The Poison Conspiracy Antidote – Chapter 6 – The Svengali Effect

More Suspicious Characters?

Jack Mitchell, A.C.F.E, Owner of Computer Audio Engineering, New Mexico shows up everywhere in the audio studies as the principal engineer testifying what is being said in the faint whispers.

We are told that his $250,000 of audio instruments properly confirms the incriminating nature of the whispers.  When asked what kind of work he does, he said he does forensic examinations for all sorts of big law enforcement clients.  More specifically he states: “A lot of the work is Enhancement of recordings so that it is intelligible so that they can get official court transcripts off of it…”  So what it sounds like the majority of Jack Mitchell’s career consists of is helping court reporters properly hear what the witness said into a microphone that was inches away from their mouth when they testified in a trial.   The tape was recorded in a courtroom on a big high-quality reel-to-reel tape or digital recorder under ideal conditions.   This is about as “Forensic” as the work done by the radio engineer producing your favorite radio show.   If we look at his credentials carefully, we find that he claims to have been in the audio business for 30 years, but has only been in the forensic field for three!

When someone is paid to take up a new line of work that was not previously part of their professional portfolio, it makes good business sense to advertise it with the hope of attracting new customers looking for that type of expertise.   In today’s world, that means adding your newly acquired skill to your website, along with the appropriate keywords so potential new customers will be led to your site by your browser search engine.   It appears this is exactly what expert forensic sound engineer Jack Mitchell did after he was paid generously to create all sorts of graphs and reports verifying the sounds he was asked to confirm by the maybe not so Truthful Team.

Jack Mitchell offered to post the poison whispers on his website as a demonstration of his work and as assistance in making the evidence available to more people. … (But) His website address was inactive by 2017.  – KGBG p.70

Well, ain’t that so convenient?   Just when the new and improved Visa-Virya Bijam got fed to the new generation of devotees in the spring of 2017, Jack Mitchell’s website became inactive. Is this just a coincidence, or did he finally realize that he might be getting implicated in a much bigger (potentially legal) mess then he could have ever imagined?

So it is very reasonable to ask a lot of questions about Jack Mitchell. Just how qualified is he?  How much was he paid, and what exactly was he asked to do?    How reliable is his evaluation of strange sounds made on a small portable tape recorder made at least 30 years prior to the date he was hired, especially when it was never reliably matched up to original tape evidence?

There is next to no doubt that this UHER (Portable Tape Recorder)is the one used to record Srila Prabhupada in India in 1977. Puru asked Tamal to document in writing the history of his UHER and the SONY for the Bhaktivedanta Memorial Museum, but Tamal politely declined. -SHPM p.23

When this particular Dick Tracy wanna-be asserts: “…There is next to no doubt…” we should all immediately become very suspicious.   We have absolutely no reason to trust the investigators or their hired guns.  So just on a hunch, in Mid Aug 2017, I contacted Logan Grace who is the Lead Member Services Representative for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.   I sent her all the information about Jack Mitchell, A.C.F.E exactly as it is published in “Someone Has Poisoned Me” to see if, in fact, he was a member of the A.C.F.E, (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.)  I asked her to carefully check ALL their records including those from the mid-1990’s because as far as I knew, Jack Mitchell may be retired or dead by now.  After making sure we were both talking about the same man who owns COMPUTER AUDIO ENGINEERING, FROM NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ms. Logan sent me the following revealing letter:

Hello Mr. Roberts,

We are the only provider of the Certified Fraud Examiner credential. If you cannot provide a member number for me to check, you should consider John J Mitchells as a non-CFE. I cannot discuss our internal systems with you, but suffice it to say that some people just do not sit for the exam after joining.


Best Regards,

Logan Grace

Lead Member Services Representative

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Global Headquarters • The Gregor Building

I also contacted Logan Grace to check All her records back to 1995 to see what she might be able to tell me about the qualifications of the other so-called expert we are expected to blindly trust:  Norman I. Perle, B.C.F.E., F.A.C.F.E.  ON August 28, 2017, I received the following response:


I have no record of a Norman I. Perle in my system.

Best Regards,

Logan Grace

Lead Member Services Representative

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Here is what you are Hearing…  Maybe

OK, so let’s say you’ve heard the whisper tapes and you are just so convinced about what your ears are hearing that you can’t accept that you were prejudiced to interpret the sounds the way the Truth Team told you to.   OK maybe… but there is no debate about the very prejudicial way their audience was not given the space to think for themselves, despite the invitations to do so.  Instead, readers are coerced into thinking the way they are supposed to think.  Interpretation of hidden conversations from November 11, 1977, was published, distributed and even available on the internet for everyone to hear before the Truth Team had a chance to make 8×10 color glossy charts about what was being said.   The exchange of words they published (provided below) were arrived at using audio forensics (done by the alleged Certified Fraud Examiner Jack Mitchell, who appears to have no credentials) to “enhance” the sounds that are inaudible to the human ear.  But before you read them… consider this statement which immediately follows the interpretation of the enhanced whispers.

We can find no positive manner in which to interpret these words; they speak the unthinkable. It is obvious that no definitive conclusion can be drawn simply by listening with the human ear, and that therefore audio forensic analysis should carry much more weight as to what actually is being said, or whispered.”- p.18

First, we are told… “ definitive conclusion can be drawn…”  right after telling us “they can find no positive manner in which to interpret these words, they speak the unthinkable.” Apparently, our sleuths are not even careful enough to realize this is a direct contradiction?   They provide the conclusion the reader is expected to come to after reading this exchange:  “..they speak the unthinkable.”  Oh really?  This is another in-your-face example of how the Truth Team prejudices the reader in this case to“..find NO positive manner in which to interpret the following words”  If we change the first mondegreen “poisoning” to “positioning” there is nothing alarming about any of this.  Even if we keep the first word the way it is… the“Voices” makes no coherent sense. (Perhaps because our questionable pro Jack Mitchell doesn’t really know what he is doing?)  Only those who have an agenda to force meaning upon this alleged voice enhanced, shadowy, very dubious exchange of words would speculate that they are talking about something unthinkable.

VOICE 1: Bengali (kayek…)
















-SHPM p.17

The whirlwind of enhanced alleged whispers, speculative interpretations, revised claims and forced interpretations on what might have occurred would be quite comical, except for the fact that those who just don’t want to take the time to unravel this web of black-widow logic apparently prefer to blindly accept this wall of propaganda as meaningful.  Come on folks.   Replace the entry marked SRILA PRABHUPADA to Voice 3.  Then make a photocopy of the above-alleged conversation that was extracted from the very bottom of the audio spectrum.   Show it to people and see how many can even guess that it MAY be about someone being poisoned.

Historically we have been told one adjusted tale after another regarding the discovery of alleged whispers.  Here is a list of all the various versions of what has been extracted from the whispers sounds that Dick Tracy and his friends got from tapes recorded over three days in Nov. of 1977.  At some point over the last 20 years, we have been told with some form of certainty that the following sentences with the word poison were found lurking in the audio shadows.

“Let’s not poison him and go”

“Let’s now poison him and go.”

“Let’s poison him and go”

“Put poison in the milk”

“Poison ishvarya rasa…get ready to go”

“Push real hard, it’s going down him.

“Is the poison in the milk? Um hum.”

“Poisoning for a long time”

“The poison’s going down, the poison’s going down”

“Put poison in different containers.”

“Jayadwaita..will you serve Srila Prabhupada poison Jayadwaita?”

“Poison ishvarya rasa.”

“The poison’s in you Srila Prabhupada”

After all the forensic dust has settled, those who made all these allegations along the way eventually realized that they could only possibly defend the idea that the words in red were allegedly spoken.   Is this another staged confession to try and demonstrate just how honest they are… or just another remarkable example of how foolish they have been all along?


The Bhaktivedanta Archives confirm that on Nov 9, 1977, there was at least one conversation that addressed various scenarios in relation to the word poison.    There is no dispute about those clearly recorded and uncontested discussions.  (They do not, however, provide any translations for the Hindi or Bengali parts of those conversations.)  Those who allegedly poisoned Srila Prabhupada were right there and would have been very uncomfortable knowing that their perfectly plotted murder might not have been perfect enough.  Yet the Truth guys then allege that the very people who committed this crime gave their listening audience a play-by-play report from the front lines about the poison in the milk.   We are told they virtually confess that they have been getting away with this crime for a long time and how the poison is going down Srila Prabhupada’s throat.  Really?  Are we to believe that the person(s) who were brilliant enough to execute this elaborate crime of the millennia would be so pathetically stupid as to even say a peep about it when they knew a recording device was running?  Really?   One has to wonder how many of those funnily shaped cigarettes these Truth Guys have been smoking.

We are provided a somewhat confusing “Poisoning Timeline” (KGBG p.238) that suggests the poisoning program began in Feb. & March of 1977.   According to their allegations, the first most deadly 19.9 ppm hair sample was administered in mid-March, and then allegedly continued for several months in a row.  Yes, there were fewer tapes available between Feb. to Nov. 1977 than usual, but there was also a movie being made called The Final Lesson that could easily explain a lot of that.  (It’s also ridiculous to expect that Srila Prabhupada would be hosting as many darshans during this period of time while his health deteriorated.)   Are we to assume these earphone sleuths listened carefully to all nine months of these recordings for additional susurrations from stupid rogue devotee conspirators who were too giddy to keep their mouths shut as their fantastic plot unfolded… but they found NONE?

The pursuit of the perfect whisper confession is another completely absurd misdirection that has absolutely nothing to do with cadmium poisoning.  The most frequent way cadmium has historically found its way into the body is thru inhalation.  That is why cigarette smokers are the most plagued by this form of toxin because they expose themselves to it on a regular basis!   Intoxication thru high cadmium retaining foods is also possible, but this is not where the biggest threat to our safety currently lies because our liver is better on filtering out cadmium from our system then our lungs are.  In this case by golly,..the wondrous Truth Committee actually does tell us the truth! However, they are so foolish they fail to realize that in doing so it renders all this analysis of whispers totally irrelevant.

“Very little is known about the use of cadmium as a ‘murder’ weapon. In the seventies who knew it as a clever poison? The main lethal vehicle for transmission in accidental cadmium poisoning cases has been ‘inhalation.’ It is implied that agencies other than simple devotees who do not have a background in toxicology and in particular heavy metal poisoning, were involved. Did the CIA, MOSSAD, et. al. ever use heavy metals as poisoning agent? Cadmium poisoning was underway for at least 9 months as told by the hair tests, and not just towards the final months of Srila Prabhupada’s earthly pastimes. The whole scenario is very sickening, but unfortunately, very true.  – KGBG p767a Kill Guru Become Guru (Book One) Page 767

Translation of the above:  Historically cadmium poisoning is due to the negligence of industry where this heavy metal is released in the air and people breathe too much of it.  Simple devotees could never know how to get Srila Prabhupada to inhale cadmium on their own, so they must have consulted with ISRAEL’s secret agents to find out how to poison their spiritual master.

The whole scenario is very sickening, but fortunately, it is such a walk off into the mist of irrational thinking we can rest assured this is fortunately very Un-True and never happened!

Yet we have seen the Truth guys have never let common sense interfere with their fantastic agenda.   So perhaps later they may turn up with evidence that Tamal Krishna hid a vaporizer under Srila Prabhupada’s bed then laced it with drugstore cadmium.   They will tell us it was all coordinated as per the instructions of a rogue MOSSAD officer discharged over a controversy that he plotted to murder the ISRAEL Prime Minister Menachem Begin. (According to the National Enquirer!)

Reverse Speech Analysis

One of the most blundering, odious indications of just how childishly stupid these broom-riders are willing to go in order to see what sticks, is their stampede to introduce Reverse Speech analysis as serious evidence that a crime was committed!  The fact that this absurd pseudo-science was even presented reflects what extent those who present it are willing to go in order to beguile the innocent.  They not only introduce this flapdoodle chicanery into the evidence stream… they wholeheartedly requested that to further the poison investigation the GBC should make extensive use of it!

  1. Interview Tamal Krishna Goswami, Bhavananda, Satadhanya, Bhakti Charu Swami, Hansadutta, Jayapataka Swami and many others, (to conduct) … reverse speech analysis.
  2. Conduct reverse speech analysis to provide leads. –SHPM p.289

If they included this because they really felt it should be respected as a grave indictment identifying the guilty, then it reflects their very poor cognitive skills.  If they knew it was just flimsily hokum and included it in their spaghetti toss anyway, then it further exposes that their real agenda is to dredge up from the dumpster as much controversy as they possibly can.  This is not about proving any poison conspiracy… it’s about using whatever tactics available to spread as much poison around to kill the tender creepers of bhakti lata bija far and wide simply due to their own bitterness.

Have the headphone jockeys played all the tapes from the last nine months backward to scrutinize them for more subliminal confessions from those they suspect poisoned Srila Prabhupada?  If they have, what language would they be attempting to extract all this garbed gibberish in?  Would the soul of Bhakticharu Swami confess his alleged crime backward in Hindi, English, or Bengali?    It wouldn’t matter.  Any sound they could leverage into a pareidolia would work.

If one is unable to appreciate the absurdity of all this, then let us turn to a misleading statement that is so blatantly untrue, even the simplest reader can understand how barefaced and pugnaciously deceptive all of this is. We are clearly told that:

 “Reverse speech analysis is becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies who use cutting edge technology to assist in their investigations and gathering of evidence to use in the prosecution of criminals.”   -SHPM p.267

Oh Really?  This statement was made nearly 20 years ago, and it leaves the reader believing that police officers spend hours collecting interviews from those they suspect may have committed a crime.  Then detectives spend hours listening very carefully to recordings of these interviews backward to find the subliminal confessions of the crime they did.  All of this sounds pretty fantastic, but even though there has been a 20-year window for law enforcement to master this breakthrough forensic tool, it’s easy to prove no professional institutions take any of this seriously.   All one has to do is Google “reverse audio police” to quickly discover that the Truth Team members are not only big liars, but very stupid ones at that! There never was anything truthful in this statement at all, and it is such a scar against the conspiracy to poison the Bhakti Lata Bija by those foisting it onto the devotee community, they themselves eventually realized it didn’t work; therefore now they must retract this malarkey with a new and improved campaign to wager their hate and discontent.

We have revisited the issue of reverse speech used as evidence in Someone Has Poisoned Me, and concluded that although interesting and intriguing, this technique of truth ascertainment remains an avant-garde means of analysis.  It should not have been included, as it has only given ammunition to the GBC to ridicule the “poison theory.” Superior methods of truth ascertainment are available with modern technology, based on proven science, and are in widespread usage by law enforcement. (see Ch. 84, 85) -KGBG p. 703

avant-guard = of or relating to the experimental treatment of the artistic, musical, or literary material. unorthodox or daring; radical.

Still, too much prevarication seeping in from those too haughty to just admit that Reverse Speech analysis is not being used by ANY law enforcement for ANY reason because it is disregarded as sophomoric bunk.   It does, however, prove once again how contemptuous and desperate the people behind this conspiracy really are.

Download the full book (PDF) at this link.

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