Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD-Disingenuous)

HPD Definition: People with Histrionic Personality Disorder have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation.

Disingenuous:  Underhanded, double-dealing, scheming, contriving, plotting, crafty, false-hearted; egocentric, insincere, deceitful, calculating, guileful.

Liar, liar, pants on fire?  Besides being an extremely juvenile expression, this reaction is way too disproportional and exaggerated for the stimulus that that triggered it;When this type of response is stacked up on top of all the other bazaar, twisted, and disingenuous things we have thus uncovered in this paper, it all starts to look like the classic symptoms of someone suffering from a Histrionic Personality Disorder.

This abrupt retort blatantly accuses the authors of the NTIAP (GBC) as being outright liars over a very trivial issue.  (That’s really easy to do after you have accused them of being killers.)  Anyone who can read and reason at the same time can easily understand that the Goof Boys wallowed on for six pages about all the dirty dealing of Chandra Swami. -SHPM p.34-40.They even provide a chart (SHPM p.40.) with an arrow that connects Chandra Swami to Indira Gandhi, who is mentioned in several other places suggesting they had a uniquely surreptitious relationship.  (The same implications are repeated again in the new amended dirty Chandra Swami chart printed in 2017. (KGBG p.599)To fire back so quickly with Liar, liar, pants on fire… on this issue further, reveals the inability of those who wrote it to cope with their own reckless style of communicating.  They did implicate Indira Gandhi with Chandra Swami’s dark reputation.  What about that drove them to make such a strong childish objection to this fact now?

It is simply NOT possible to reason with an unreasonable person.  That is why the GBC made the proper rational decision to not waste their time chasing all these reckless, inconsistent, and unsubstantiated accusations.  Yet hold on boys and girls… things get even more wacky and inconsistent!

Insinuating that Chandra Swami might be the source of tainted makharadhvaja provides all sorts of ways for the script to go. But when those who have been accused of poisoning Srila Prabhupada concurred that other medications like the makharadhvaja might have contributed to his illness, that venue backfired.

“539: The Kaviraja said: (HIR)In allopathic medicine there are some poisons that nobody can recognize the taste of.” -SHPM p. 49

Bhakticharu presses about the makharadhvaja and the kaviraja answers that makharadhvaja is amrita (nectar), but that in Prabhupada’s specific case it was poison;” -SHPM p. 50

“Tamal says that the problems Prabhupada was having were due to makharadhvaja. Bhavananda reports that in Prabhupada’s condition, makharadhvaja would be poison. This is apparently the kaviraja’s opinion also. Makharadhvaja is too strong a medicine for someone in Prabhupada’s condition and therefore alternative medicines are being given…” – SHPM p.51

“The conclusion, He said, was that the medicine was taking His strength away, not giving it back.” (Con:36.86-93)     Tamal asked Srila Prabhupada,

“How can we reject the medicine so quickly?”  Srila Prabhupada replied, “Because it is reacting so adversely… Don’t give me any medicine. Simply chant and parikrama.” (TkgD)  – SHPM p.193

Bhakticharu related, “He’s saying that in this condition, Prabhupada can’t take makharadhvaja. That any medicine that contains mercury and arsenic is poison to him.”  Bhavananda agreed, saying, “That’s what Prabhupada said.”  – SHPM p.197

“Then Bhavananda said, “He did agree with your own diagnosis, Prabhupada. He said makharadhvaja at this point would be poison and today you said that it was poison.”   – SHPM p.201

Big Oops this time!  Get the scriptwriters in here right away!  We can’t have anyone thinking that maybe Srila Prabhupada’s body responded so poorly to medications that it would explain for why his organs were failing as if he had been given poison!

Based on the quotes provided, attentive readers will understand that Srila Prabhupada was clearly using the word poison as a reference to how the makharadhvajamade him feel.  But the writers of this script can’t allow you to think like that, so they mix it up with:

“Bhakticharu refers to the October makharadhvaja as the poison that Srila Prabhupada was speaking of. See Ch. 18. One who reads the conversations from Nov. 10-11 when Srila Prabhupada was speaking repeatedly about being poisoned, it is clear that he is NOT referring to any medicine.” -KGBG p.566

Well no, it isn’t all that clear and that’s why the next episode of Who Poisoned Prabhupada had to steer the audience back to malicious intent.  To do that they had to prevent any possibility of their audience connecting the word poison to bad reactions from medications due to the inevitable weakening of Srila Prabhupada’s body!    That was accomplished by really scrambling everything up and keeping the focus on the envious disciples!   And so the next episode begins with…

“Srila Prabhupada did not become extremely ill, or even slightly ill, from taking the makharadhvaja; He did not experience the pain, fever, vomiting, etc that one might expect with serious “poisonous” effects.” – SHPM p.379

“There is, however, some concern that the makharadhvaja obtained through Chandra Swami was spiced with poison, namely arsenic. Even if it was, there was no visible effect.”- SHPM p.380

Thus, logically, the 3 ppm was not due to 1 days worth of tainted makharadhvaja, but due to poisoning spread out over much more than 1 day. The arsenic came from elsewhere, not the makharadhvaja.– SHPM p.380

But the plot gets even more provocative.   The Goof Team doesn’t want to completely write Chandra Swami’s diabolical personality out of the script since they need him to explain for the cadmium that gets introduced into the new episode of Who Poisoned Prabhupada!    So the very adroit writers of this dramatic stay-tuned serial use a clever double-entendre change-up to do facilitate that.  They surgically remove any suspicions about Chandra Swami being the source of tainted makharadhvaja, but they keep the doors open for him to be the origin of the cadmium Tamal used to taint Srila Prabhupada’s milk.   Absolutely Brilliant!

ISKCON leaders have claimed that the poison Srila Prabhupada spoke of on Nov. 9-10, 1977 was in reference to the makharadhvaja supplied through Chandra Swami which Srila Prabhupada took thrice until Oct. 27, 1977. …  Chandra Swami is a very possible source of the cadmium, especially since because the prime suspect Tamal must have met him in New York in late 1976 and because Chandra Swami was an expert at poisons at herbs.-KGBG p.590

What we are observing is a classic example of: “Throw as much out to the audience and see what sticks.” It’s a great sales tactic used by marketing experts looking for the best venue to sell a new product, but it’s not what ethical individuals do when they want to carefully understand what the truth is.  The original theory about tainted makharadhvaja became a very reasonable explanation for why Srila Prabhupada started using the word poison because when he took it, it made him feel like he WAS poisoned.   Based on all the citations provided above, it’s obvious that many people accepted this because it is the most reasonable way to understand these comments   So to keep this drama running, the storyline had to be quickly cranked up and redirected using a whole lot of the abstruse jargon of lawyers.  The scriptwriters had to get everyone to interpret things their way in order to get the attention back on all the alleged whispers about poison in the milk.

All of this type of Pied-Pipering worked well for Thomas Putnam in 1692 Salem and with the southern racists lynch mobs.  But it isn’t how honest people approach an investigation.  To prevent such frivolous unsupported gang-like hysteria, the State of Florida came up with Statute 57.105.  It is specifically intended to put a stop to this type of onerous legal buck-shot:

  1. Upon the court’s initiative or motion of any party, the court shall award a reasonable attorney’s fee, including prejudgment interest, to be paid to the prevailing party in equal amounts by the losing party and the losing party’s attorney on any claim or defense at any time during a civil proceeding or action in which the court finds that the losing party or the losing party’s attorney knew or should have known that a claim or defense when initially presented to the court or at any time before trial:
  2. Was not supported by the material facts necessary to establish the claim or defense; or
  3. Would not be supported by the application of then-existing law to those material facts.

LINK: FloridaStatute 57.105

These types of control valves temper all the speculations about Chandra Swami and reveal how it’s real purpose is to work as distracting shrapnel that one has to pick out from the wave of frivolous possibilities that have been dreamed up.  It began with Chandra Swami being the source of the tainted Makharadhvaja that could have poisoned Srila Prabhupada, but now that story-line has morphed into he was the noxious alley-cat Tamal met with to learn how to become a professional “cadmium” assassin. “Is the poison in the milk?” 

It doesn’t make any difference that none of this proves anything in regards to a conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada… that’s not what all the hundreds of pages of speculative mush are all about.  The real agenda is to poison the Bhakti-Lata-Bija of young or innocent devotees by confusing everyone and thus creating doubts and suspicions at the top of ISKCON management with the long-range agenda to bring down king GBC.

Reward Impeccable Leadership with Death?

With no reasonable plot suggested, we are left to try and imagine how, at the very heyday of ISKCON’s  growth and popularity, those who stood the most to gain from such a remarkable success would choose to destroy the fountainhead for that prosperity by poisoning him!  For several years the BBT had doubled its book sales, pilgrims going to the Mayapura festival were increasing exponentially. Temples were opening everywhere and thousands were surfing on the wave of appreciation for the magical life of Krishna Consciousness.  All of this was given to undeserving post-pot-smoking hippies by this extraordinary messenger who had come straight from Vaikuntha.   Devotees freely volunteered to engage in exhausting marathons on numerous occasions to both produce books, as well as sell them.  Huge Rathayatra parades and Janmashtami festivals that required exhaustive long into-the-night labor were being celebrated annually.

No sane soldier shoots his own general when they are winning the war.   Nor would a sane person entertain even the most oblique suggestion about anyone attempting to do so.  Inspiring leaders of such magnanimous character and strength are heroes – not villains. This is actually the real reason why the GBC refuses to spend more laxmi or time dwelling on the absurd idea that there was a conspiracy to poison His Divine Grace.  It makes absolutely NO sense to those who have common sense.

The Goof Team is leveraging the fact that those who came to Krishna Consciousness after Srila Prabhupada departed would have no way to fully grasp just how austere and insanely dedicated we all were to serve this perfect teacher who picked us up from the gutter and saved us from impersonalism and voidism.  In 1977 the environment in ISKCON was surcharged with devotion electrified straight from the spiritual world, and we were all glowing with enthusiasm, hope and a transcendental sense of invulnerability.

Right as the crest of this tsunami-like wave of bhakti reached the shores of

This video grab released 28 March shows “Heaven’s Gate” cult leader Marshall Applewhite who left a video before committing suicide with 38 other cult members in a luxurious manson near San Diego, California, 26 March.

the material world and began smashing down the seeds of lust, anger, greed and all the crazy hippie like misconceptions of the self, someone wanted to pull the plug?  At the peak of all this, it is alleged that the highest ranking leaders in this culminating effort conspired among themselves to murder the very man who gave all of us meaning, focus and the real purpose of life?  Really?  Those who are suggesting that are looking as pathologically crazy as Marshall Applewhitementioned above in regards to unchecked group-think that led to 39 suicidal deaths.  He is now remembered in the history books as a very deranged individual.

So just for a moment let’s hypothesize that at least one of the top generals in this landslide success became so forcefully overwhelmed by their own lust for power that they could not repress their desire to Kill Guru in order to Become Guru.   Why then would they run the risk of seeking out some other perverted deviants to join in a murder plot which is virtually always done alone?  Why take that risk?   The hallmark of murder by poison is that one simply doesn’t have to involve anyone else in the plot, thereby running the risk of someone later confessing due to their guilty conscience or an investigation.the material world and began smashing down the seeds of lust, anger, greed and all the crazy hippie like misconceptions of the self, someone wanted to pull the plug?  At the peak of all this, it is alleged that the highest ranking leaders in this culminating effort conspired among themselves to murder the very man who gave all of us meaning, focus and the real purpose of life?  Really?  Those who are suggesting that are looking as pathologically crazy as Marshall Applewhitementioned above in regards to unchecked group-think that led to 39 suicidal deaths.  He is now remembered in the history books as a very deranged individual.

Nobody would be so recklessly foolish to attempt a conversation with shadowy references about even thinking of killing Srila Prabhupada.   Anyone who even tangentially hinted at such an egregious plot would run the risk of immediately getting their own head smashed in. The evidence for all this is in the way every disciple of Srila Prabhupada reacted the first time they heard all these wild allegations.  Everyone’s initial reaction was to gasp that nobody would be so ungrateful and hard-hearted to plot the assassination of His Divine Grace.

 Hey Prabhu… Got any NiCad Batteries?

Instead, we are expected to imagine some fantastic story which might portray Tamal Krishna Goswami asking devotees of his caliber to meet him after mangal arati to discuss a very important top secret operation where japa meditation morphed into mrtyu meditation – and nobody bolted out of his room screaming: “What?!  Are you absolutely out of your freaking mind?!”

OK, let’s pretend Tamal Krishna Goswami was very cunning and somehow found another envious disgruntled holier-than-thou co-conspirator to accelerate their rush for being the next guru of the millennia. (If they succeeded in getting Prabhupada out of the way, that would then leave the other surviving co-conspirators to compete with one another!)     Are we then to imagine that shortly after that, they rushed out to take a few courses at the local back alley university about how to OFF a spiritual master without getting caught?  After learning the basics from some ominous trench coat-looking character, are we to assume someone then went shopping for 5lbs of potatoes, three mangoes and 10 oz of cadmium?  Or would that have been a bit too obvious?  So instead, Tamal Krishna Goswami just got some NiCad Batteries, smashed them up, and then rinsed them with some Hydrochloric acid? After adequately preparing his alley-cat brew, it was then poured into a flask to be carefully hidden for 9 months (KGBG p.246), then surreptitiously accessed according to a rigorous schedule to ensure the prescribed dose was delivered into Prabhupada’s milk right when it was required – all while nobody noticed anything strange or unusual?  (Hey Tamal… what ya’ got in that flask?)

How to Poison for Dummies

What’s wrong with this story?  Just about everything – and that’s why no reasonable person gives all this gobbly gook any credibility.  Even those who are foisting this incredible ruse on everyone admit that the conspirators had to be very smart and more envious then Paundaraka.   In reality, they would have had to be exceptionally smart, have detailed knowledge in the field of medicine and know exactly what they were doing at every step of the way. Let us remember that in 1977 there was no global internet where you could quickly research and learn about whatever you want…like how to poison someone.  The plaintiffs, in this case, acknowledge this point but offer no reasonable answer to the questions it raises.

“Whoever master-minded Srila Prabhupada’s cadmium poisoning knew that the resulting symptoms would closely resemble those of diabetes and kidney disease or any number of other ailments. They knew that no one would be able to tell the difference. Otherwise, why use cadmium? Is it just by chance that cadmium produces kidney disease? No. The poisoners somehow learned that cadmium was the best choice of poisons for Srila Prabhupada because it would be confused with his already existing health problems. This strongly hints at some professional advice or involvement. Consultations with a poisoning expert is almost a given. For more on outside involvement see Ch. 75, 77.” -KGBG p.231

In a futile attempt to obfuscate this important point we get more buck-shot scatter in the form of all sorts of wild conjectures about how this nebulous body of unknown conspirators would have acquired this knowledge.  We are offered pages of testimony about the inscrutable Chandra Swami as the possible mastermind, but the fact that his reputation stinks and he had a few moments association with the devotees is just more speculative nonsense.   After totally castigating Jayapataka Swami, the Goof Team then extrapolates a few comments that he said facetiously at a private darshan.  After being asked about the poison rumors, they misrepresent his flippant response that the Gaudiya Math might have done it via the few occasions when Srila Prabhupada accepted food from them.  (-KGBG p.588)

What we have here is more spaghetti buck-shot to see which plot sticks.  It completely contradicts the primary hypothesis that it took months of a carefully planned schedule to administer cadmium poison.   That tale requires that the fallen disciples would have had to give just the right amount of poison – according to Dr. Alley-cat’s prescription – so it would weaken Srila Prabhupada but not kill him, yet still show up in his hair.   We are all expected to not notice this obvious inconsistency when it is suggested that the Gaudiya Math masterminded everything by serving Srila Prabhupada a few bad meals.  It’s just more sticky-noodle logic.

When Dr. Amares Chatt was asked to give some explanation for how it would be possible for such high levels of cadmium to show up in a hair analysis he said:

The level of 20 ppm seems to be very high if external contamination is ruled out. I have done thousands of hair tests over many years and will sometimes see at most 2 ppm cadmium.” -KGBG

What Dr, Amares is virtually declaring is: …based on the thousands of hair tests he has done, the most likely explanation for these excessively high readings can only be explained by external contamination.

The Goof team waxes on with rambling speculations about the numerous ways this conjectured witches brew could have been mixed into any of the many things Srila Prabhupada ingested; however, all of that is a huge diversion from actually providing a reasonable picture of what could have possibly happened.  If this omission was intentional, then it suggests that the poison ruse was confabulated to kill the seed of devotional service. If it was just an oversight or intentional… then it just shows how stupid those who are behind this ruse really think the rest of us are.

Just what am I talking about?  I am referring to the very specific knowledge required to put this plot together.   Who could possibly know how much and how often this back-ally witches-brew poison that Tamal allegedly mixed up should be sprinkled in Prabhupada’s milk?  This is not the same as learning to bake a cake, folks.  To pull off the conspiracy the way it has been conjured up would require a very delicate balance as not to give too big or too small of a dose.   One would need to know exactly how many doses to administer and how frequently to plant them in the milk in order to get just the proper amount to suit the alleged poison strategy plot.   The following points provided here help us better grasp the network of intricate complexities that would all have to fit perfectly in place for the conspiracy that is being alleged to have ever occurred.

  1. The effectiveness of any alley-university poison would have to be clinically evaluated very accurately.
  2. Regulated medicines are produced in a sanitary laboratory under strict controls to ensure standardized drug potencies – not this devil-drink.
  3. The administration of medicine is a very subtle art which doctors acquire after many years of practice, having studied medical journals of records detailing appropriate doses.
  4. Every patient is different based on their size, weight, blood pressure, metabolism, and unique bodily characteristics.
  5. Allergies, other medications, lifestyle and prior medical history must all be considered when administering any drug, medication, or in this case – poison.
  6. We can understand just how essential the exact poison formula must be if we were to stop and consider the responsibilities of anesthesiologists.
  7. Anesthesiologists are paid well because if they don’t prescribe enough anesthetic, the patient will feel pain or awaken at an untimely moment.
  8. If Anesthesiologists prescribe too much medication, the patient might not wake up. (This is how Michael Jackson died.)
  9. It’s unreasonable to think that after brewing up a flask of the alleged poison the conspirators then took it to a laboratory for content testing. (Sir can you tell me just how effective this batch of poison is that I made with my friends?  Can you tell me how much do you think it will take to kill my spiritual master without getting caught?)
  10. Considering this, how would anyone know just how often and how much poison to administer to Srila Prabhupada?
  11. Doctors can administer further tests and discuss with their patient their symptoms when treating them.
  12. A plot to poison Srila Prabhupada could only be monitored by observing him carefully and listening to any comments about not feeling well, all without running the risk of asking him any suspicious questions. (We gave you a half teaspoon of cadmium yesterday… now just how sick do you feel today?)
  13. If they did not give enough devil-nectar, there may be no visible change and then they would have no way of knowing if their plot was working.
  14. If they gave too much poison, the effects would be too dramatic and blow the whole clandestine nature of the conspiracy.
  15. Those alleging this delicate operation actually happened to assert that poison was administered for 9 months prior to Srila Prabhupada`s final expiring. Just how does the Goof Team suggest the logistics of that occurred? (They don’t even try; they just completely sidestep that question, hoping nobody will ask.)
  16. It is suggested that several people were in on this plot. Are we to also believe that NONE of these at least one-time faithful disciples of His Divine Grace had any moments of doubt, hesitation or guilty conscience at any moment over the last 40 years,
  17. Why wouldn’t these alleged, selfish, nasty people just conspire to put all the blame on Tamal Krishna after his passing and put an immediate end to all this?
  18. This whole plot would have to be carried out with impeccable timing and clandestine precision, even when Srila Prabhupada chose to skip a meal or navigate a different course through his day due to illness, traveling, meeting unexpected guests or any possible number of other disruptive events.

In 1977 cadmium was not recognized hardly anywhere as a method of poisoning, publicly or privately. Srila Prabhupada’s poisoners were very likely informed about cadmium poisoning from some sort of specialist, such as a chemist, doctor, an assassinations specialist, or someone expert with poisons such as Chandra Swami, etc. So far, it is simply speculation as to who that might be” -KGBG p.215 

Yes indeed, it is all simply speculation because they don’t have a clue.  The whole poison conspiracy is a complete fraud held together with a network of rubber-band allegations, bubblegum logic, and duct-tape quackery!  These are very serious flaming hoops the conspirators would have had to jump thru to pull this all off successfully.   The validity of what we have posted here is confirmed by the first expert opinion our truth detectives offer up to make their case.

“It appears to me that if the cadmium concentration is correct, the exposures to the material must have been small and over a period of months. To administer intentionally this poison in this fashion would call for amazing subtlety and patience.” – Dr. Page Hudson Jr, Forensic Pathologist, North Carolina.” -KGBG p. 215

The closest thing that is offered to explain how this delicate balance of “..subtlety and patience..” could have possibly been sustained by devotees with absolutely NO medical background or experience is to point out that Bhakti Charu Swami studied chemistry in Germany.   Having schoolboy knowledge about the periodic table is a long way from understanding the intricacies of real-world applied toxicology using cadmium.   This should be quite evident after reading the section entitled Cadmium…The Bad Boy element.   There are literally thousands of highly paid toxicology specialists still trying to understand how Cadmium effects the body as of 2017, but we are expected to believe that Bhakti Charu Swami had it all figured out in 1977?  To answer that question the next episode of the Who Poisoned Prabhupada might include a tale of how Bhakti Charu Swami found some formula provided in a Tantric Purana which he mastered while fasting and offering hashish to Goddess Kali!

To give such a lame explanation for how this delicate plot unfolded for more than 9 months with nobody suspecting anything is pathetically revealing of how myopic the Goof team is.   What we have here is an example of the type of flippant responses offered all through this land of make-believe whenever a serious objection is raised about the plausibility of the fabricated conspiracy plot.   The “..subtlety and patience..” – Dr. Page clearly says is essential to hold this alleged conspiracy together is the very reason why the whole conspiracy falls apart.   Suggesting that Tamal Krishna met Chandra Swami in the back of some dingy tantric temple in New Delhi to take a crash course in cadmium assassination for dummies just shows how vindictive and desperate people behind this are to keep gleaning international attention.  That’s why busy people are not willing to waste any time giving credence to this dumbest bird in the hen-house, Chicken Little travesty.

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