Those who do will be blessed!

“Assurance is hereby given that this book is based on noble motives, and is not opposed to the principles of spiritual life…For those who face and greet the Sun,they will be blessed with its light. Let us embrace the truth, whatever it may be and even if it is unpalatable or bitter or unexpected, or even if it turns our life upside down. Ultimately the truth is always good for us.” -KGBG p.16

The truth is always worthy and should never be hidden. Yes, the truth of Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance pastimes may be painful and disturbing, but we should cope with the truth- otherwise, we should live by avoiding truths? Should we pretend we will not die, considering this to be a disturbing truth? If presented factually, the truth will have a positive effect. If it is denied, covered up, and ignored, it will be very unhealthy and thus become disturbing in a very negative way.” -KGBG p. 745

“Thank you for being here, as being among the followers of Srila Prabhupada who want to establish the truth about Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance pastimes and the restoration of his transcendental mission.” -KGBG p. 775

Download the full book (PDF) at this link.

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