The 250-Million-year-old date for the Permian Extinction from Puranas

The 250-million-year-old date for the Permian extinction, obtained recently by sophisticated radiometric techniques, was known in India before these techniques were developed in the West.

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Although the evidence discussed in this article makes a strong case that superhuman beings actually exist and revealed sophisticated knowledge to Indian savants, where is the evidence for Krishna (God) Himself? The evidence is found in analyzing the motive for this revelation. History shows that, whenever a technologically superior culture encountered an inferior culture, the superior culture exploited the inferior culture. Three well known examples are: (1) when the Europeans came to Africa and saw the inferior technology of the Africans, they brutally exploited and enslaved them; (2) when the Spanish Conquistadors came to Central and South America five centuries ago, they brutally conquered the native American Indians and confiscated hundreds of pounds of their gold; (3) when British settlers encountered native American Indians in North America, they ruthlessly forced them to move west, ultimately taking away all their land and confining them to “reservations.” So, it’s reasonable to suppose that there is no motivation for superhuman beings to specifically reveal knowledge of planetary diameters, as well as geological, paleontological, and astrophysical events (and their dates of occurrence) to Earthlings unless these superhuman beings are under a higher authority who orders them to reveal it. Superhuman beings who wished to be worshiped as gods by the ancients needed to do nothing more than simply display their powers; there was no need to reveal this kind of detailed and specific knowledge. Superhuman beings who simply wished to exploit the ancients also had no need to reveal this kind of detailed and specific knowledge. Moreover, there is no record in the Srimad-Bhagavatam or Surya-siddhanta of exploitation by the superhuman beings who revealed this knowledge. The revelation of this kind of knowledge only makes sense in a religious context, in other words in a context in which God is revealing specific knowledge that helps human beings to reawaken their loving relationship with Him. One of the major themes of Srimad-Bhagavatam is the undesirable nature of the physical world, which is full of suffering in the form of old age, disease, death, rebirth and envious dealings between materially-motivated people. Since Krishna (God) is very compassionate and doesn’t want us to suffer unnecessarily in this physical world, He desires that we read about the inevitable sufferings of this world in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita and similar revealed scriptures, along with the overwhelmingly great pleasure of rendering pure devotional service to Him. Thus, the superhuman beings who revealed this knowledge to the ancient Indians are His servants, and they act according to His orders.

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